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A mediocre paper company in the hands of Scranton, PA branch manager Michael Scott. This mockumentary follows the everyday lives of the manager and the employees he "manages." The crew follows the employees around 24/7 and captures their quite humorous and bizarre encounters as they will do what it takes to keep the company thriving.

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[Episode Discussion Thread] S1Ep01-"Pilot" (Live Chat at 7:30pm ET) 20 comments
Series Re-Watch- S1E1"Pilot" (Episode Discussion) 23 comments
Every Sunday and Thursday, we will have episode discussions starting with Season 1 Episode 1! 16 comments
/r/S01E01 is a subreddit where we nominate and watch a new episode one each week. This week's chosen show is The Office (U.S). Why not come along and join in the discussion? 2 comments
S1Ep1 - Pilot Official Discussion Thread coming this Thursday at 12 PM E.T. 12 comments
Comedy Central on Virgin TV showing The Office (US) in the UK, Series 1 Episode 1 just started! 3 comments


S1 E3 Health Care absurdity 5 comments


Office Ladies Episode 4 Discussion: The Alliance with Phil Shea! 54 comments


(media) The Office (US) - Full Episodes + Deleted Scenes Episode 5 0 comments


The Office Ladies: Episode 6 Discussion- Hot Girl 95 comments
The Office Ladies: Episode 6 Discussion- Hot Girl 5 comments


The Office Ladies: Episode 8 Discussion - The Dundies 19 comments
The Office Episode Discussion E08E23 "Turf War" 125 comments


The Office Ladies: Episode 9 Discussion - Sexual Harassment 57 comments
The Office Ladies: Episode 9 Discussion - Office Olympics w/ Paul Feig 17 comments


The Office Ladies: Episode 10 Discussion - The Fire 35 comments


Episode 19 of Great Scott! The Office Podcast is up and running. We discuss Night Out, Did I Stutter?, and Job Fair. 0 comments


Anyone else feel S2 E1 Dundies episode when Pam kisses Jim is a little under discussed. 4 comments
(media) S02E01 Night after Pam gets "Whitest Sneakers Award" and drunk kisses Jim, what do you think she was going to ask him before noticing the camera man? Sorry if its been discussed before. 60 comments
Pam wanted to ask Jim a question at the end of S02E01 (The Dundies) but didn't because of the camera, what do you think it was? 11 comments


(media) I’d very much like to know what was being discussed (or what Michael was thinking about) that led directly to this moment. (S2E7) 12 comments


(media) The Office (US) - S02E11 - Booze Cruise Deleted Scenes 2 comments


(media) In light of the recent discussion on unpopular characters of The Office, may I nominate the photographer from S2E21 who charged Michael $20 per shot and took photos ignoring Michael's countdown and continuously took photos despite the camera being digital. 189 comments


S3e3 'Lotto' 0 comments


(media) [S03E04] Who's the old lady behind Kelly? Possible blooper 6 comments


Jan ended up wanting Michael because he was avoiding her S03E11 8 comments


Just joined - must discuss my disdain for Andy S03 EP 12-13 14 comments


Theory on why Michael doesn't ask for a pay raise for 14 years and only in this episode did he ask for the raise of 10%.(The Negociation, Season 3 episode 19) 3 comments


QUESTION/DISCUSSION - S3E20: Product Recall - Andy finds out he's dating a high school student 5 comments


In S4E1 (Fun Run, Part 1) it's revealed that Pam and Jim are secretly dating. As we see candid footage of the couple kissing in Pam's car, her voiceover explains why she doesn't feel comfortable discussing her relationship status. Something that Pam says confuses me (dot dot dot) 10 comments


Discussion on S04E02. Was Pam giving a lot of the new clients to Jim? 5 comments


(media) The most out of character thing Oscar says (when discussing the use of ‘whomever’; S04E04) 3 comments


S4 Ep5 Local Ad (Steve Carrell does a Christopher Walken impression???) 0 comments


Scene from S4E6 extended cut. 18 comments


Let’s discuss Season 4, Episode 12 16 comments


S4E13 Job Fair - missing it’s original ending on VUDU. 6 comments
(media) The Office (US) - S04E13 - Dinner Party Deleted Scenes 1 comments


(media) S5E3 Michael throws Holly's lunch in the trash and says they are going to go out to lunch to discuss Meredith's ethics reveal. Michael says they will split the bill for equality. He orders two lobsters and a baked potato while Holly only orders a salad. EQUALITY! 8 comments


(media) The Office (US) - S05E04 - Crime Aid (Deleted Scenes) 3 comments


(media) "If you play The Office (US) S5:E9 at exactly 11:58:36pm on New Year's Eve, Michael Scott will scream 'NOOOOOO, NOOO GOD PLEASE NO. NOOO. NOO. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO' exactly at midnight when it leaves Netflix. 2 comments


(media) More evidence of Toby being the Scranton Strangler in S5E10 when they're discussing air quality and asbestos being difficult to breathe etc. 8 comments


The Office (US) - S05E11 - The Duel Deleted Scenes 1 comments


(media) S5E23 Continuity Error. At this point in the episode the Michael Scott Paper Company is supposed to be in thr conference room discussing the $60k offer from David Wallace 5 comments


(media) The Office (US) - S05E25 Cafe Disco Deleted Scenes 4 comments


Hazing the Interns? Season 6 Episode 1 6 comments


Fun goof - Toby's water gel (S6 E2 superfan episode) 0 comments


(media) In S6 E5: Niagara Falls Pt 2 during the iconic wedding dance montage Pam is seen sharing glances with Jim, but then she is gone in the wide group shot, but immediately back for another close up. 9 comments


Though I love it, S6E14 feels like the writers half-assed the episode by reusing footage 7 comments


(media) Why was Erin’s foster brother such a dickwad? Discuss. S6:E19 7 comments


China deleted scenes (s7 ep 10) 0 comments


Jo Bennett’s Self Introduction (From S7 E15) 7 comments


Season 7 Episode 16 - PDA 7 comments


Want to discuss season 8 and 9. Am I the only one that thinks that everything that happens after S7E22 is garbage? And yes, that includes the finale, which quite frankly, I did not care for. Let me know what you think. 7 comments


Garden Party (S08E04) is an amazing episode despite Michael not being in it! 12 comments


As a musician, the way Robert and his friends hijack the jam session in S8E7 is the hardest scene to watch 17 comments


(media) The Office (US) - S08E08 - Gettysburg (Deleted Scenes) 0 comments


Discussion: Season 8 Episode 9 “Mrs. California” is absolutely hilarious IMO. Does anyone think it’s too cringey to sit through? 3 comments


(media) Season 8 - Episode 10 - Christmas Wishes Discussion Thread [SPOILERS] 20 comments
(media) The Office (US) - S08E10 - Christmas Wishes (Deleted Scenes) 0 comments


Season 8 Episode 16: "After Hours" is one of the cringiest The Office episodes. 5 comments


The Office: Season 8 Episode 17 "Test The Store" Discussion thread. 52 comments
(media) The Office (US) - S08E17 - Test the Store Deleted Scenes 2 comments


Last Day in Florida, 8.18 Episode Discussion 49 comments


The Office Episode Discussion S08E19 "Get The Girl" (Spoilers) 108 comments
Season 8 ep19 is what killed the office 5 comments


When discussing cringey/cringest moments, why is S8E20 (Welcome Party) never or rarely mentioned? 15 comments


S08E22 "Fundraiser" Episode Discussion. 116 comments


(media) During Season 8 Episode 23 "Turf War," Toby discusses whether or not choking is allowed in the employee handbook, further pointing to the fact that he is the Scranton Strangler. 5 comments


Discussion Thread Season 9 Episode 1 "New Guys" - [Spoilers] 276 comments


In S9 EP5: Here Comes Treble, why was Pam so upset at Jim for investing $10,000? 8 comments


(media) Not sure if this has been discussed, but here’s Creed in sweatpants instead of slacks in S9E8. Very on-brand. 20 comments


S09E10 "Lice" Episode Discussion 219 comments


S09E11 "Suit Warehouse" Episode Discussion 153 comments


[DISCUSSION] Is it just me, or does the final scene of “Customer Loyalty” (9.12) hit really hard emotionally? 1 comments
Season 9 Episode 12 Customer Loyalty discussion 0 comments
S09E12 "Customer Loyalty" Episode Discussion 472 comments


S09E014 "Vandalism" Episode Discussion 469 comments
S9 E14: Vandalism 12 comments


S09E16 "Moving On" Discussion Thread 752 comments


S9E18 "Promos" Episode Discussion 519 comments


S09E19 "Stairmageddon" Episode Discussion 396 comments


Season 9 episode 20 "Paper Airplane" discussion thread 370 comments


S09E21 "Livin' the Dream" Discussion Thread 541 comments


Season 9, Episode 22 A.A.R.M. Discussion 13 comments
Season 9 episode 22/23 (A.A.R.M.) discussion thread 605 comments
S09E22/23 "A.A.R.M." Episode Discussion 9 comments


(media) The Office (US) - S09E23 Finale (Deleted Scenes) 0 comments


S09E24/25 "Finale" Discussion Thread 2097 comments