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Nathan Fielder gives people a chance to rehearse for their own lives in a world where nothing ever works out as expected.

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I interviewed Tricia from The Rehearsal Episode 1 39 comments
(media) This subtitle screenshot from The Rehearsal Ep 1 perfectly encapsulates the majesty of the episode 2 comments
(media) The Rehearsal S01E01 Recap & Review 0 comments
Episode Discussion [S01 E01] - Orange Juice, No Pulp 592 comments


The Rehearsal S01E02 - Scion - Episode Discussion 1257 comments
Has Nathan ever had the same demeanor in Nathan For You as he did in episode 2 of The Rehearsal? 21 comments


The Rehearsal S01E03 - Gold Digger - Episode Discussion 1023 comments
The Rehearsal S01E03 Episode Description - "Gold Digger" 21 comments
(media) Nathan Fielder: The Puppet Master (The Rehearsal Episode 3 Ending Explained) 0 comments
Ep 3 discussion thread? 6 comments


The Rehearsal S01E04 - The Fielder Method - Episode Discussion 1361 comments
The rehearsal episode 4 is similar to “The Show about The Show” 8 comments
(media) Episode 4 of the Rehearsal 4 comments
(media) ‘The Rehearsal’ Season 1 Episode 4 Spoiler Review — “The Fielder Method” 1 comments
Nathan's "Trip to L.A." in Episode 4 20 comments
On ep 4 and Angela 5 comments


(media) Angela Responds to The Rehearsal Episode 05 (Posted in Nathan For You Businessposting on Facebook) 310 comments
The Rehearsal S01E05 - Apocalypto - Episode Discussion 2146 comments
The ending of Nathan For You S1E5 kind of forecasted "The Rehearsal" 8 comments
(media) ‘The Rehearsal’ Season 1 Episode 5 Non-Spoiler Review — “Apocalypto” 2 comments


The Rehearsal S01E06 - Pretend Daddy - Episode Discussion 2536 comments
(media) Somebody said 4 hr intervals wasn’t enough of an impression. Episode 6 disagrees. 5 comments


Nathan for You S03E05 Smokers Allowed: The Rehearsal in its infancy 4 comments
I'm sure it's been said but Nathan For You S3E5 (Smokers Allowed) essentially pulled a 'The Rehearsal' 4 comments


(media) Patrick from E3 of The Rehearsal gives me Brendan from NFY S3E7 vibes 0 comments