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The show revolves around the lives of online guild, The Knights of Good, who play countless hours of an unnamed MMORPG video game. The story focuses on Codex, the guild's Priestess, who attempts to lead a normal life after one of her guild-mates, Warlock Zaboo, shows up on her doorstep.

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The Guild Season 5, Episode 1 - "Road Trip!" It's still available on Xbox/Zune, but now it's streaming! 2 comments


(media) The Guild S5E5: Focus Problems -- "Codex's neurosis is rejected by the Guild as close quarters lead to hot tempers." 1 comments


(media) The Guild Season 6 - Episode 1: Dream Questline 4 comments
(media) The Guild Season 6. 15 Days, 15 Production Diaries. Day 15 (Season 6 Episode 1 Airs Tomorrow!). 0 comments
(media) The Guild Season 6 BTS (Behind the Scenes) - Episode 1: Making "The Game" Company. 0 comments


(media) The Guild - S6 Ep 2: New Party Members 0 comments


(media) The Guild – S6 Ep 3: Makeshift Solutions 5 comments
(media) The Guild Season 6, Episode 3 - Makeshift Solutions 0 comments


(media) The Guild - S6 Episode 6: Into the Breach - YouTube 0 comments


(media) The Guild - S6 Ep 7: Occupy HQ...With Dodger!!! 0 comments


(media) The Guild - S6 Ep 8: Dialogue Options - YouTube 0 comments


(media) The Guild - S6 Ep 10: Tipping Points 0 comments