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A religion-based autocracy has taken over most of the United States, renaming the country Gilead. In this country women are second-class citizens. Anyone trying to escape is punished. One such person is June, who is captured while trying to escape with her husband and child and is sentenced to be a handmaid, bearing children for childless government officials. As a handmaid, June is renamed Offred. This is her story.

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The Handmaid's Tale - Episode 1 "Offred" (Discussion) 101 comments
[Episode 1] Discussion. No spoilers. 4 comments
First time watching The Handmaid's Tale, S01 E01. Don't understand the hate. 30 comments
(media) The Handmaid's Tale Unlocked podcast: Episode 1 0 comments
Cartography of The Handmaid's Tale: Finding the Population of Gilead, The Resistance and More Using Open Source Data and GIS [Spoilers S1E1] 8 comments
In "The Handmaid's Tale" - [Spoilers S1E1] - Why did the Wives accept the handmaid's? 9 comments


The Handmaid's Tale - Episode 2 "Birth Day" (Discussion) 157 comments
[Episode 2] Discussion 4 comments
(media) [Spoilers S1 E2,S1 E10, S2 E1, S3 E6, S3 E8, S4 E3] Edit I made of June. 1 comments
1x02 "Birth Day" - Episode Rewatch Thread 7 comments


The Handmaid's Tale - Episode 3 "Late" 357 comments
Got to episode 3, should I read the book first? 5 comments
[episode 3] Discussion 3 comments


Episode 4 discussion 320 comments
[spoilers] Possible allegory in episode 4's title? 11 comments


Season 1 Episode 5 - "Faithful" - Discussion 212 comments


Season 1 Episode 6 - "A Woman's Place" - Discussion 539 comments
Crowdsourcing opinions on Nick’s request at the end of E6? (Spoilers) 13 comments
[spoilers] Should I feel bad for Serena Joy? (S01E06 - A Woman's Place) 10 comments
[spoilers] Should I feel bad for Serena Joy? (S01E06 - A Woman's Place) 4 comments
[spoilers] Should I feel bad for Serena Joy? (S01E06 - A Woman's Place) 1 comments


Season 1 Episode 7 - "The Other Side" - Discussion 355 comments
Is the Israeli trailer up yet? And episode 7 discussion 11 comments


Season 1 Episode 8 - "Jezebels" - Discussion 795 comments
While we wait for the israeli trailer, lets discuss the episode 8 promo! alottttt going on 107 comments
[Spoilers S1E8] There's a great (and difficult) discussion over on C&T about the sex work industry. Consider checking it out. 1 comments
Episode 8 discussion push and pull for June 18 comments


Season 1 Episode 9 - "The Bridge" - Discussion 816 comments


[spoilers] Season 1 episode 10 - "Night" discussion 1560 comments
[spoilers s1e10] i read the scripts and i'm setting the record straight for Nick and his relationship with June 45 comments
[Spoilers S1E10] So how do we feel about him now 130 comments
[Spoilers S1 E10] Was there a reason behind Commander Putnam having... 9 comments
Luke...... 😥 Ep 10 Discussion/Testaments question 4 comments


Episode 12 promo discussion SPOILERS!! 49 comments
[No Spoilers] I'm checking the subreddit for ep12 discussion thread 7 comments


(media) SPOILER!!!! THE HANDMAID'S TALE -- "Postpartum" -- Episode 212 6 comments


S2E1 "June" 1060 comments
[Spoilers S2E1] I'm done with this show. Spoiler review inside about my frustrations. 64 comments
(media) The Handmaid's Tale - Episode 2.01 - Promotional Photos 8 comments
(media) The Handmaid's Tale visual book club - Season 2, Episode 1 Recap 0 comments


S2E2 "unwoman" 1285 comments


(media) [Spoilers S2E3] June's mother has a poster with Symbols of Gilead (not sure if already discussed) 31 comments
S2E3 - "Baggage" - Episode Discussion 1438 comments
(discussion will probably contain spoilers for 2x03) So can you guys think of anyone in fiction more hateable than Aunt Lydia? 48 comments
(media) The Handmaid's Tale - Episode 2.03 - Baggage - Promo, Promotional Photos + Synopsis 8 comments
[SPOILERS S2E3] UK Discussion thread 0 comments
s2e03 1 comments


S2E4 - "Other Women" - Episode Discussion 2180 comments
[Spoilers All] Two conversations that mirror each other in S2E4 & Mirror images at the end of S2E6 & S2E7, I noticed these in my Rewatch! Do you have any to add? 41 comments
(media) Two theologians discuss The Handmaid's Tale - Season 2, Episode 4 0 comments
Flowers on the comforter and The Yellow Wallpaper[Spoilers S2E4] 13 comments


S2E5 “Seeds” Episode Discussion 2108 comments
(media) (Spoilers) Season 2 Episode 5 Promo Trailer Discussion 25 comments
(Spoilers up to s2e5 and possibly beyond) Speculation about Promo and Future Events 36 comments


[Spoilers S2E6] The Rachel and Leah Centre..... 10 comments
S2E6 "First Blood" Episode Discussion 3497 comments
Ofglen spoiler [season 2 episode 6] discussion 5 comments
Nick Discussion (S2,E6 Spoilers) 81 comments
[Spoilers S2E6]Small discussion on the greenhouse imagery 11 comments
[Spoilers S2E6] Is Offred’s mentioning of The Pleiades significant? 46 comments


S2E7 "After" Pre-episode Discussion. SPOILERS 53 comments
S2E7 - "After" - Episode Discussion 2739 comments
[Spoilers S2E7] First time binge and may the lord open, do I have some feelings! 29 comments
Of names and of last names: something interesting from THT [SPOILERS S02E07] 76 comments
The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 seems like it's dragging, does it get better in Season 3? [Spoilers S2E7] 62 comments
(media) The Handmaid's Tale - Episode 2.07 - After - Promo, Promotional Photos + Synopsis. I've been waiting!! 15 comments
(media) [Spoilers S02E07] The Handmaid's Tale Director Breaks Down the Funeral Scene 31 comments
[Spoilers S2E7] Nick’s Role in Gilead speculations + discussion 14 comments


S2E8 - "Women's Work" - Episode Discussion 3628 comments
[SPOILER S02E08] Women's Work. No one to talk to, must discuss. 24 comments
Episode 8 season 2 issues with Serena (spoilers) 15 comments
(media) The Handmaid's Tale 2x08 Promo (HD) 38 comments


S2E09 - "Smart Power" - Episode Discussion 5194 comments
S2 E09: Thoughts about Serena Joy 7 comments
[Spoiler S2 E9] Janine 9 comments
[Spoilers S2E9] The Handmaid's Tale 2x09 Promo Season 2 Episode 9 Promo S02E09 Extended Trailer HD 10 comments
[Spoilers 2x09+ in discussion] Population in Gilead 11 comments
One Of My Fav- S2E9 Smart Power Waterford trip to Canada 10 comments


S2E10 Canadian Live Discussion 13 comments
S2E10 - "The Last Ceremony" - Episode Discussion 5885 comments
[Spoilers S2E10] Is Nick a War Criminal? 33 comments
[Spoilers S2E10] Did anyone else think that that scene was over the top and unnecessary? 46 comments
(media) [S2E10 Spoilers Only] The Handmaid's Tale season 2: Writer hints at 'great moments' ahead in upcoming episodes 5 comments
Season 2 - Episode 10 Discussion and question [spoilers] 11 comments


(media) [Spoilers S2E11] Has this been posted already? (If so, sorry) The Handmaid's Tale - Episode 2.11 - Holly - Promotional Photos 20 comments
S2E11 - "Holly" - Episode Discussion 3588 comments
[Spoilers s2E11] History and The Handmaid's Tale 60 comments
(media) The Handmaid's Tale 2.11 – Holly – Promotional Photos 20 comments
(media) The Handmaid's Tale 2x11 Promo (HD)-Youtube 32 comments


The Handmaid's Tale S02E12 - "Postpartum" - Episode Discussion 5015 comments
[SPOILER S2E12] Eden’s Fate 16 comments
[Spoiler s2 ep12] 2 comments
[SPOILERS] Something I noticed about THAT upcoming scene in S2E12 40 comments


(media) [Spoiler S02E13] Advance Preview for The Handmaid's Tale - The Word 39 comments
The Handmaid's Tale S02E13 - "The Word" - Episode Discussion 9887 comments
[SPOILER S2E13] Episode discussion and podcast information 3 comments
[Spoilers S2E13] Does the show change direction in season 3? 17 comments
[Spoilers S2E13] Let’s discuss Nick and his role going forward 29 comments
[spoilers s2e13] script notes part 3 30 comments
[Spoilers S2E13] What the hell happens to... 14 comments
(media) [Spoilers S2E13] Watch "The Handmaid's Tale • From Script to Screen "The Word" Season 2 Episode 13" on YouTube 16 comments
[Spoilers S2E13] The Handmaid's Tale as a study of power 5 comments
(media) [Spoilers S2E13] The Handmaid's Tale - S02E13 "The Word" - Sneak Peak 15 comments
I Will Save Your Children Discussion/Theory [Spoilers S2E13] 6 comments
[Spoilers S02E13] How does this show continue into a third season? Theories. Discussion. 1 comments


[Spoilers S3 E01] S03 E 01 "Night" Discussion 570 comments
(media) [Spoiler S3E1] Makeup Department Discusses Products and Techniques Used in the Show 6 comments
(media) [Spoilers S3E1] "The Handmaid's Tale" Is Filming on the National Mall and the Photos are Kinda Intense 32 comments
(media) Everything We Know About The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 [Spoilers S3E1] 65 comments
Season 3 E 01: "Night" - Discussion 1 comments


[Spoilers S3 E02] S03 E02 "Mary and Martha" Discussion 413 comments
[Spoilers S3E2] Holly vs Nichole 24 comments


[Spoilers S3 E03] S03 E03 "Useful" Discussion 489 comments
(media) [Spoilers S03 E03] Sympathy for the devil: how The Handmaid's Tale finally goes too far 57 comments
(media) [SPOILERS S3E03] I was a background character on this season of The Handmaid's Tale! 15 comments
Vermeer and the Handmaid's Tale [Spoilers S3E3] 10 comments


[Spoiler S3E4] So I need to discuss something about the timeline of the show, I sorry if this has been posted but I couldn't find anything similar. 11 comments
[Spoilers S3E4] Season 3 Episode 4 “God Bless the Child” Discussion 1795 comments
[SPOILERS S3E4] Quote Discussion 18 comments
(media) [SPOILERS S3E4] The Handmaid's Tale 3x04 Inside/Featurette "God Bless The Child" 0 comments


The Handmaid's Tale S03E05 - “Unknown Caller” - Episode Discussion 2905 comments
[Spoilers S3E05] Season 3 Episode 05 - “Unknown Caller” - Episode Discussion 481 comments
[Spoilers S3E5] Can we take a minute to Discuss Eleanor Lawrence - - she's not crazy. 152 comments
(media) [SPOILERS S3E5] The Handmaid's Tale 3x05 Promo "Unknown Caller" 59 comments
(media) [SPOILERS S03E05] 'The Handmaid's Tale': Yvonne Strahovski Unravels That Tragic Reunion 6 comments
[SPOILERS S3E5] Discussion 7 comments


(media) [Spoiler S3E6] I just noticed the book cover of “A Woman’s Place” is shockingly similar to the shot of June in S3E6. I wonder if they’re related and possibly representative of how Serena and June view themselves? Open to any other theories! Sorry if this has been discussed before. 6 comments
[Spoilers S3E6] When the Elephant Sneezes: Chapter 9 of a THT fic set in South America. TW: discussion of historic kidnappings and disappearances 2 comments
The Handmaid's Tale S03E06 - "Household" - Episode Discussion 5742 comments
Let’s talk about Nick [Spoilers S03E06] 147 comments
[Spoilers s3e6] THT is starting to feel like a soap opera... 47 comments
[Spoilers S3E06] Where Is My Catharsis (a rant) 93 comments
[Spoilers S03E06] Some thoughts on the direction of the story 16 comments
[spoiler s3e6] confused 12 comments
[Spoilers S3E6] Everyone's discussing the new addition to the handmaids outfit and I think I have a good point. 4 comments
(media) [Spoilers S3E6] Nick's Secret Past Rocks June's World on The Handmaid's Tale 78 comments
(media) [SPOILERS S3E6] The Handmaid's Tale 3x06 Promo 26 comments
Season 3 episode 6 32 comments


(media) [Spoilers S3E7] Forbes Article: 'The Handmaid's Tale' Season 3, Episode 7 Review: 'Under His Eye' Fails To Impress. Hopefully the writers are paying attention! 5 comments
The Handmaid's Tale S03E07 - "Under His Eye" - Episode Discussion 3527 comments
[Spoilers S3E7] Misunderstanding of the final scenes 16 comments
[Spoilers S3E7] OfOscar: Discussion 17 comments
[Spoilers S3E7] What are the casting directors thinking? 19 comments
(media) [Spoilers S3E7] The Handmaid's Tale Discussion: 'Under His Eye' falls into an overly familiar pattern 1 comments


(media) [Spoilers S3E8] With Their White Feminist Bias, TV’s Prestige Dramas Continue to Fail. "The Handmaid's Tale," "Big Little Lies," and, yes, the late "Game of Thrones" fail to reflect our complex reality in their storytelling. 8 comments
The Handmaid's Tale S03E08 - "Unfit" - Episode Discussion 3585 comments
[Spoilers S3E8] the Aunts choosing handmaids and discussing handmaids and familys candidly 29 comments
[Spoilers S3 E8] I have a problen with Ofmatthew's treatment from the writers. 51 comments
(media) [Spoilers s3 e8] 'The Handmaid's Tale' has a black people problem and its name is June 53 comments
[Spoilers S3E8] If 'The Handmaid's Tale' Was a Musical with the Songs of 'My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' 45 comments
(media) [SPOILERS S3E8] The Handmaid's Tale 3x08 Promo "Unfit" 30 comments
[Spoilers S3 E8] If You're Watching The Handmaid's Tale, Just Know 26 comments
The handmaid's tale - June's Mother Holly Osborne Senior - [SPOILERS S3E8] 6 comments


[SPOILER S3E9] I was raised Evangelical. The previous episode could absolutely have been told as a sermon in my former church or school as an inspirational message. Here's how. 26 comments
[Spoilers S03E09] The Handmaid's Tale S03E09 - "Heroic" - Episode Discussion 2396 comments
(media) [Spoilers S3E9] Great Interview! Daina Reid on directing Elisabeth Moss in 'Holly' episode | GOLD DERBY - Tagging with S3 b/c she also discusses 'Heroic' 3 comments
(media) [SPOILERS S3E9] discussing the episode with my girlfriend... she hasn’t seen it yet. 1 comments
[Spoilers S03E09] Let's hear from POC on this sub about what they perceive as racist about the show 88 comments
[Spoilers All] S3E9 Medical Beeping Sound 4 comments
(media) [SPOILERS S3E9] The Handmaid's Tale 3x09 Promo 23 comments
(media) [SPOILERS S3E9] The Handmaid's Tale 3x09 Promo 5 comments


[Spoilers S03E10] The Handmaid's Tale S03E10 - "Witness" - Episode Discussion 3123 comments
(media) [SPOILER S03E10] Anyone catch what Winslow said here when he was discussing another handmaid with Fred? 10 comments
[Spoilers S3E10] What would you like to see more of in The Handmaid's Tale? 34 comments
(media) [SPOILERS S3E10] The Handmaid's Tale 3x10 Promo 8 comments
Question about Serena: S3E10 - Could Serena have tried harder to stop Fred? 1 comments
[Spoilers S3E10] Did they know that Commander Lawrence never ___? 5 comments


[SPOILERS S03E11] My prediction on June’s fate 16 comments
(media) [Spoilers S3E11] The Handmaid's Tale on Twitter - Extended scene from preview just released 9 comments
[Spoilers S03E11] The Handmaid's Tale S03E11 - "Liars" - Episode Discussion 3472 comments
[Spoilers S03E11] The Handmaid's Tale S03E11 - "Liars" - Episode Discussion 83 comments
[Spoilers S3E11] Serena’s fate 63 comments
[Spoilers S3E11] Do you feel uncomfortable watching The Handmaid's Tale with others around? 19 comments
S3 E11 Discussion 6 comments


[Spoilers S03E12] "Sacrifice" Post episode discussion? 171 comments
[Spoilers S03E12] The Handmaid's Tale S03E12 - "Sacrifice" - Episode Discussion 3003 comments
[Spoilers S3E12] The Sacrifices... 28 comments
(media) [SPOILERS S3E12] The Handmaid's Tale 3x12 Promo "Sacrifice" 10 comments
[Spoilers Season 3 Episode 12] Eleanor 4 comments
S3 E12 16 comments


The Handmaid's Tale S03E13 - "Mayday" - Pre / Live Episode Discussion 1735 comments
The Handmaid's Tale S03E13 - "Mayday" - Post Episode Discussion 7393 comments
[Spoilers S3E13] [Spoilers Book 1] [Spoilers Book 2] Discussion of how The Testaments fits into the show. Spoilers for everything! 22 comments
[spoilers s3 e13] let’s discuss Janine 10 comments
[Spoilers S3E13] Serena Joy as a handmaid? 198 comments
[Spoilers S3E13] The main difference between Serena and Lawrence 21 comments
[Spoilers S3 E13] Is it Possible to Go 'Off the Grid' in Gilead? 6 comments
[Spoilers S3 E13] Lawrence's role in Gilead's Creation? Looking for more info. 3 comments
(media) [Spoilers S3E13] Did 'The Handmaid's Tale' Make A Mistake Cutting Nick's Scenes? 89 comments
(media) [Spoilers S03E13] The Handmaid's Tale S03E13 - Promotional photos 41 comments
(media) [SPOILERS S3E13] The Handmaid's Tale 3x13 Promo "Mayday" - Season Finale 15 comments
[ Spoilers S3 E13 ] Harriet Tubman/Moses 2 comments


The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E01] - “Pigs” - Pre/Live Episode Discussion 653 comments
(media) [Spoilers S4E1] 'The Handmaid's Tale Season 4' Ordered By Hulu, will premiere in mid-2020. 8 comments
The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E01 - E03] - Post Episode Discussion 3215 comments
The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E01 -E02] - Canadian/Non-US Post Episode Discussion 12 comments
(media) [Spoiler S4E1-4] Is anyone else feeling this way about the show? 39 comments
[Spoliers S4E1] June is the Aunt Lydia of Mayday 15 comments
[Spoiler S4E1-3] Serena Joy’s footage 6 comments
(media) [Spoilers S4E1]'The Handmaid's Tale' Season 4 Is Bound to Be the Craziest Season Yet 52 comments
(media) [Spoilers S4E1] 'The Handmaid's Tale Season 4' Future Of The Series, Plot highlights and may release by mid of 2020 13 comments
Season 4 episode 1. 2 comments


The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E02] - “Nightshade” - Pre/Live Episode Discussion 465 comments
[Spoilers S4 E02] In praise of lasers 35 comments
[SPOILERS S4 E2] June is.... 15 comments


The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E03] - “The Crossing” - Pre/Live Episode Discussion 1172 comments
[Spoilers S4E3] The Crossing Detail I Didn't Catch the 1st Time 20 comments
[Spoilers S4 E3] Magdalene Laundries + Religion 3 comments
[NO SPOILERS] When does Canada (and other non-USA countries I think?) get Season 4 episode 3? PS- boo this isn’t fair 17 comments
(media) My Opinion Of The Handmaid's Tale Season 4 Episode 3 [spoilers S4E3] 0 comments
[Spoilers S4E3] Am I the only one who thought that Aunt Lydia... 104 comments


The Handmaid's Tale [S4E04] - "Milk" - Pre/Live Episode Discussion 1569 comments
The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E04] - "Milk" - Post Episode Discussion 1873 comments
[Spoiler S4E4] Another post led me to question a sequence of events with Janine and Caleb. When exactly was he born? 15 comments
(media) Interesting article where Madeline discusses Janine in Milk [SPOILERS S04E04] 1 comments
[S04E04] [SPOILERS AHEAD] What is the song in the end? 3 comments
[Spoilers S4EP4] Well...I’ve had my first cry of the season 😢👍🏾 3 comments
(media) [Spoilers S4E4]'The Handmaid's Tale' Season 4: How Long Is Each Episode? 1 comments


The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E05] - “[Chicago]” - Pre/Live Episode Discussion 1418 comments
The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E05] - "Chicago" - Post Episode Discussion 2282 comments
[SPOILERS S4E5] Lawrence motives 48 comments


The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E06] - “[Vows]” - Pre/Live Episode Discussion 1381 comments
The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E06] - "Vows" - Post Episode Discussion 1631 comments
[Spoilers S04E06] A moment that stuck out to me. 62 comments
[Spoilers All] Israeli trailer for S04E06 ' Vows' 21 comments
[Spoilers S4E6] Some thoughts on Moira’s dialogue. 8 comments


The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E07] - “[Home]” - Pre/Live Episode Discussion 3025 comments
The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E07] - "Home" - Post Episode Discussion 1749 comments
[SPOILERS S4E7] As a male victim, my thoughts on this episode. 210 comments
[Spoilers All] The Emmy nominated script for Ep 4x07 'Home' is available! 33 comments
[Spoilers S4E7] let's talk about Luke outside of the infamous scene 150 comments
[Spoilers S4E7] Canadian Grocery Store 95 comments
[SPOILERS S04E07] ”The abused becoming the abuser” rant 72 comments
[SPOILER S4 E7] What. The. Eff. June. 97 comments
[Spoilers All] s4e7 home 9 comments
[Spoilers s4e7] Rushed 20 comments
If no one will say it I WILL [s4e7 Spoilers] 11 comments
[Spoilers S4E7] Sub Survivor Support 13 comments
[spoiler S4] Events leading up to S4E7 14 comments
[SPOILER S4E7] Let’s talk about *THAT* scene… 17 comments
Luke, June, and THAT scene [SPOILERS S4E7] 44 comments
(media) [SPOILERS S4E7] The Handmaid's Tale's O-T Fagbenle Hints at Nick and June's Future 47 comments
(media) [Spoilers S4 E7] The Handmaid's Tale S04E07 - Promotional photos 1 comments


The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E08] - “[Testimony]” - Pre/Live Episode Discussion 1830 comments
[spoilers S4 E08] and beyond + the Testaments discussion/prediction 7 comments
The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E08] - “[Testimony]” - Post Episode Discussion 2608 comments
[Spoilers: s4 e8] I honestly didn't understand... 88 comments
[Spoilers S4E8] On "ambushing" Emily 146 comments
[s4 e8 spoilers] Serena’s thoughts, and change of mind ? 16 comments
SPOILER!!!! Serena and Fred, Season 4, Episode 8 10 comments
(Spoilers S4E8) handmaids? 18 comments
testimony [SpoilersS4E8] 9 comments
[Spoiler S4E8] The Waterfords 29 comments
[Spoilers S4E8] The Nuance of June’s “Testimony” 15 comments
[spoilers s4e8] Luke being questionable 32 comments
(No Spoilers) S4 E8 on Amazon Prime India? 1 comments
[Spoilers S4 E8] Becoming Gilead 8 comments
[Spoilers S4 E8] 0 comments
[SPOILERS] S 4 E 8 &9 What does everyone think of Janine's behavior, do you think 18 comments
(media) [Spoilers S4E8] The Handmaid's Tale S04E08 - Promotional photos 1 comments


The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E09] - “[Progress]” - Pre/Live Episode Discussion 2731 comments
The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E09] - “[Progress]” - Post Episode Discussion 2297 comments
[Spoiler S4E9 + The Testaments] Luke and Nichole 14 comments
[Spoliers S04E09] what happened to Lawerence?? 12 comments
(media) SPOILER!!!! New Trailer for S4E9 Progress 11 comments
(media) The Handmaid's Tale 4x09 Promo "Progress" (HD) 7 comments
[Spoilers if not caught up S4E9] Curious on what people think on some of the creative choices for settings/scenes and what they mean to the story (if anything at all.) [Specifics left out of title to avoid spoilers.] 7 comments
[Spoilers S4E9] The season finale and The Testaments 25 comments
Spoiler alert: Season 4 Episode 9: Mrs Keyes 5 comments
[Spoilers Season 4 Episode 9] Friends...how many of us have them? 1 comments
Spoiler {season 4 ep 9} 4 comments
(media) [Spoilers S4E9] The Handmaid's Tale S04E09 - Promotional photos 70 comments


The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E10] - “[The Wilderness]” - Pre/Live Episode Discussion 3684 comments
[Spoilers S4E10] Prediction for next season. 65 comments
The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E10] - “[The Wilderness]” - Post Episode Discussion 3408 comments
[Spoilers S4E10] My issue with the "she needs therapy" discussion 61 comments
[SPOILERS S4E10] I haven’t seen this discussed yet… 17 comments
[Spoilers S4E10] Luke ?!?! 95 comments
[SPOILERS S04E10] Did anyone else feel nauseous when... 147 comments
[SPOILERS S4E10] Can this sub finally stop the hate for a certain character now? 160 comments
[SPOILERS S4E10] Into the woods...Lizzie has outdone herself. 108 comments
[Spoiler S4E10] Did anyone else... 45 comments
[Spoilers S4E10] June WILL End up with this character… 52 comments
[Spoiler S4 E10 Ending] They wrote themselves into a corner 30 comments
(SPOILERS: S4E10) Well now wasn't that and ending to the senson 3 comments
Zoom [s04e10 spoilers] 5 comments
[Spoilers S4E10] A Conversation about Tuello 8 comments
(SPOILERS) S04EP10 - Question 6 comments
[Spoilers S4E10] I feel like I’ve missed something somehow! 4 comments
[spoilers season 4] Just asking for some opinions about the endgame for June after ep 10. Nick or Luke? 17 comments
[Spoilers S4E10] Serena 17 comments
[Spoilers S4E10] A criticism of the finale's music choice 18 comments
[Spoilers S4E10] How many seasons for The Handmaid's tale? 15 comments
(media) [Spoilers S4E10] The Handmaid's Tale S04E10 - Promotional photos 10 comments


[Spoilers S4E11] The ending of S4E11 really spoke to me 11 comments


The Handmaid's Tale S05E01 "Morning" - Live Episode Discussion 315 comments
S05E01 "Morning" - POST Episode Discussion 1045 comments


The Handmaid's Tale S05E02 "Ballet" - Live Episode Discussion 511 comments
S05E02 "Ballet" - POST Episode Discussion 1856 comments


The Handmaid's Tale S05E03 "Border" - Live Episode Discussion 755 comments
The Handmaid's Tale S05E03 "Border" - Post Episode Discussion 774 comments
SPOILER - [S5E3] 66 comments
Nick’s Origin & my thoughts relating to him S5E3 65 comments
Did Serena think that... [S5 E3] 22 comments


The Handmaid's Tale S05E04 "Dear Offred" - Live Episode Discussion 1133 comments
S05E04 "Dear Offred" - POST Episode Discussion 1214 comments


The Handmaid's Tale S05E05 "Fairytale" - Live Episode Discussion 683 comments
S05E05 "Fairytale" - POST Episode Discussion 1623 comments


The Handmaid's Tale S05E06 "Together" - Live Episode Discussion 1355 comments
S05E06 "Together" - Post Episode Discussion 0 comments
S05E06 "Together" - Post Episode Discussion 1985 comments
S5 E6 Promo Discussion Mr Wheeler 11 comments
Men should KNOW about the divide (S05E06) 119 comments


The Handmaid's Tale S05E07 "No Man's Land" - Live Episode Discussion 952 comments
S05E07 "No Man's Land" - POST Episode Discussion 1393 comments
Season 5, Episode 7 612 comments


The Handmaid's Tale S05E08 "Motherland" - Live Episode Discussion 911 comments
S05E08 "Motherland" - Post Episode Discussion 1637 comments
S5E8 question... 11 comments
I was reading S5 episode 8 discussion wrt to Hannah .... 7 comments


The Handmaid's Tale S05E09 "Allegiance" - Live Episode Discussion 1560 comments
S05E09 "Allegiance" - Post Episode Discussion 1690 comments
[SPOILERS S5E09] Does anyone else think that Hannah... 23 comments


The Handmaid's Tale S05E10 "Safe" - Live Episode Discussion 1505 comments
The Handmaid's Tale S05E10 "Safe" - Post Episode Discussion 2652 comments
[Spoiler S5E10] Serena’s fate at the end of the season is poetic justice. 20 comments


[Spoilers S6E9] June’s harmful recent actions appear to be part of a redemptive arc 16 comments




[Spoilers S12E12] more explanation on the return 5 comments