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(media) New podcast “Dickin’ With Doug” is now available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify! In episode 1, I discuss the 20th anniversary of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, and even get a comment in from this subreddit at the end! 0 comments
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(media) This image was a running gag in the Ultimate Spiderman tv series in episode 9. Some of the audience members probably didn't know what he was holding. 14 comments


(media) Rewatching the 1995 spiderman from when it was on fox kids man does this bring back memories I'm on episode 12 hobgoblin part 2 7 comments


(media) Fun Analysis and Discussion of Superior Spider-Man - including a kid's perspective [Echo Rift Podcast Episode 100] {x-post from /r/Marvel} 0 comments


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(media) The Debate Of THe Century: Majin Capsule Episode 4.5 (Spiderman No Way Home Edition) 0 comments