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The Roy family is known for controlling the biggest media and entertainment company in the world. However, their world changes when their father steps down from the company.

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Succession - 01x01 "Celebration" - Episode Discussion 159 comments
Relationships between S1E1 and S2E9? Greg or Tom targeted for fallboy long ago? Also whats Marcia been up to? 0 comments
People have been calling Succession 'boring' since S1E1 27 comments


Succession - 1x02 "Shit Show at the Fuck Factory" - Episode Discussion 140 comments


The Lifeboats discussion in Season 1/Episode 3 3 comments
In 1.03 "Lifeboats," When Shiv visits Logan... 8 comments
Succession - 1x03 "Lifeboats" 158 comments


Succession - 1x04 "Sad Sack Wasp Trap" - Episode Discussion 133 comments


Succession - 1x05 "I Went to Market" - Episode Discussion 275 comments
My thoughts on the show as of season 1 episode 5. And questions about Logan. 10 comments
I just started this show, on ep 5 I think, and I am going to start a drinking game for every time someone doesn’t get what they want in a conversation and says “we’ll discuss” or “we’ll revisit” or “we’ll restructure.” 10 comments
Interesting Fact About Adrian Brody’s Appearance in Ep 5 19 comments
Unanswered Questions in Episode 5 5 comments


Succession - 1x06 "Which Side Are You On?" - Episode Discussion 397 comments
Ewan and Board Meeting in Episode 6 4 comments
Succession S1E6 quotes 2 comments


Succession - 1x07 "Austerlitz" - Episode Discussion 485 comments


Succession - 1x08 "Prague" - Episode Discussion 565 comments
Beginning of Episode 8 - Logan telling Tom "I'll Remember" 31 comments


Succession - 1x09 "Pre-Nuptial" - Episode Discussion 782 comments


Succession - 1x10 "Nobody Is Ever Missing" - Episode Discussion 1299 comments
Detail I completely missed despite rewatching the show several times: S1E10 15 comments


Succession - 2x01 "The Summer Palace" - Episode Discussion 725 comments


Succession - 2x02 "Vaulter" - Episode Discussion 1241 comments
S2EP2: Vaulter 8 comments


Succession - 2x03 "Hunting" - Episode Discussion 1240 comments
One year ago today we got “Hunting”, season 2 episode 3, and with it Boar on the Floor 3 comments


Succession 2x04 "Safe Room" - Episode Discussion 1241 comments
(media) Ending of 2x04 13 comments
Shiv & Kendall in S2/Ep 5 - drawing on Ep 4 22 comments


Succession 2x05 "Tern Haven" - Episode Discussion 2188 comments
(media) Vanity Fair podcast discussing season 2 episode 5 with an interview with J. Smith-Cameron (Gerry) where she talks about Gerry and Roman 3 comments


Succession 2x06 "Argestes" - Post-Episode Discussion 1352 comments
Succession 2x06 "Argestes" - Live Episode Discussion 537 comments


Succession 2x07 "Return" - Post-Episode Discussion 1240 comments
Succession 2x07 "Return" - Live Episode Discussion 429 comments


Succession 2x08 "Dundee" - Post-Episode Discussion 1549 comments
Succession 2x08 "Dundee" - Live Episode Discussion 680 comments
S2/Ep 8 "Dundee" - Jennifer's age? 6 comments


Succession 2x09 "DC" - Post-Episode Discussion 1375 comments
Succession 2x09 "DC" - Live Episode Discussion 549 comments
Gil / Shiv question (S2E9 spoilers) 14 comments


Succession 2x10 "This Is Not for Tears" - Post-Episode Discussion 2860 comments
Succession 2x10 "This Is Not for Tears" - Live Episode Discussion 854 comments
S2/Ep 10 - How much of Logan not wanting Naomi on the boat was motivated by 9 comments


Succession - 3x01 "Secession" Prepremiere Discussion Thread 313 comments
Succession - 3x01 "Secession" - Post-Episode Discussion 3462 comments
Succession - 3x01 "Secession" - Discussion Thread 1096 comments
Anyone here rewatching 3x01? I can't wait for the next episode. 2 comments


Succession - 3x02 "Mass in Time of War" - Post-Episode Discussion 2990 comments
Succession - 3x02 "Mass in Time of War" - Episode Discussion 1051 comments
Probably been discussed before but anyone else notice how Ken literally turns into Logan at the end of S03E02? 19 comments


Succession - 3x03 "The Disruption" - Post-Episode Discussion 4017 comments
Succession - 3x03 "The Disruption" - Episode Discussion 1137 comments
3.3 Theory 20 comments


Succession - 3x04 "Lion in the Meadow" - Post-Episode Discussion 3554 comments
Succession - 3x04 "Lion in the Meadow" - Episode Discussion 1297 comments


Succession - 3x05 "Retired Janitors of Idaho" - Post-Episode Discussion 3677 comments
Succession - 3x05 "Retired Janitors of Idaho" - Episode Discussion 1763 comments


Succession - 3x06 "Whatever It Takes" - Post-Episode Discussion 4545 comments
Succession - 3x06 "What It Takes" - Episode Discussion 1728 comments
A political analysis of the S3E6 “nomination”. 25 comments


Succession - 3x07 "Too Much Birthday" - Post-Episode Discussion 5722 comments
Succession - 3x07 "Too Much Birthday" - Episode Discussion 2002 comments
Mirroring in s3e7 6 comments
3.7 Spoilers: I don’t think it can be understated 50 comments


Succession - 3x08 "Chiantishire" - Post-Episode Discussion 6108 comments
Succession - 3x08 "Chiantishire" - Episode Discussion 2600 comments
[SPOILERS S03E08] I feel the significance of the last scene is not being appreciated. 59 comments


S03E09 Promo Scene - Roman or Greg? 10 comments


(media) Fisher Stevens (Hugo) discusses Succession and season 3's filming and progress. Jump to the 12th minute. 15 comments