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Hundreds of years from now, the last surviving humans discover the means of sending consciousness back through time, directly into people in the 21st century. These Travelers assume the lives of seemingly random people, while secretly working as teams to perform missions in order to save humanity from a terrible future. These travelers are: FBI Special Agent Grant MacLaren, the team's leader; Marcy, a young, intellectually disabled woman in the care of her social worker, David; Trevor, a high school quarterback; Carly, a single mom in an abusive relationship; and Philip, a heroin-addicted college student. Armed only with their knowledge of history and an archive of social media profiles, the travelers discover that 21st century lives and relationships are as much a challenge as their high-stakes missions.

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[SPOILER S1E1] [SERIOUS] Here’s a question about this show’s morals/ethics: How is it that the travelers, by consummating previously ongoing intimate relationships, aren’t now committing rape against these unknowing love interests? 91 comments
[Spoilers S1 E1] Protocol 1: A Travelers Podcast is live! 8 comments
[Spoilers S1E1] Philip's Parents? 5 comments
[Spoilers S1E1] Where is it? 9 comments
[no spoilers] I just binged all 3 seasons in less than a week.. Travelers is my new favorite television/movie ever and I am afraid to watch anything similar on netflix... So I just started back on episode 1 again. Is there anything equal/better in this genre right now? 125 comments


Regarding Philip [Spoilers S1E3] 44 comments
[Spoilers S1E3] New episode of Protocol 1: A Travelers Podcast 2 comments


[Spoilers S1E4] Why was the team so worried they did the wrong thing. If it was "wrong" then the director would have contacted them, no? 6 comments
[Spoilers S1 E4 - 'Hall'] Protocol 1: A Travelers Podcast 3 comments


[Spoilers S1E5] I'm only 5 episodes in and I have a question. 11 comments
[Spoilers S01E05] the director is infallible 23 comments
T.E.L.L [Spoilers S1E5] 9 comments
[Spoilers S1 E5 - 'Room 101'] Protocol 1: A Travelers Podcast latest episode 2 comments


S01E06 “Helois-685” Travelers Episode Discussion 30 comments
[Spoilers S1E6] Episode 6 was so stupid I can't bring myself to watch #7 8 comments
[Spoilers S1E6] Some Confusion on The Rules for The Travelers 8 comments
[SPOILERS S1 E6] Protocol 1: A Travelers Podcast 1 comments


S01E07 “Protocol 5” Travelers Episode Discussion 29 comments


S01E08 “Donner” | Travelers Episode Discussion 27 comments
[Spoilers S1E8]Bomber and the Cam Girl Travelers 5 comments


S01E09 "Bishop" | Travelers Episode Discussion 28 comments


(media) [spoilers S1E10] As a fan of the creators previous shows, I feel this twist coming again.... 15 comments
S01E10 "Kathryn" | Travelers Episode Discussion 20 comments
Continuity problem season 1 episode 10 [Spoilers S01E10] 6 comments


S01E11 "Marcy" | Travelers Episode Discussion 30 comments
[SPOILER S1E11] 3 comments
[Spoilers S1E11] NEED HELP FINDING A SOUNDTRACK 1 comments


S01E12 "Grace" | Travelers Episode Discussion 280 comments
Travelers Season 2 Discussion Thread [Spoilers S1 E12] 16 comments
What if someone had (successfully) faked their own death? [Spoilers S1E12] 11 comments
[Spoilers S1E12] FBI agents: 8 comments
[Spoilers S1E12] is it just me, or does Travelers seem to be very similar to The 4400? (in a great way!) 5 comments
[Spoilers S1E12] My big brain dump theory...thing... 6 comments
[Spoilers S1E12] Are the rules of time travel coherent? 32 comments
(media) Writer Pat Smith drops some season 2 info in a podcast interview [spoilers S1E12] (my spoilery speculation in comments) 3 comments
(media) Legitimate Traveler tactic? | First aider who collapsed during lesson saved by trainees - BBC News [Spoilers S1E12] 4 comments
(media) "Mac" (Eric McCormack) Is Getting a "Day Job" on NBC [SPOILER S01E12] 4 comments
[Spoilers S01E12] Ken M and Time Travel 4 comments
Travelers in non-human hosts [spoilers S1E12] 3 comments
[Spoilers S1E12] Wild Theory: Will Phillip become the leader... 3 comments


(media) [Spoilers S02E01] Travelers: Eric McCormack and Nesta Cooper preview crazy Season 2 4 comments
Episode 201: Ave Machina Post Episode Discussion Thread [Spoilers S2E1] 100 comments
(media) [Spoilers s02e01] The pose from Marcy and David in the episode 'Ave Maria' resembles a classical painting of Jesus and Maria Magdalena. 33 comments
[Spoilers S02E01] [Theory]Traveler 0115(Trevor) is the oldest because he has traveled multiple times. 12 comments
(media) Where's the GRATITUDE? [Spoilers S2E1] 3 comments


Episode 202 "Protocol 4" Post Episode Discussion Thread [Spoilers S2E2] 93 comments
[Spoilers S02E02] The Director & Vincent 6 comments


Episode 203 "Jacob" Post Episode Discussion Thread [Spoilers S2E3] 113 comments
(media) Enrico Colantoni reveals why he joined ‘Travelers,’ and why everyone should watch [Spoilers S02E03] 8 comments
Sneak Peak S02E03 Spoilers [Spoilers S02E03] 7 comments


Episode 204 "11:27" Preview thread. Post links to preview trailers and articles for this episode here [spoilers S2E4] 5 comments
Episode 204 "11:27" Post Episode Discussion Thread [Spoilers S2E4] 133 comments
S02E04 Why the ending, happened. [Spoilers S02E12] 3 comments
[Spoilers S2 E4] Music name? 1 comments


Episode 205 "Jenny" Preview thread. Post links to preview videos and articles here [Spoilers S2E5] 20 comments
[Spoilers S2E5] A previous twist no longer makes sense 8 comments
Episode 205 "Jenny" Post Episode Discussion Thread [Spoilers S2E5] 143 comments
Rewatching Travelers, and boy does S02E05 hit different now... 7 comments
Travelers did this one [Spoilers: S2E5&6] 10 comments


Episode 206 "U235" Post episode discussion thread [spoilers S2E6] 203 comments
[Spoilers S02E06] Question about 206 9 comments
Just started watching Travelers. Now on S02E06 7 comments


Episode 207 "17 Minutes" Post Episode Discussion Thread [Spoilers S2E7] 363 comments
[Spoilers S02E07] DISCUSSION... My (recently realized) favorite episode: 17 minutes. 18 comments
[Spoilers S2E07] Now, about the Travelers numbers 25 comments
Question on S2: E7 (17 minutes) [Spoilers S2E7] 31 comments
[Spoilers S2E7] How must they have felt? 16 comments
[Spoilers S2E07] Protocol Alpha 11 comments
[Spoilers S2E7]Let,s talk about jeff 13 comments
[SPOILERS S2E7] The episode feels an adaptation of If, Then, Else from POI. 10 comments
[Spoilers S2E7] Mac and Marcy’s conversation 13 comments
Travelers season 2 episode 7 17 Minutes 36 comments


Episode 208 "Traveler 0017" Preview Speculation Thread [Spoilers S2E8] 34 comments
Episode 208 "Traveler 0027" Post Episode Discussion Thread [Spoilers S2E8] 209 comments
[Spoilers] Season 2 Episode 8, the Director deserves and Emmy? [Spoilers S2E8] 16 comments
[Spoilers S2E8] Paranoia 5 comments
[Spoilers S2E8] Can/do travelers lie about their number? 6 comments
Grant's Anniversary [Spoilers S2E8] 5 comments
Destiny Easter Egg in Travelers S2:E8 [No Spoilers] 12 comments


Episode 208 "Update" Preview Speculation Thread [Spoilers S2E9] 7 comments
[SPOILER] S02E09 Traveler 0027 6 comments
Travelers back-to-back episodes on Dec. 11 [Spoilers S2E9 and S2E10] 3 comments


Episodes 209 "Update" and 210 "21C" Post Episode Discussion thread [Spoilers S2E10] 289 comments
(media) [Spoilers S2E10] The Letter 8 comments
[Spoilers s2e10] about Anna's parents.. 15 comments
S02E10 21C Marcy - never mentioned??? 4 comments
[Spoilers S02E10] Soundtrack Question 7 comments
[Spoilers S2E10] Marcy - never mentioned??? 0 comments


[Spoiler S2 E11] Simon’s Paintings 7 comments
[Spoilers S2 E11] Moody song title? 1 comments


(media) [Spoilers S2E12] Preview for episodes 11 and 12 (season finale) 4 comments
Episodes 211 "Simon" and 212 "001" Post Episode Discussion Thread [Spoilers S2E12] 556 comments
[Spoilers S02E12] (Discussion) Who do *you* think are the "bad guys"? 57 comments
[Spoilers S2E12] Just finished season 2 and need some help understanding the ending and have things to discuss! 18 comments
Travelers Netflix Release Megathread [Spoilers S2E12] 260 comments
[SPOILERS S02E12] Kind of a radical theory about the fate of an important character 24 comments
[SPOILERS S2E12] A question regarding the reveal. 20 comments
[Spoilers S2E12] Travelers from a physician’s perspective 63 comments
[Spoilers S2E12] Travelers Season 3 Theories and Direction 53 comments
[Spoilers S02E12] Help, explain me 13 comments
[Spoiler S2E12] Does it bother anyone else that travelers are so [spoiler]? 8 comments
[Spoilers S2E12] Traveler to Host Candidate Selection Process 8 comments
[Spoilers S2E12]: My theory on the S2 finale (and prior offscreen events) 39 comments
[Spoilers S2E12] Confession Videos Public Reaction 7 comments
[SPOILERS S02E12] A simple way out of the biggest problem 7 comments
[Spoilers S2E12]Anti-Traveler Tech and Groups in 21st Century 3 comments
(Spoilers S02E12) Volume of Travelers 18 comments
[Spoilers S02E12] Thoughts 16 comments
[Spoilers S2E12] Phillip 9 comments
Theory about multiple transfers? [Spoilers S2E12] [Spoilers Season 2] 7 comments
Your favorite Travelers moment ? [Spoilers S2E12] 16 comments
Travelers - [Spoilers S2E12] 17 comments
[Spoilers S2E12]Travelers and Black Mirror? 14 comments
(media) [Spoilers S02E12] The Music of Travelers: Composer Adam Listiwka wrote a lot of music before the writers had even written the scripts; his music probably influenced their creative process 7 comments
[Spoilers S2E12] Why Season 2 Sucked 33 comments


[Season 2](How do travelers get high tech gadgetry that's impossible to make in the 21st century?) 11 comments


(media) [Spoilers S3E1] Eric McCormack interview with a new clip from season three at the beginning and discussion of future plot points 7 comments
Episode 301 "Ilsa" [Spoilers S3E1] 215 comments
(media) [Spoilers S3E1] Travelers: Season 3 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix 46 comments
(media) [Spoilers S3E1] Travelers season 3 First look Photos 13 comments


Episode 302 "Yates" Discussion Thread [Spoilers S3E2] 120 comments


Episode 303 "Protocol 3" Discussion Thread [Spoilers S3E3] 99 comments
Aleksandr [Spoilers S3E3] 7 comments


Episode 304 "Perrow" Discussion Thread [Spoilers S3E4] 81 comments


Episode 305 "Naomi" Discussion Thread [Spoilers S3E5] 116 comments


Episode 306 "Philip" Discussion Thread [Spoilers S3E6] 74 comments


Episode 307 "Trevor" Discussion Thread [Spoilers S3E7] 74 comments


What's the (previously explained) reason the Director can only send new travelers sequentially? [Spoilers S3E8] 39 comments
Episode 308 "Archive" Discussion Thread [Spoilers S3E8] 89 comments


Episode 309 "David" Discussion Thread [Spoilers S3E9] 111 comments
[SPOILERS S03E09] What original bodies of the travelers looked like 7 comments


Episode 310 "Protocol Omega" Discussion Thread [Spoilers S3E10] 596 comments
[Spoilers S3E10] Full Season 3 Discussion Megathread 122 comments
Season 3 Discussion Thread [Spoilers S03E10] 18 comments
[SPOILERS S03E10] Generic non-spoiler title for a generic discussion thread. 12 comments
[SPOILERS S03E10] Random thoughts about David and Kat after NEARLY finishing but then giving up after the first scene of the last episode 7 comments
[Spoilers S3E10] The Ending, Clarified 145 comments
[Spoilers S3E10] The Time Traveling Paradox 10 comments
[Spoiler S03E10] Over arching theory regarding the show 101 comments
Travelers Season 3 MEGATHREAD [Spoilers S3E10] 125 comments
The Doctor is back to answer all your medical questions!! [Spoilers S3E10] 45 comments
[Spoiler S3E10] The Director is just trying to play Super Mario World 10 comments
[Spoilers S3E10] A possible explanation on the Director and some theories 50 comments
[spoiler s3e10] office scene 18 comments
Questions and a theory: The Director has secrets (the Grand Plan) [Spoilers S3E10] 7 comments
[Spoilers S03E10] About the ending... 27 comments
[SPOILERS S3E10] Grant and Kat 31 comments
[Spoilers S3E10] Theory about The Director 10 comments
[Spoilers S3E10] What had created Faction? 18 comments
[spoilers S3E10] Is this the end of Travelers? Maybe There’s Hope for the Future... 9 comments
[Spoilers S3E10] Quick question about Travelers 5 comments
[Spoilers S3E10] Why good shows like Travelers cancelled 3 comments
[SPOILERS S03E10] I love travelers but... 18 comments
[Spoilers S3E10]What happens when travelers die in the 21st? 31 comments
[Spoilers S3E10] Season 4 would be too much, Travelers at 3 Seasons is Already Perfect 3 comments
Travelers S3E10 questions [spoilers s3e10] 15 comments


How Vincent found the 'Home Team'. [Spoilers To Infinity and Beyond!] [Spoilers S03E12] 4 comments


(S10E10 spoilers) What do we suppose happens to the team...? 8 comments