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The Witcher is an American fantasy drama web television series created by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich for Netflix. It is based on the book series of the same name by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. The Witcher follows the story of Geralt of Rivia, a solitary monster hunter, who struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than monsters and beasts. But when destiny hurtles him toward a powerful sorceress, and a young princess with a special gift, the three must learn to navigate independently the increasingly volatile Continent.

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[Spoilers] Post-Episode Discussion – S1E1 'The Witcher' 35 comments
Episode Discussion - S01E01: The End's Beginning 3190 comments
I have VERY spoilery questions about Episode 1 11 comments
Spoilers discussion for episode 1-3 and the 1st book the last wish 5 comments
Does the show improve after episode 1? 24 comments
The Witcher - 1x01 "The End's Beginning" (Book Spoilers Discussion) 158 comments
The Witcher - 1x01 "The End's Beginning" (No Book Spoilers) 600 comments
Episode 1 Review (Minimal Spoilers) 100 comments
(media) Review of episode 1 15 comments
(media) [Rewatch Discussion] The Witcher - 1x01 "The End's Beginning" 51 comments
Coming from the TV series and have a question regarding ciri escaping Sintra in s1 e1. the TV series did not give an explanation so maybe the books did, plz avoid spoilers for anything after season 2 ending in the lore 11 comments
Season 1. Episode 1. I don't get it at the end of the episode Gerald safed the girls life and she tells him to get out of the town? (Sorry just started watching The Witcher) 5 comments
(media) If you start watching Episode 1 of The Witcher at 11:09:49 tonight, Geralt will say "Fuck" right as it hits midnight. Start off your 2020 the right way 0 comments
The Witcher’s Clothes - Season 1 Episode 1 12 comments
(media) You asked for: The Witcher but it's The Witcher 3 - Episode 1 - The Butcher of Blaviken 6 comments
(media) Netflix's official daily rewatch of The Witcher starts tomorrow with EP1 5 comments
(media) Spoiler Free Thoughts on The Witcher Episode 1 | IFL Video Games 4 comments
(media) In episode 1 of The Witcher they reused the exact same shot 30 seconds apart 6 comments


Episode Discussion - S01E02: Four Marks 2377 comments
The Witcher - 1x02 "Four Marks" (Book Spoilers Discussion) 148 comments
The Witcher - 1x02 "Four Marks" (No Book Spoilers) 465 comments
Here's why I'm extremely excited for Ep 2 & 6! 78 comments
(media) [Rewatch Discussion] The Witcher - 1x02 "Four Marks" 31 comments
[Spoiler] Episode 2 is a statement 14 comments
(media) Entertainment Weekly watched 'The Witcher' till episode 2 and then skipped ahead to episode 5, where they stopped and spat out a review where they gave the show a 0... This is beyond ridiculous 276 comments


Episode Discussion - S01E03: Betrayer Moon 2337 comments
Two Questions: Timeline and Transformations from S01E03 10 comments
The Witcher - 1x03 "Betrayer Moon" (Book Spoilers Discussion) 157 comments
The Witcher - 1x03 "Betrayer Moon" (No Book Spoilers) 463 comments
Two Questions from Episode 3 8 comments
(media) Katia Bokor cast as Queen Sancia (Foltest's mother) for Episode 3 13 comments
(media) [Rewatch Discussion] The Witcher - 1x03 "Betrayer Moon" 24 comments
(media) Episode 3 of continuing my alcohol addiction while playing The Witcher... Having some dark beer while going to the pub! 14 comments
(media) Learned today that Geralt's confrontation with the Striga in The Witcher S1E3 is a loose adaptation of a Danish fairy tale, "The Princess in the Chest." Both end the same way. Video contains spoilers 10 comments
(media) The Witcher Podcast Episode 3 - Cirilla the Lion Cub of Cintra 2 comments
After watching episode 3 of Carnival row, I really wish Amazon was making The Witcher TV series... 14 comments


Episode Discussion - S01E04: Of Banquets, Bastards and Burials 2304 comments
The Witcher - 1x04 "Of Banquets, Bastards and Burials" (Book Spoilers Discussion) 107 comments
The Witcher - 1x04 "Of Banquets, Bastards and Burials" (No Book Spoilers) 523 comments
(media) [Rewatch Discussion] The Witcher - 1x04 "Of Banquets, Bastards and Burials" 19 comments
Episode 4, when the man at the docks is criticizing Jaskier's song .. 13 comments
Bart Edwards to play Urcheon of Erlenwald in Episode 4 of "The Witcher" 12 comments


Episode Discussion - S01E05: Bottled Appetites 1382 comments
The Witcher - 1x05 "Bottled Appetites" (Book Spoilers Discussion) 121 comments
The Witcher - 1x05 "Bottled Appetites" (No Book Spoilers) 243 comments
(media) [Rewatch Discussion] The Witcher - 1x05 "Bottled Appetites" 21 comments


Episode Discussion - S01E06: Rare Species 1650 comments
The Witcher - 1x06 "Rare Species" (Book Spoilers Discussion) 160 comments
The Witcher - 1x06 "Rare Species" (No Book Spoilers) 418 comments
Episode 6 Speculation and Possible New Monster Details! 29 comments
Geralt and Yennefer ....Spoiler from Ep 6 3 comments
(media) [Rewatch Discussion] The Witcher - 1x06 "Rare Species" 24 comments


Episode Discussion - S01E07: Before A Fall 958 comments
The Witcher - 1x07 "Before A Fall" (Book Spoilers Discussion) 42 comments
The Witcher - 1x07 "Before A Fall" (No Book Spoilers) 191 comments
(media) [Rewatch Discussion] The Witcher - 1x07 "Before A Fall" 26 comments
So, how old is Ciri in Season 1? The show seems to have hinted her age in S01xE07 11 comments
I finished S1E7 and I got a bit confused by the chronology. What is the chronological order of the events that I saw between episode 1 and episode 7? 10 comments
Patch 1.07 Discussion Thread 1089 comments


Season Finale Episode Discussion - S01E08: Much More 2883 comments
The Witcher - 1x08 "Much More" (Book Spoilers Discussion) 232 comments
The Witcher - 1x08 "Much More" (No Book Spoilers) 658 comments
Trying to understand the politics of Episode 8... 12 comments
(media) [Rewatch Discussion] The Witcher - 1x08 "Much More" 56 comments
(media) The Witcher (S1E8) intro was so dope. 1 comments
(media) [Show] Netflix' The Witcher Episode 8 Intro, but with the game's OST 5 comments


The Witcher - Episode 1x09 "The Great Witcher Bake-Off" 10 comments


An idea of how season 2 episode 1 might go (spoilers from blood of elves) 4 comments
S02E01: Episode Discussion - A Grain of Truth 1069 comments
Season 2, Episode 1: A Grain of Truth 44 comments
The Witcher - 2x01 "A Grain of Truth" (Book Spoilers Discussion) 185 comments
The Witcher - 2x01 "A Grain of Truth" (No Book Spoilers) 344 comments
S2 Episode 1 Tasting Notes 8 comments
Season 2 episode 1 has a longtime fan of the Witcher, and hater of the first season, in chills. 193 comments
(media) BAFTA TV Awards: The Witcher S2Ep1 nominated for VFX, Sound, and Hair & Makeup 7 comments
(media) The Witcher Season 2, Episode 1 Review: "A Grain of Truth" 0 comments


S02E02: Episode Discussion - Kaer Morhen 1586 comments
The Witcher - 2x02 "Kaer Morhen" (Book Spoilers Discussion) 449 comments
The Witcher - 2x02 "Kaer Morhen" (No Book Spoilers) 419 comments
Episode 2 of season 2 was very disappointing 32 comments
[SPOILER S2 E2] Eskel discussion 18 comments
(media) Has anyone seen this?? The witcher 2x2 76 comments
(contains spoilers up to so2ep2!) Don't know if this has been asked already, but i don't wanna browse the sub to be spoiled for the rest of season 2... 7 comments


S02E03: Episode Discussion - What Is Lost 1088 comments
The Witcher - 2x03 "What Is Lost" (Book Spoilers Discussion) 94 comments
The Witcher - 2x03 "What Is Lost" (No Book Spoilers) 327 comments
(media) According to Torrentfreak The Witcher S2 is the 3rd most pirated show in 2021. 6 comments


S02E04: Episode Discussion - Redanian Intelligence 1228 comments
The Witcher - 2x04 "Redanian Intelligence" (Book Spoilers Discussion) 60 comments
The Witcher - 2x04 "Redanian Intelligence" (No Book Spoilers) 287 comments


S02E05: Episode Discussion - Turn Your Back 916 comments
The Witcher - 2x05 "Turn Your Back" (Book Spoilers Discussion) 95 comments
The Witcher - 2x05 "Turn Your Back" (No Book Spoilers) 208 comments
(SPOILERS) Who was Triss Merigold referring to in season 2 episode 5 of the Witcher TV show? 7 comments


S02E06: Episode Discussion - Dear Friend 872 comments
The Witcher - 2x06 "Dear Friend" (Book Spoilers Discussion) 111 comments
The Witcher - 2x06 "Dear Friend" (No Book Spoilers) 279 comments


S02E07: Episode Discussion - Voleth Meir 842 comments
The Witcher - 2x07 "Voleth Meir" (Book Spoilers Discussion) 105 comments
The Witcher - 2x07 "Voleth Meir" (No Book Spoilers) 204 comments
In July 2021 I have visited Rydal Cave, Cumbria, UK. Yesterday I saw the same location in S02E07 of The Witcher. 4 comments


S02E08: Episode Discussion - Finale 1827 comments
The Witcher - 2x08 "???" (Book Spoilers Discussion) 210 comments
The Witcher - 2x08 "???" (No Book Spoilers) 667 comments
(media) The Witcher, S02 E08 | Status of each Witcher 186 comments
Since Season 2 is rumored to be 8 episodes. If it’s good or feel rushed, would you like to see The Witcher Season 3 with 10 episodes? 29 comments


The Witcher 2 is 2.99 USD on the Xbox marketplace! 15 comments


(media) Finally finished the witcher 3 main campaign after 53.9 hours 9:38 pm pst 2/24/2022 my only regret was not assassinating radovid well im off to do the dlcs and new game + also pat on my back to myself for not spoiling myself at all 39 comments


(media) According to Parrot Analytics The Witcher has reached exceptional demand in the US joining the upper 0.2% of TV shows 27 comments