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The Good Place Discussions

The Good Place is a town where those who have been good throughout their lives go once they have passed away. Michael (Danson) is the architect who oversees the town--and this is the first one he has been in charge of creating. Eleanor (Bell) arrives at the Good Place and realizes they have her name right, but everything else is wrong. She isn't meant to be there at all. With the help of Chidi, her soul mate (Harper), Eleanor tries to right her wrongs, seeking to finally earn her spot in the Good Place.

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Episode Discussion: S01E01-02 "Everything is Fine" / "Flying" 58 comments
The Good Rewatch: S1E1 Everything Is Fine 44 comments
/r/s01E01 is a sub where we watch the first episode of a tV show and then discuss what we think. why not come along and tell everyone why the good place is so good and why they should keep watching it? 0 comments
(media) Here's a clip from our newest episode where we talk about the Pilot episode of The Good Place! Please check us out at S1E1POD.com 0 comments
(media) Lee Aronsohn (co-creator of "Two And A Half Men", "The Big Bang Theory") & Sony TV will talk about THE GOOD PLACE's episode 1 "Pilot" on Tuesday, May 25 @ 6pm PT 0 comments
S1E1: In the first episode chidi says he’s actually speaking French but the good place is translating. So how come when they go to earth he is speaking English? 20 comments
In Episode 1 of Season One, Chidi is speaking French and says that the Good Place translates what you say into a language that the other person can understand but... 5 comments


The Good Rewatch: S1E2 Flying 11 comments
No spoilers ”Morals e2” 7 comments


Episode Discussion: S01E03: "Tahani Al-Jamil" 61 comments
The Good Rewatch: S1E3 Tahani Al-Jamil 5 comments


Episode Discussion: S01E04 "Jason Mendoza" 63 comments
The Good Rewatch: S1E4 Jason Mendoza 4 comments


Episode Discussion: S01E05 "Category 55 Emergency Doomsday Crisis" 90 comments
The Good Rewatch: S1E5 Category 55 Emergency Doomsday Crisis 7 comments
(media) As I was rewatching The Good Place (Season 1, Episode 5) my boyfriend noticed someone handing Darcy Carden (Janet) a stack of papers during the scene. Watch the lower left hand corner! 9 comments


Episode Discussion: S01E06 "What We Owe to Each Other" 61 comments
The Good Rewatch: S1E6 What We Owe To Each Other 3 comments


Episode Discussion: S01E07 "The Eternal Week" 155 comments
The Good Rewatch: S1E7 The Eternal Shriek 3 comments


Episode discussion Season 1 Episode 8: Most Improved Player 167 comments
The Good Rewatch: S1E8 Most Improved Player 5 comments


Episode discussion Season 1 Episode 9: ...Someone Like Me as a Member 184 comments
The Good Rewatch: S1E9 Someone Like Me As A Member 2 comments
[Discussion] Anyone else think EP09 was kinda boring? 1 comments
Trying to give Brooklyn 99 a chance because I saw that Schur was co creator. I'm up to episode 9 in season 1. I'm really trying but Samberg is just a little to over the top for me. I thought I'd enjoy it bc I love The Good Place. Will keep trying though. 20 comments


Episode Discussion Season 1 Episode 10: Chidi's Choice 163 comments
The Good Rewatch: S1E10 Chidi’s Choice 1 comments
NO SPOILERS - Okay so E10 or E11 for today? 15 comments


Episode Discussion: S01E11 "What's My Motivation" 127 comments
S1E11 Spoilers/Discussion. S2 Spoilers too. Something Janet said made me think. 5 comments
The Good Rewatch: S1E11 What’s My Motivation 4 comments


Episode Discussion: S01E12 "Mindy St. Clair" 67 comments
The Good Rewatch: S1E12 Mindy St. Claire 6 comments
(media) Easter Egg hidden in Season 1. (Ep 12) - the back of the magazine is the same otter that was in the Welcome to the Good Place video 70 comments


Episode Discussion: S01 E13 "Michael's Gambit" 619 comments
The Good Rewatch: S1E13 Michael’s Gambit 3 comments


On episode 45 of the good place podcast at 29:50 marc asks about a line that comes from magic mike and someone tells him to watch the film and he just innocently says “no I don’t” 2 comments


SPOILER discussion after ep 403 Jason 3 comments


Episode Discussion S02 E01: "Everything Is Great!" 684 comments
The Good Rewatch: S2E1 & S2E2 Everything Is Great! 9 comments
I noticed something in season 2 ep 1 *warning possible spoiler!* 4 comments
(media) THE GOOD PLACE Season 2 Episode 1 Photos Everything Is Great! 7 comments


Episode Discussion S02 E02: "Dance Dance Resolution" 837 comments
S2E02 this is my favorite episode and why. What's yours and why? 157 comments


Episode Discussion S02 E03: "Team Cockroach" 604 comments
The Good Rewatch: S2E3 Dance Dance Resolution 9 comments


Episode Discussion S02 E04: "Existential Crisis" 557 comments
The Good Rewatch: S2E4 Team Cockroach 2 comments


Episode Discussion S02 E05: "The Trolley Problem" 611 comments
The Good Rewatch: S2E5 Existential Crisis 3 comments
(media) While they're playing out the Trolley Problem (S02:E05) they zoom by a theater showing "Strangers Under a Train" and "Bend It Like Bentham." Jeremy Bentham is considered to be the father of modern utilitarianism, the philosophy Chidi had just been discussing. 33 comments


The Good Rewatch: S2E6 The Trolley Problem 6 comments
Episode Discussion S02 E06 "Janet and Michael" 518 comments


Episode Discussion S02 E07: "Derek" 458 comments
The Good Rewatch: S2E7 Janet and Michael 1 comments


Episode Discussion S02 E08: "Leap to Faith" 512 comments
The Good Rewatch: S2E8 Derek 1 comments


Episode Discussion S02 E09: "Rhonda, Diana, Jake, and Trent" 877 comments
The scene with the study group dancing in S2E9 is one of the most heartwarming things I’ve seen on television 2 comments
S02E09 “Best Self” is the best episode of The Good Place so far 49 comments
The Good Rewatch: S2E9 Leap To Faith 1 comments
Episode Discussion S02 E09 664 comments


The Good Rewatch: S2E10 Best Self 1 comments


Episode Discussion S02 E11: "The Burrito" 951 comments
The Good Rewatch: S2E11 Rhonda, Diana, Jake, and Trent 1 comments
Judge tests, how to fix it (2x11) 28 comments


Episode Discussion S02 E12: "Somewhere Else" 1248 comments
The Good Rewatch: S2E12 The Burrito 1 comments
(media) The Good Place Season 2 Episode 12 Somewhere Else Sneak Peek [lQ] 24 comments
(media) The Good Place, Season 2, Episode 12 : Somewhere Else 5 comments


Episode Discussion S02 E13: "Somewhere Else" - *Season Finale* 130 comments
The Good Rewatch: S2E13 Somewhere Else 7 comments


Episode Discussion S03 E01-02: "Everything Is Bonzer!" 2071 comments


Episode Discussion S03 E03 "The Brainy Bunch" 1330 comments


Episode Discussion S03 E04 "The Snowplow" 1030 comments
The Good Place Season 3 Episode 4 6 comments


Episode Discussion S03 E05 "Jeremy Bearimy" 1399 comments


Episode Discussion S03 E06 "The Ballad of Donkey Doug" 1093 comments


Episode Discussion S03 E07 "A Fractured Inheritance" 897 comments
(S3E7 Spoilers) Anyone else a little upset with how they seemed to portray ... 11 comments


Episode Discussion S03 E08 "The Worst Possible Use of Free Will" 978 comments


Episode Discussion S03 E09 "Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By" 1570 comments
S3E9 " The Book of Dougs" Discussion Thread 28 comments


S3E10 Janet(s): Episode Discussion 1758 comments
S3E10 Detail from the most recent episode that I haven't seen discussed yet 21 comments
(media) S3E10 - "How The Good Place Made Its Very Special Janet Episode" (And there's a HUGE hint about the point system from Mike Schur) 11 comments
S3E10 We need to address this. Not being able to swear in the Good Place. For me, last episode is a massive headache. Read on. 7 comments


S3E11 The Book Of Dougs: Episode Discussion 1707 comments
S3E11 Book of Dads theory 6 comments


S3E12 Chidi Sees The Time-Knife: Episode Discussion 1502 comments
[S3E12] The Good Place: The Podcast Chapter 38 Discussion 2 comments
S3E12 Chidi sees the time-knife... what is the time knife? 16 comments


S3E13 Pandemonium: Episode Discussion 2550 comments
S3E13 Is “hill of beans” a Good Place reference I’m forgetting? 4 comments
(media) The latest episode of The Good Place podcast covering [S3E13] with Mike Schur and Ted Danson 6 comments


There’s a major plothole that i just noticed now in season 3. If the good place hasn’t gotten residents in over 300 years, but Mindy St Claire got her own “medium place” in the 1980’s-1990’s that means Mindy St Claire is technically better than everyone whos died in those 300 years. 12 comments


I've browsed and browsed.... Does anybody know which platform is streaming The Good Place S4 E1-8. I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I'm not having much luck finding the answer to this question. Side question: Why are streaming platforms only offering the later half of season 4? 9 comments
S4E1 Discussion 32 comments
(S04E01) Crazy theory about the Bad Place's real plan 15 comments
S4E1 A Girl From Arizona (Part One) 1329 comments


Good Place Theory (S4E2) 11 comments
S4E2 A Girl From Arizona (Part Two) 1065 comments


[SPOILERS] S4E3 Discussion 40 comments
S4E3 Discussion 2 comments
S4E3 Chillaxing 1182 comments


S4E4 Tinker, Tailor, Demon, Spy 1866 comments


S4E5 Employee Of The Bearimy 1371 comments


S4 E6 & E7 Discussion about an inconsistency 0 comments
Season 4 Episode 6 Theory (Spoilers) 33 comments
S4E6 A Chip Driver Mystery 1599 comments
(media) The Good Place, season 4 episode 6. This entire scene is a great parody on a man writing a woman! 0 comments


thoughts on "No Exit" and "Help is Other People"? (Season 4, Episode 7) 3 comments
S4E7 Help is Other People 1803 comments


S4E8 The Funeral To End All Funerals 2162 comments


S4E9 The Answer 2034 comments
Easter Egg hunt: All the answers in S4E9 The Answer 21 comments
A reminder for the community regarding S4E9 22 comments


Theory for the ending (MAJOR SPOILERS UP TO 4x10) 18 comments
S4E10 You’ve Changed, Man 1366 comments


End of season 4 prediction - spoilers - s4e11 5 comments
The latest podcast (S4E11) spoiler/discussion wanted 15 comments
Ending Theory Based on S4E11 / Sisyphus / Boredom 39 comments
S4E11 Mondays, Am I Right? 1297 comments


S4E12 Patty 2439 comments
FINALE SPOILER - Podcast S4 ep 12 discussion 4 comments
Bernard Williams (philosopher) & The Good Place [Spoilers for S4EP12] 0 comments
(media) Noticed during my second time watching the show that the office where Michael signs the contract in The Good Place in S4E12 is the same exact office in S1E9 where Eleanor quits her job in a flashback. 16 comments


S4E13, Buddhism and Tahani 10 comments
S4E13 Whenever You’re Ready 6055 comments


(media) I was watching this scene from Season 5 Episode 8 of Parks and Recreation and I was getting HUGE The Good Place vibes. Maybe this scene was inspiration for that part of “The Good Place”? 23 comments