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The Twilight Zone is a place that exists at any moment of time, of space or of mind....but always when you least expect it. When you find yourself in this realm of unlimited possibility, be careful what you say or do. The right decisions may help you find your way back out....sometimes with greater happiness and wealth. The wrong decisions often lead to madness and death, or an eternity trapped in this dimension. Tread warily past the sign post ahead that says you've entered, The Twilight Zone

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S1E1 - Where Is Everybody? 5 comments
Episode 1 - The Comedian - My Review 1 comments


S1E2 - One for the Angels 5 comments


[x-post from /r/horror] Official 2016 Rewatch - The Twilight Zone Episode Discussion S01E03 "Mr. Denton on Doomsday" (1959) 0 comments
The Twilight Zone (2019) 1x03 "Replay" (Discussion) 576 comments
S1E3 - Mr. Denton on Doomsday 1 comments


The Twilight Zone (2019) 1x04 "A Traveler" (Discussion) 225 comments
S1E4 - The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine 5 comments
[SPOILERS] Thread to discuss the deeper meaning and subtext in episode 4 12 comments


S1E5 - Walking Distance 6 comments
The Twilight Zone (2019) Episode 1x05 "The Wunderkind" Discussion 435 comments
Maybe an unpopular opinion but I enjoyed episode 5, a few reasons and a deeper look at some themes (Spoilers episode 5 inside) 15 comments
(media) Recreation Park in Binghamton, NY was set on fire. S01E05 "Walking Distance" was inspired by Recreation Park. The Bandstand at the park has a plaque commemorating the episode. The carousel in the park is painted depicting memorable scenes from The Twilight Zone. 3 comments


S1E6 - Escape Clause 14 comments
[SPOILERS] Sharing some thoughts on different themes I saw in episode 6, come in and share the ones you noticed... 1 comments


S1E7 - The Lonely 11 comments


S1E8 Point of Origin 11 comments
S1E8 - Time Enough At Last 1 comments
(media) Just noticed the house at the beginning of Bly Manor (wedding scene) is the same as the house from The Twilight Zone (2019) S1E8 (the Ginnifer Goodwin episode)! 1 comments


(media) The Twilight Zone, S1.10: "Blurryman", and a postmortem of Season One... 13 comments


Episode 22 - The Monsters are Due on Maple Street 9 comments


Weekly Discussion Week 4: S1E24, Long Live Walter Jameson 3 comments


Episode 25 - People Are Alike All Over (who is the beat actor to be on the Twilight Zone) 8 comments


Spoilers for full Season 1 of the 2019 reboot (and some thoughts on the overall arc) 5 comments


Season 2 Episode 1 Discussion 176 comments
(media) Official Discussion [King Nine Will Not Return] S02 - E01 7 comments


Season 2 Episode 2 Discussion 77 comments


Season 2 Episode 3 Discussion 98 comments
Official Discussion [Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room] S02 - E03 0 comments


Season 2 Episode 4 Discussion 80 comments
Official Discussion [A Thing About Machines] S02 - E04 4 comments
(media) The Twilight Zone 2x04 Promo "The Traveler" 6 comments


Season 2 Episode 5 Discussion 48 comments
Official Discussion [The Howling Man] S02 - E05 4 comments


Season 2 Episode 6 Discussion 105 comments
(media) [Spoilers] The Twilight Zone Season 2 Episode 6 Review: 8 2 comments


Season 2 Episode 7 Discussion 64 comments


Season 2 Episode 8 Discussion 39 comments


Season 2 Episode 9 Discussion 129 comments


Season 2 Episode 10 Discussion 91 comments


s3e5 The Fugitive [uncomfortable discussion] 9 comments


(media) Printer's Devil The Twilight Zone: Season 4, Episode 9 20 comments