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An innovative look at the life of fictional Mafia Capo Tony Soprano, this serial is presented largely first person, but additional perspective is conveyed by the intimate conversations Tony has with his psychotherapist. We see Tony at work, at home, and in therapy. Moments of black comedy intersperse this aggressive, adult drama, with adult language, and extreme violence.

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Episode Discussion | 1.01 | Pilot 33 comments
Episode Discussion Thread - S01 E01 - The Sopranos 32 comments


Episode Discussion | 1.02 | 46 Long 14 comments
Episode Discussion Thread - S01 E02 - 46 Long 7 comments
The Sopranos review by former Lucchese crime family made guy John Pennisi, Season 1, Episode 2 5 comments


Episode Discussion | 1.03 | Denial, Anger, Acceptance 7 comments
Episode Discussion Thread - S01 E03 - Denial, Anger, Acceptance 7 comments
The Sopranos as a Sitcom Episode 3 5 comments


Episode Discussion | 1.04 | Meadowlands 8 comments
Episode Discussion Thread - S01 E04 - Meadowlands 10 comments
So I’m on episode 4 of Talking Sopranos 26 comments


Episode Discussion | 1.05 | College 28 comments
Episode Discussion Thread - S01 E05 - College 3 comments
On episode 5 of Talking Sopranos when Michael is discussing a movie actor he met at a party who was rude to him, do y’all have any idea who he was talking about? Said he was Australian or British and claimed to never watch tv but apparently ended up doing tv later on. 18 comments


S1 E6 “Pax Soprana” Ending 56 comments
Episode Discussion | 1.06 | Pax Soprana 8 comments
Episode Discussion Thread - S01 E06 - Down Neck 5 comments
Episode Discussion Thread - S01 E06 - Pax Soprana 5 comments
Interesting throwaway line in Pax Soprana (S1 episode 6) 20 comments


Episode Discussion | 1.07 | Down Neck 3 comments
Why do the episode discussions stop after episode 7? 1 comments


Episode Discussion | 1.08 | The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti 20 comments
1x08 The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti Indictment Discussion scene at wedding 2 comments
Carmela out-Livias Livia s1e8 53 comments


Episode Discussion | 1.09 | Boca 10 comments


Episode Discussion | 1.10 | A Hit is a Hit 3 comments


Episode Discussion | 1.11 | Nobody Knows Anything 2 comments


(media) NO F*CKIN' ZITI: EPISODE 012: "Junior, Mints?" S01E12 "Isabella" Discussion 11 comments


A couple of 3 things: 1:Do you guys think that Adriana planted a wire at the V.I.P. table where she asked Sil and Tony to sit in Episode 405? 2:Does anyone else feel that it's more of Christopher's fault that the feds got to Adriana? 3:And lastly how the hell do they get away with talking on phones? 16 comments


EP 512 (Long Term Parking) 45 comments


Episode Discussion | 2.01 | Guy Walks into a Psychiatrist's Office... 1 comments


Janice and Livia Soprano have the best worst dynamic in S2E2 Do Not Resuscitate 9 comments


S2 E4 Commendatori 10 comments


[S02E05] "Getting the beating or taking it?" : question on psychology 7 comments
Symbolic imagery in S2 Episode 5? 2 comments


Talking Sopranos - Commendatori [Season 2 Episode 8] Discussion 11 comments


S02E09 - was Carmela smiling/did she know Tony was going to kill Matt B? 10 comments
Carmela and Tony in From Where to Eternity, 2.09 4 comments


I didn't like The Sopranos until S2E11 4 comments


S3e1 What is the FBI thinking? 19 comments
The Sopranos Season 3 Episode 1 Discussion 2 comments


Season 3 Episode 3 - How does everyone in the neighbourhood seem to know Chris got made? 25 comments
Why is AJ's panic attack at the end of 3x03 (Fortunate Son) not discussed immediately in the following episodes? 14 comments


When Dr Melfi gets assaulted. S3E4 16 comments


Season 3 Episode 5: Early Characterization of Ralphie and Vito. Conspiracy or nah? 4 comments


University (s3e6) has to be the one of the saddest episodes 145 comments


You want an excting topic? Theres a little piece of lint or debris on the camera lens in Season 3 Ep 7, Second Opinion. 43 comments


Season 3 Episode 11: Pine Barrens (funniest ep. to date) 54 comments


Dialogue insight help, ‘Amour Fou’ S3E12 6 comments


Low key funny moment from S4E1 20 comments
something I noticed in Season 4 Episode 1 of a re-watch 24 comments


Small detail I caught on S4 E4: The Weight 3 comments


Why did Tony sign the living trust in S4E6? 15 comments
Everybody Hurts (S04E06) has to be one of the most “pathetic” episodes in TV history. 36 comments


The Sopranos - S4E7 - Watching Too Much Television 2 comments


Season 5 Ep 4 7:30 second mark… 10 comments


‎Talking Terrific Television: The Sopranos Season 5 Episode 05 “Irregular Around the Margins” 0 comments


S05E07 “In Camelot” appreciation/discussion 16 comments


S5 E10 - Cold Cuts - Tony Annihilates Janice 20 comments


The Ending Explained (Season 6 Episode 3) 16 comments
Season 6, Episode 3 - WOW 7 comments


Regarding the "skimming" discussed in S6E4 ... 5 comments


AJ’s weird double arc in Episode 6x08 16 comments


Is it just me or is "The Ride" (S6 ep 9) massively underrated? 22 comments


Where to find Dominic Chianese's commentary on S6E15? 2 comments


S6E16 Chasing It – What did Tony mean when he said, "I will never, never forget that [Phil] didn't come through here"? 15 comments


in S06E19 'the second coming', what song is playing in the Bing when Tony and the guys are discussing AJ's suicide attempt? (~27:00) 10 comments
the second coming s6e19 39 comments


Sopranos Season 7 episode 4 0 comments