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Trigun takes place in the distant future on a deserted planet. Vash the Stampede is a gunfighter with a legend so ruthless that he has a $$60,000,000,000 bounty on his head. Entire towns evacuate at the rumor of his arrival. However, the real Vash the Stampede is not the same man that rumor portrays him to be. The enigmatic and conflicted lead character in Trigun is actually more heroic in nature; as well as a complete and utter idiot at times.

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[Episode Discussion] Episode 1: "The $$60,000,000,000 Man" 11 comments
(media) Trigun Abridged Episode 1: Wanted Man 1 comments
Trigun Stampede - Episode 1 Discussion 6 comments


[Anime Discussion] Episode 2: "Truth of Mistake" 11 comments
Trigun Stampede - Episode 2 Discussion 52 comments


[Anime Discussion] Episode 3: "Peace Maker" 12 comments
Hi everyone! I recently just started watching trigun (on episode 3), thought id join the reddit group here! 4 comments
Trigun Stampede - Episode 3 Discussion 199 comments


[Anime Discussion] Episode 4: "Love & Peace" 5 comments
Trigun Stampede - Episode 4 Discussion 103 comments


[Anime Discussion] Episode 5: "Hard Puncher" 3 comments
Trigun Stampede - Episode 5 Discussion 160 comments


[Anime Discussion] Episode 6: "Lost July" 3 comments
Trigun Stampede - Episode 6 Discussion 125 comments


[Anime Discussion] Episode 7: "B.D.N." 3 comments
Trigun Stampede - Episode 7 Discussion 190 comments


[Anime Discussion] Episode 8: "And Between the Wasteland and the Sky" 3 comments
Trigun Stampede - Episode 8 Discussion 96 comments
I really wanted to talk about this detail after some discussion from ep 8. 17 comments


[Anime Discussion] Episode 9: "Murder Machine" 2 comments
anime episode 9 - Murder machine [Discussion] 4 comments
Trigun Stampede Episode 9 Discussion 78 comments


[Anime Discussion] Episode 10: "Quick Draw" 3 comments
Episode 10 of Trigun is the best one in the whole series LOL 5 comments


[Anime Discussion] Episode 11: "Escape from Pain" 1 comments


[Anime Discussion] Episode 12: "Diablo" 6 comments
(media) i recently got into the series and i’m at episode 12. Since i was young i watched cowboy bebop so starting Trigun was quite refreshing because i rewatched bebop way too much. Would you recommend me other animes like those two? 56 comments
I finally own an original Trigun cel! - Monev the Gale - Episode 12 Diablo 27 comments


[Anime Discussion] Episode 13: "Vash the Stampede" 3 comments


[Anime Discussion] Episode 14: "Little Arcadia" 5 comments


[Anime Discussion] Episode 15: "Demon's Eye" 3 comments


[Anime Discussion] Episode 16: "Fifth Moon" 5 comments
(media) Is there any connection between Legato Bluesummers and Tomura Shigaraki, the villain from My Hero Academia? This screen shot is from Trigun episode 16 at the 15:15 mark. 3 comments


[Anime Discussion] Episode 17: "Rem Saverem" 10 comments
I’m watching Trigun for the first time whilst having no knowledge of the series. I just saw Episode 17. My mind has been BLOWN. 11 comments


[Anime Discussion] Episode 18: "Goodbye for Now" 2 comments


[Anime Discussion] Episode 19: "Hang Fire" 2 comments


[Anime Discussion] Episode 20: "Flying Ship" 2 comments


[Anime Discussion] Episode 21: "Out of Time" 0 comments


[Anime Discussion] Episode 22: "Alternative" 5 comments


Episode 23 - Paradise discussion [Spoiler] 9 comments
[Anime Discussion] Episode 23: "Paradise" 1 comments


[Anime Discussion] Episode 24: "Sin" 1 comments


[Anime Discussion] Episode 25: "Live Through" 3 comments


[Anime Discussion] Episode 26: "Under the Sky so Blue" 2 comments