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A religion-based autocracy has taken over most of the United States, renaming the country Gilead. In this country women are second-class citizens. Anyone trying to escape is punished. One such person is June, who is captured while trying to escape with her husband and child and is sentenced to be a handmaid, bearing children for childless government officials. As a handmaid, June is renamed Offred. This is her story.

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The Handmaid's Tale - Episode 1 "Offred" (Discussion) 98 comments
[Episode 1] Discussion. No spoilers. 4 comments


The Handmaid's Tale - Episode 2 "Birth Day" (Discussion) 155 comments
[Episode 2] Discussion 4 comments
(media) [Spoilers S1 E2,S1 E10, S2 E1, S3 E6, S3 E8, S4 E3] Edit I made of June. 1 comments


The Handmaid's Tale - Episode 3 "Late" 347 comments
Got to episode 3, should I read the book first? 5 comments
[episode 3] Discussion 3 comments


Episode 4 discussion 323 comments


Season 1 Episode 5 - "Faithful" - Discussion 228 comments


Season 1 Episode 6 - "A Woman's Place" - Discussion 553 comments
Crowdsourcing opinions on Nick’s request at the end of E6? (Spoilers) 13 comments


Season 1 Episode 7 - "The Other Side" - Discussion 340 comments
Is the Israeli trailer up yet? And episode 7 discussion 11 comments


Season 1 Episode 8 - "Jezebels" - Discussion 800 comments
While we wait for the israeli trailer, lets discuss the episode 8 promo! alottttt going on 107 comments


Season 1 Episode 9 - "The Bridge" - Discussion 817 comments


[spoilers] Season 1 episode 10 - "Night" discussion 1565 comments


Episode 12 promo discussion SPOILERS!! 49 comments


S2E1 "June" 1060 comments


S2E2 "unwoman" 1285 comments


S2E3 - "Baggage" - Episode Discussion 1432 comments


S2E4 - "Other Women" - Episode Discussion 2180 comments
[Spoilers All] Two conversations that mirror each other in S2E4 & Mirror images at the end of S2E6 & S2E7, I noticed these in my Rewatch! Do you have any to add? 41 comments
(media) Two theologians discuss The Handmaid's Tale - Season 2, Episode 4 0 comments


S2E5 “Seeds” Episode Discussion 2150 comments
(media) (Spoilers) Season 2 Episode 5 Promo Trailer Discussion 25 comments


[Spoilers S2E6] The Rachel and Leah Centre..... 10 comments
S2E6 "First Blood" Episode Discussion 3510 comments
Ofglen spoiler [season 2 episode 6] discussion 5 comments


S2E7 - "After" - Episode Discussion 2752 comments
S2E7 "After" Pre-episode Discussion. SPOILERS 53 comments
[Spoilers S2E7] First time binge and may the lord open, do I have some feelings! 29 comments


S2E8 - "Women's Work" - Episode Discussion 3675 comments


S2E09 - "Smart Power" - Episode Discussion 5237 comments
S2 E09: Thoughts about Serena Joy 7 comments


S2E10 - "The Last Ceremony" - Episode Discussion 5911 comments


S2E11 - "Holly" - Episode Discussion 3612 comments


The Handmaid's Tale S02E12 - "Postpartum" - Episode Discussion 5044 comments
[SPOILER S2E12] Eden’s Fate 16 comments
[Spoiler s2 ep12] 2 comments


The Handmaid's Tale S02E13 - "The Word" - Episode Discussion 9920 comments
[SPOILER S2E13] Episode discussion and podcast information 3 comments
[Spoilers S2E13] Does the show change direction in season 3? 17 comments


[Spoilers S3 E01] S03 E 01 "Night" Discussion 567 comments


[Spoilers S3 E02] S03 E02 "Mary and Martha" Discussion 408 comments


[Spoilers S3 E03] S03 E03 "Useful" Discussion 484 comments


[Spoilers S3E4] Season 3 Episode 4 “God Bless the Child” Discussion 1824 comments


The Handmaid's Tale S03E05 - “Unknown Caller” - Episode Discussion 2937 comments
[Spoilers S3E05] Season 3 Episode 05 - “Unknown Caller” - Episode Discussion 486 comments
[Spoilers S3E5] Can we take a minute to Discuss Eleanor Lawrence - - she's not crazy. 153 comments


(media) [Spoiler S3E6] I just noticed the book cover of “A Woman’s Place” is shockingly similar to the shot of June in S3E6. I wonder if they’re related and possibly representative of how Serena and June view themselves? Open to any other theories! Sorry if this has been discussed before. 6 comments
[Spoilers S3E6] When the Elephant Sneezes: Chapter 9 of a THT fic set in South America. TW: discussion of historic kidnappings and disappearances 2 comments
The Handmaid's Tale S03E06 - "Household" - Episode Discussion 5759 comments
Let’s talk about Nick [Spoilers S03E06] 147 comments
[Spoilers s3e6] THT is starting to feel like a soap opera... 47 comments


The Handmaid's Tale S03E07 - "Under His Eye" - Episode Discussion 3569 comments
[Spoilers S3E7] Misunderstanding of the final scenes 16 comments


The Handmaid's Tale S03E08 - "Unfit" - Episode Discussion 3653 comments


[Spoilers S03E09] The Handmaid's Tale S03E09 - "Heroic" - Episode Discussion 2416 comments
(media) [Spoilers S3E9] Great Interview! Daina Reid on directing Elisabeth Moss in 'Holly' episode | GOLD DERBY - Tagging with S3 b/c she also discusses 'Heroic' 3 comments
(media) [SPOILERS S3E9] discussing the episode with my girlfriend... she hasn’t seen it yet. 1 comments


[Spoilers S03E10] The Handmaid's Tale S03E10 - "Witness" - Episode Discussion 3140 comments


[Spoilers S03E11] The Handmaid's Tale S03E11 - "Liars" - Episode Discussion 3483 comments
[Spoilers S03E11] The Handmaid's Tale S03E11 - "Liars" - Episode Discussion 83 comments


[Spoilers S03E12] The Handmaid's Tale S03E12 - "Sacrifice" - Episode Discussion 3012 comments
[Spoilers S03E12] "Sacrifice" Post episode discussion? 171 comments


The Handmaid's Tale S03E13 - "Mayday" - Post Episode Discussion 7447 comments
The Handmaid's Tale S03E13 - "Mayday" - Pre / Live Episode Discussion 1754 comments


The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E01 - E03] - Post Episode Discussion 3234 comments
The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E01] - “Pigs” - Pre/Live Episode Discussion 650 comments
The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E01 -E02] - Canadian/Non-US Post Episode Discussion 12 comments
(media) [Spoiler S4E1-4] Is anyone else feeling this way about the show? 39 comments
[Spoliers S4E1] June is the Aunt Lydia of Mayday 15 comments
[Spoiler S4E1-3] Serena Joy’s footage 6 comments


The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E02] - “Nightshade” - Pre/Live Episode Discussion 457 comments
[Spoilers S4 E02] In praise of lasers 35 comments
[SPOILERS S4 E2] June is.... 15 comments


The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E03] - “The Crossing” - Pre/Live Episode Discussion 1177 comments
[Spoilers S4E3] The Crossing Detail I Didn't Catch the 1st Time 19 comments
[Spoilers S4 E3] Magdalene Laundries + Religion 3 comments


The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E04] - "Milk" - Post Episode Discussion 1884 comments
The Handmaid's Tale [S4E04] - "Milk" - Pre/Live Episode Discussion 1598 comments
(media) Interesting article where Madeline discusses Janine in Milk [SPOILERS S04E04] 1 comments
[Spoiler S4E4] Another post led me to question a sequence of events with Janine and Caleb. When exactly was he born? 15 comments
[S04E04] [SPOILERS AHEAD] What is the song in the end? 3 comments
[Spoilers S4EP4] Well...I’ve had my first cry of the season 😢👍🏾 3 comments


The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E05] - "Chicago" - Post Episode Discussion 2286 comments
The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E05] - “[Chicago]” - Pre/Live Episode Discussion 1453 comments
[SPOILERS S4E5] Lawrence motives 49 comments


The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E06] - "Vows" - Post Episode Discussion 1642 comments
The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E06] - “[Vows]” - Pre/Live Episode Discussion 1400 comments
[Spoilers S04E06] A moment that stuck out to me. 63 comments
[Spoilers All] Israeli trailer for S04E06 ' Vows' 21 comments
[Spoilers S4E6] Some thoughts on Moira’s dialogue. 8 comments


The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E07] - “[Home]” - Pre/Live Episode Discussion 3083 comments
The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E07] - "Home" - Post Episode Discussion 1768 comments
[SPOILERS S4E7] As a male victim, my thoughts on this episode. 212 comments
[Spoilers All] The Emmy nominated script for Ep 4x07 'Home' is available! 33 comments
[Spoilers S4E7] let's talk about Luke outside of the infamous scene 151 comments
[Spoilers S4E7] Canadian Grocery Store 94 comments
[SPOILERS S04E07] ”The abused becoming the abuser” rant 71 comments
[SPOILER S4 E7] What. The. Eff. June. 97 comments
[Spoilers All] s4e7 home 9 comments
[Spoilers s4e7] Rushed 20 comments
If no one will say it I WILL [s4e7 Spoilers] 11 comments
[Spoilers S4E7] Sub Survivor Support 13 comments
[spoiler S4] Events leading up to S4E7 14 comments
[SPOILER S4E7] Let’s talk about *THAT* scene… 17 comments
Luke, June, and THAT scene [SPOILERS S4E7] 45 comments


The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E08] - “[Testimony]” - Post Episode Discussion 2617 comments
The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E08] - “[Testimony]” - Pre/Live Episode Discussion 1884 comments
[spoilers S4 E08] and beyond + the Testaments discussion/prediction 7 comments
[Spoilers: s4 e8] I honestly didn't understand... 88 comments
[Spoilers S4E8] On "ambushing" Emily 146 comments
[s4 e8 spoilers] Serena’s thoughts, and change of mind ? 16 comments
SPOILER!!!! Serena and Fred, Season 4, Episode 8 10 comments
(Spoilers S4E8) handmaids? 18 comments
testimony [SpoilersS4E8] 9 comments
[Spoiler S4E8] The Waterfords 28 comments
[Spoilers S4E8] The Nuance of June’s “Testimony” 15 comments
[spoilers s4e8] Luke being questionable 32 comments
(No Spoilers) S4 E8 on Amazon Prime India? 1 comments
[Spoilers S4 E8] Becoming Gilead 8 comments
[Spoilers S4 E8] 0 comments
[SPOILERS] S 4 E 8 &9 What does everyone think of Janine's behavior, do you think 18 comments


The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E09] - “[Progress]” - Post Episode Discussion 2319 comments
The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E09] - “[Progress]” - Pre/Live Episode Discussion 2769 comments
[Spoiler S4E9 + The Testaments] Luke and Nichole 14 comments
[Spoliers S04E09] what happened to Lawerence?? 12 comments
(media) SPOILER!!!! New Trailer for S4E9 Progress 11 comments
(media) The Handmaid's Tale 4x09 Promo "Progress" (HD) 7 comments
[Spoilers if not caught up S4E9] Curious on what people think on some of the creative choices for settings/scenes and what they mean to the story (if anything at all.) [Specifics left out of title to avoid spoilers.] 7 comments
[Spoilers S4E9] The season finale and The Testaments 25 comments
Spoiler alert: Season 4 Episode 9: Mrs Keyes 5 comments
[Spoilers Season 4 Episode 9] Friends...how many of us have them? 1 comments
Spoiler {season 4 ep 9} 4 comments


The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E10] - “[The Wilderness]” - Post Episode Discussion 3393 comments
The Handmaid’s Tale [S04E10] - “[The Wilderness]” - Pre/Live Episode Discussion 3742 comments
[Spoilers S4E10] My issue with the "she needs therapy" discussion 61 comments
[SPOILERS S4E10] I haven’t seen this discussed yet… 17 comments
[Spoilers S4E10] Luke ?!?! 95 comments
[SPOILERS S04E10] Did anyone else feel nauseous when... 147 comments
[SPOILERS S4E10] Can this sub finally stop the hate for a certain character now? 160 comments
[SPOILERS S4E10] Into the woods...Lizzie has outdone herself. 110 comments
[Spoilers S4E10] Prediction for next season. 65 comments
[Spoiler S4E10] Did anyone else... 45 comments
[Spoilers S4E10] June WILL End up with this character… 52 comments
[Spoiler S4 E10 Ending] They wrote themselves into a corner 30 comments
(SPOILERS: S4E10) Well now wasn't that and ending to the senson 3 comments
Zoom [s04e10 spoilers] 5 comments
[Spoilers S4E10] A Conversation about Tuello 8 comments
(SPOILERS) S04EP10 - Question 6 comments
[Spoilers S4E10] I feel like I’ve missed something somehow! 4 comments
[spoilers season 4] Just asking for some opinions about the endgame for June after ep 10. Nick or Luke? 17 comments


[Spoilers S4E11] The ending of S4E11 really spoke to me 11 comments