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Set seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland, Snowpiercer centers on the remnants of humanity, who inhabit a gigantic, perpetually-moving train that circles the globe. Class warfare, social injustice and the politics of survival are questioned in this riveting television adaptation.

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We are past the half line, and tensions run high. Will Snowpiercer deliver on the hat related promises made on episode 1? 13 comments
Snowpiercer - 1x01 "First, the Weather Changed" - Episode Discussion 307 comments
[Season 1 Spoilers] Episode Discussion - 1.1 "First, the Weather Changed" 51 comments
(media) I was watching the opening to episode 1, and I noticed a GE Locomotive frozen to the side. I cannot believe how Snowpiercer DWARFS the 15ft tall locomotive! 9 comments
(media) (Spoilers)TNT's Snowpiercer Episode 1-First, The Weather Changed-Review And Recap-Killers, Fertility, And Daveed Diggs - Signal Horizon Magazine 15 comments
(media) IS IT A GOOD ADAPTATION?! | Movie Differences Snowpiercer TV Series Episode 1 Review 0 comments


[Season 1 Spoilers] Episode Discussion - 1.2 "Prepare to Brace" 130 comments
(media) Snowpiercer Episode 2 Prepare To Brace- Cow Uses, Avalanches, And Amputations - Signal Horizon Magazine 1 comments


[Season 1 Spoilers] Episode Discussion - 1.3 "Access is Power" 101 comments
(media) Snowpiercer Episode 3 Access Is Power Review And Recap- Kronole, Churchhill, And Violence - Signal Horizon Magazine 3 comments


[Season 1 Spoilers] Episode Discussion - 1.4 “Without Their Maker” 360 comments


[Season 1 Spoilers] Episode Discussion 1.5 “Justice Never Boarded” 433 comments
(media) 1.5:1 scale Snowpiercer project I am working on. It’s about 17 cars long, and the engine is all that is 100% completed. I MAY make it 994 cars long. 4 comments
(media) Is Snowpiercer A Sequel To Willy Wonka? New Evidence on TNT [Spoilers Through Ep 5] 5 comments


[Season 1 Spoilers] Episode Discussion 1.6 “Trouble Comes Sideways” 535 comments
The Engine Eternal! (Marked spoiler for reference to Episode 6 of the Snowpiercer tv series) 20 comments
SPOILER EPISODE 6: Anyone notice that Melanie didn't get directly praised for saving Snowpiercer? 13 comments


[Season 1 Spoilers] Episode Discussion 1.7 “The Universe is Indifferent” 556 comments


[Season 1 Spoilers] Episode Discussion 1.8 “These Are His Revolutions” 1055 comments
Episode 8 discussion 2 comments
Discussion: killing doesn t help you prove your point (spoiler ep 8) 10 comments


[Spoilers] Season 1 Finale Discussion Episodes 1.9 "Old Ways, Old Wars" and 1.10 “994 cars long" 1481 comments


[Spoilers] Season 2 Premiere Episode Discussion - S02E01 "The Time of Two Engines" 1011 comments


[Spoilers] Season 2 Episode 2 Discussion Thread - "Smoulder to Life" (S02E02) 1056 comments


[Spoilers] Season 2 Episode 3 Discussion Thread - "A Great Odyssey" (S02E03) 814 comments


[Spoilers] Season 2 Episode 4 Discussion Thread - "A Single Trade" (S02E04) 1139 comments


[Spoilers] Season 2 Episode 5 Discussion Thread - "Keep Hope Alive" (S02E05) 1414 comments


[Spoilers] Season 2 Episode 6 Discussion Thread - "Many Miles from Snowpiercer" (S02E06) 1814 comments


[Spoilers] Season 2 Episode 7 Discussion Thread - "Our Answer for Everything" (S02E07) 1270 comments


[Spoilers] Season 2 Episode 8 Discussion Thread - "The Eternal Engineer" (S02E08) 2632 comments
I’m sorry but wtf happened in S2E8? How was that allowed to happen??!? 32 comments


[HUGE Spoilers] Season 2 Finale Double Episode - Pre-Episode Speculation Thread - "The Show Must Go On" (S02E09) & "Into The White" (S02E10) 584 comments
[Spoilers] Season 2 Finale Double Episode - Discussion Thread - "The Show Must Go On" (S02E09) & "Into The White" (S02E10) 4732 comments


[Spoilers] Season 3 Episode 1 - "The Tortoise and the Hare" (S03E01) - Episode Discussion Thread 1099 comments
3x01-3x03 Layton's pirate Snowpiercer Layout 36 comments


[Spoilers] Season 3 Episode 2 - "The Last to Go" (S03E02) - Episode Discussion Thread 1093 comments


[Spoilers] Season 3 Episode 3 - "The First Blow" (S03E03) - Episode Discussion Thread 1511 comments


[Spoilers] Season 3 Episode 4 - "Bound by One Track" (S03E04) - Episode Discussion Thread 718 comments


[Spoilers] Season 3 Episode 5 - "A New Life" (S03E05) - Episode Discussion Thread 18 comments


[Spoilers] Season 3 Episode 6 - "Born to Bleed" (S03E06) - Episode Discussion Thread 921 comments


[Spoilers] Season 3 Episode 7 - "Ouroboros" (S03E07) - Episode Discussion Thread 1081 comments


[Spoilers] Season 3 Episode 8 - "Setting Itself Right" (S03E08) - Episode Discussion Thread 1073 comments


[Spoilers] Season 3 Episode 9 - "A Beacon for Us All" (S03E09) - Episode Discussion Thread 1750 comments
(media) [Spoilers 3.09][TV Insider Interview] Snowpiercer: Jennifer Connelly on Melanie’s Fate & Why Wilford Is a Liability 27 comments


[Spoilers] Season 3 Finale Episode Discussion Thread - "The Original Sinners" (S03E10) 1523 comments