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A boy who is half human and half deer survives in a post-apocalyptic world with other hybrids.

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Sweet Tooth [Episode Discussion] - S01E01 - Out of the Deep Woods 186 comments


Sweet Tooth [Episode Discussion] - S01E02 - Sorry About All the Dead People 152 comments


Sweet Tooth [Episode Discussion] - S01E03 - Weird Deer Shit 128 comments
(media) Enjoying Sweet Tooth. Just finished Episode 3. So here is a fan art of Gus. I didn't know there was a comics. Gonna read the comics after watching the show. 8 comments


Sweet Tooth [Episode Discussion] - S01E04 - Special Sauce 191 comments
I hope they show flashbacks or come back and visit later to explain how the animal army has access to their power/technology?? [s1 ep 4 spoilers] 13 comments


Sweet Tooth [Episode Discussion] - S01E05 - What's in the Freezer? 100 comments


Sweet Tooth [Episode Discussion] - S01E06 - Stranger Danger on a Train 97 comments


Sweet Tooth [Episode Discussion] - S01E07 - When Pubba Met Birdie 63 comments


Sweet Tooth [Episode Discussion] - S01E08 - Big Man 455 comments


(media) Down And Nerdy Podcast: Ep 370 - Sweet Tooth: Christian Convery & Nonso Anozie Interview 0 comments