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In a small town where everyone knows everyone, a peculiar incident starts a chain of events that leads to the disappearance of a child, which begins to tear at the fabric of an otherwise peaceful community. Dark government agencies and seemingly malevolent supernatural forces converge on the town, while a few of the locals begin to understand that there's more going on than meets the eye.

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Episode Discussion - S01E01 - The Vanishing Will Beyers 553 comments
Stranger Things first time viewer reactions: Episode 1- The Vanishing of Will Byers 42 comments
Will Byers Locks in Episode 1 season 1 4 comments
A theory about episode 1 3 comments
[Spoilers] Was Will targeted in S1, E1? I think so. Here's why: 10 comments


Episode Discussion - S01E02 - The Weirdo on Maple Street 543 comments


Episode Discussion - S01E03 - Holly, Jolly 652 comments


Episode Discussion - S01E04 - The Body 759 comments


Episode Discussion - S01E05 - The Flea and the Acrobat 784 comments
[Spoilers] A detail everyone missed from s01e05: Hopper is... 8 comments
Weird light flickering/artifacting while watching Stranger things (and only Stranger Things) - is this intentional? (no spoilers past S1E5 please) 3 comments


Episode Discussion - S01E06 - The Monster 633 comments


Episode Discussion - S01E07 - The Bathtub 535 comments
Don't tell other people who are new to the show to simply skip over episode 7 because it's considered to be everyone's least favourite episode 78 comments
Spoilers Episode 7 [Kali and the Outcasts are going to be important and I think the writers told us how](/spoiler) 11 comments
[Spoilers-S1E7] Why did no one offer Eleven a change of clothes? 18 comments


Season Finale Episode Discussion - S01E08 - The Upside Down 4224 comments
[Spoilers] Has breaking the fourth wall been discussed? They surely do it in episode 8. 7 comments
**SPOILERS ** Discussion post , post episode 8: The Upside Down. 2 comments
Episode 8 Question i haven't seen addressed here... 8 comments
Is the key to the next monster in episode 8 of season one? 4 comments
Just finished Episode 8... 9 comments


Episode Discussion - S02E01 - MADMAX 2186 comments
S02E01 MADMAX | Rewatch Discussion 15 comments


Episode Discussion - S02E02 - Trick or Treat, Freak 1757 comments
S02E02 Trick or Treat, Freak | Rewatch Discussion 11 comments


Episode Discussion - S02E03 - The Pollywog 1464 comments
S02E03 The Pollywog | Rewatch Discussion 7 comments
(media) Found in S2E3 discussion thread, ya'll should be ashamed. 5 comments


Episode Discussion - S02E04 - Will the Wise 2199 comments
S02E04 Will the Wise | Rewatch Discussion 5 comments


Episode Discussion - S02E05 - Dig Dug 1641 comments
S02E05 Dig Dug | Rewatch Discussion 18 comments
Easter Egg in Season 2 Episode 5 0 comments


Episode Discussion - S02E06 - The Spy 1701 comments
S02E06 The Spy | Rewatch Discussion 10 comments


Episode Discussion - S02E07 – Chapter Seven 2486 comments
S02E07 The Lost Sister | Rewatch Discussion 21 comments
[SPOILER S02E7] How ep 7 should have played out 0 comments
Looking back at "The Lost Sister" (S2e7) 19 comments


[SPOILER] Episode 8 - something that has not been discussed and might be a clue to season 2 5 comments
Episode Discussion - S02E08 – Chapter Eight 2257 comments
S02E08 The Mind Flayer | Rewatch Discussion 12 comments
Just finished Season 2, and I was so shooked about the finale & ep08 because reasons... 7 comments


Episode Discussion - S02E09 – Chapter Nine 4784 comments
S02E09 The Gate | Rewatch Discussion 14 comments
[Spoiler] A Little Victory for Will (S2 E9) 12 comments


Episode Discussion - S03E01 - Suzie, Do You Copy? 2652 comments


Episode Discussion - S03E02 - The Mall Rats 2078 comments
I just watched Season 3 episode 2. Here's what I thought. 8 comments


Episode Discussion - S03E03 - The Case of the Missing Lifeguard 2085 comments


Episode Discussion - S03E04 - The Sauna Test 2435 comments


Episode Discussion - S03E05 - The Flayed 1741 comments


Episode Discussion - S03E06 - E Pluribus Unum 1716 comments
Steve and Robin in 3x06 had me DYING upon rewatch yesterday 18 comments


Episode Discussion - S03E07 - The Bite 2342 comments
I just watched S3E7 and got really angry 13 comments


Episode Discussion - S03E08 - The Battle of Starcourt 5686 comments
(S3E8 Spoilers/Theories/Speculation/Discussion) Why didn't Steve mention 1 comments
S3E8 Post Credits Scene 4 comments
Theories about the final scene (Spoilers for S3 E8) 4 comments


So I wrote all of Season 3. Here is a summary of Episode 301 "Slow Times at Hawkins High" 42 comments


My version of STRANGER THINGS SEASON 4 EPISODE 1, "The Hellfire Club" Script. Potential Spoilers. Enjoy! 14 comments


Sadie Sink/Ep 7 Hate 38 comments