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In this modernized version of the Conan Doyle characters, using his detective plots, Sherlock Holmes lives in early 21st century London and acts more cocky towards Scotland Yard's detective inspector Lestrade because he's actually less confident. Doctor Watson is now a fairly young veteran of the Afghan war, less adoring and more active.

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I have an idea about how 1.1 A Study in Pink worked (like how the whole pill situation always worked). If you want to discuss please join me. 17 comments
Episode 1: A Scandal in Belgravia discussion 335 comments
Season 1 Episode 1 again! 4 comments
A Study in Pink (S1E1): What is your favorite scene/moment? 55 comments
A theory about "A Study in Pink"... [possible S1E1 spoilers] 43 comments
(media) Created a flowchart of Sherlock's deduction of Watson's past during the taxi ride in Episode 1. Let me know what you think! 9 comments
does sherlock mouth "but hes dead" in regards to moriarty season 1 episode 1? 6 comments
Episode 1, Sherlock: "Don't move, don't speak, don't think! Anderson, turn the other way, your face is putting me off." Is that a real thing? 7 comments
(media) Sherlock loved himself (in front of Irene) SHIVA Episode 1 Sherlock Paro... 0 comments
If Sherlock knows every road in London (established in episode 1), why does he need to look up a street in episode 2? 11 comments
Question - Why does Sherlock entertain the cab driver in episode 1? 10 comments
(media) Did you know? In S01E01, Sherlock kissing Mrs. Hudson on the cheek wasn't scripted. Benedict Cumberbatch had known Una Stubbs since he was very young, and it was his reaction on being able to work with someone who was like a mother to him. 7 comments
Sherlock (re)Watch Party: S01E01 A Study in Pink 132 comments


Episode 2: The Hounds of Baskerville discussion 393 comments
Rewatched s01e02 The Blind Banker 7 comments
Time to China-pick S1E2 13 comments
The Blind Banker (S1E2): What is your favorite scene/moment? 12 comments
221B Podcast Episode 2! 1 comments
(media) S01E02, A scene in this episode shows John throwing a pen at Sherlock, who catches it without even looking at it. Benedict Cumberbatch caught the pen on the first take (using a mirror so he could see it coming), but the cameraman was too slow and missed it. He got it again on the third. 7 comments
(media) The dubstep Sherlock theme in episode 2 is got me hooked! New Ringtone! 10 comments
(media) The Sign of Three breaks the episode 2 curse for Sherlock with, very likely, the best episode of the show yet. 14 comments
(media) [S01EP02 - 7:40] Don't you dare blaming Sherlock. 7 comments
S1:E2 banker guy mentioned knowing Sherlock from uni. Did we ever find out what he studied and how far he went? 11 comments
Sherlock (re)Watch Party: S01E02 The Blind Banker 19 comments


The Great Game (S1E3): What is your favorite scene/moment? 15 comments
Episode 3 of the 221b Podcast is up! 4 comments
Sherlock Episode 3: The Reichenbach Fall - Finale Discussion 901 comments
[Theory] [Spoiler] Sherlock was already chasing villain before episode 3 11 comments
Anyone else think Sherlock was a bit of a dick in episode 3 opening scene? 4 comments
Sherlock (re)Watch Party: S01E03 The Great Game 29 comments


the flight of the dead in S2E1 vs. the flight the little girl/Eurus is on in S4E3 2 comments
A Scandal in Belgravia (S2E1): What is your favorite scene/moment? 18 comments
What is the inspiration of the case that Sherlock explained to Irene in Season 2 Episode 1? 5 comments
Can Irene Adler Explain Sherlock? (Spoilers Series 2 Episode 1 and 3) 6 comments
does sherlock have any nsfw episodes like season 2 episode 1? 7 comments
Sherlock (re)Watch Party: S02E01 A Scandal in Belgravia 34 comments


S2E2 had me convinced that Moriarty had a clone. 3 comments
The Hounds of Baskerville (S2E2): What is your favorite scene/moment? 15 comments
(media) Rewatching Sherlock. Saw this S2:E2 The Hounds of Baskerville. Such brilliant foreshadowing of episode 3. ❤🗡💀 17 comments
Sherlock (re)Watch Party: S02E02 The Hounds of Baskerville 27 comments


(media) Sherlock series 2 episode 3 spoilers: The Reichenbach Fall preview (VIDEO) [contains spoilers] 29 comments
Who is alive and who isn't? [s02e03 spoilers ahead] 12 comments
(SPOILERS 2X03) [Discussion] Sherlock and his Twin 11 comments
[Spoilers S2E3] "I don't have to die if I've got you" 9 comments
The Reichenbach Fall (S2E3): What is your favorite scene/moment? 21 comments
What's wrong with this picture? (and another conjecture) **spoilers s02e03** 4 comments
Reichenbach Fall theory clarifications [obvious spoilers S2E3] 11 comments
Sherlock as it relates to the Philosophy of Science. (S2E3 Spoilers inside!) 4 comments
S2 Ep3 discussion thread? 1 comments
(media) [Spoiler] In s2e3 after John goes back to see Sherlock after seeing that Miss Hutson wasn’t in danger, in the background you can see the graffiti “iou”, the taunt used by Moriarty in the episode. 7 comments
Which episode of Sherlock do you think is more far fetched - The Reichenbach Fall (S02E03) or The Lying Detective (S04E02) ? Give supporting opinions. 7 comments
There's a reference to a Ricoletti (the surname of the Abominable Bride) in Sherlock Season 2, Episode 3, the Reichenbach Fall. Do you think it means anything? 5 comments
Sherlock (re)Watch Party: S02E03 The Reichenbach Fall(!) 27 comments


[Discuss] Season 3 Episode 1 4 comments
(media) The ThreePatch Podcast react and discuss S03x01: The Empty Hearse 0 comments
(media) Sherlock: Series 3 episode 1...a realistic view. 31 comments
Comments on the Sherlock/Sherlock Holmes stories similarities (Spoilers series 3 episode 1) 5 comments
Just finished Sherlock Season 3 Episode 1 and I have a question... 14 comments
Did we every really find out how Sherlock did it? Season 3 episode 1. 6 comments
Sherlock (re)Watch Party: Many Happy Returns + S03E01 The Empthy Hearse 45 comments


(media) Martin Freeman & Amanda Abbington discuss working together - Sherlock: Series 3 Episode 2 4 comments
Anyone else a bit disappointed? Sherlock S3E2 *Spoilers* 4 comments
Sherlock - The Sign of Three (Season 3 Episode 2) 1 comments
(media) I always had my doubts when I read somewhere that Sherlock was INTP but after episode 2 of season 3, I'm just crying #INTP 6 comments
(media) Season 3 Episode 2 Sherlock's Twitching Hand Conspiracy from Tumblr - Thoughts? 28 comments
Sherlock (re)Watch Party: S03E02 The Sign of Three 31 comments


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the greatest continuity error in Sherlock history! (S3E3) 8 comments
[Season 3 Spoilers / Season 4 prediction] Something occurred to me during episode 3 and the ending confirmed it for me 20 comments
[Spoilers][Discussion] Mycroft Hates Christmas? 3x03 2 comments
(media) Given the discussion after S03E03 I feel this is relevant (not remotely Sherlock related) 0 comments
Question about Mary in 3.03 (spoilers) 5 comments
[S3E3 spoilers] Flashes Before Your Eyes 1 comments
(media) Sherlock Series 3: Episode 3 Trailer - BBC One 101 comments
Has anyone noticed that in Sherlock, when Sherlock is in the cab with Moriarty, he is shown Moriarty's fairy-tale, which depicts Sherlock as a boastful dragon slayer. In a later episode (3x3), Mycroft calls Sherlock a dragon slayer? Coincidence? 13 comments
(media) Background of Sherlock, the Magnussen episode (S3E3) 6 comments
[Spoilers s3e3] Regarding CAM, Sherlock, and a certain meeting point in the episode 7 comments
Sherlock (re)Watch Party: S03E03 His Last Vow 25 comments


John's letter to Sherlock in 4x01 5 comments
Spoilers for season 4 episode 1 and 2 Discussion and theory about the Holmes Siblings 0 comments
S4E1 Yes that character really is you-know-what 8 comments
Sherlock Season 4 Episode 1 End Credits Scene (SPOILERS) 6 comments
(media) Oh no! I didn’t expect that from the Sherlock team. The Microsoft Photos interface, are you serious? It's very sad from a series that reaches excellence like Sherlock. (Season 4 Episode 1, 05:43) 36 comments


[Post Sherlock S4 E2] Discussion on Moriarty. 0 comments
Plot hole or [spoiler] from s04e02 I don't see being discussed regarding Faith's note 3 comments
[Spoilers 4x02] The Ultimate Cross-Season Links - Who is Eurus? 17 comments
[SPOILERS 4x02] How did Sherlock get the case of "The lying detective"? 14 comments
Sherlock Season 4 Episode 2 Question 4 comments
(media) I think Sherlock s4 e2 “The Lying Detective” just confirmed he was/is suicidal. I don’t know if this was picked up on yet or not. But if it was, credit goes to the person who had seen it first. 3 comments


[Spoiler] [Discussion] S4E3 Questions + Interpretations 2 comments
[PURE SPECULATION] Sherlock is going to die in Series 4 Episode 3, and here's why... 12 comments
[Discussion] Check out IMDb's page for S4E3. Has everything been set up for a final showdown? 7 comments
Can we discuss John? S4E3 6 comments
(media) [EPISODE 4x03] This is probably the same person 6 comments
Did anyone watch through the "how-it's made" segment at the end? [SPOILERS S4E3] 8 comments
[Spoiler] S04E03 Query / theory about Sherlock's imagination at times of stress, and the window scene 3 comments
[S4E3 Spoilers] Suspension of Disbelief 1 comments
I’m about to see the last episode of Sherlock (S4E3) for the first time and I’m generally empty and sad. 8 comments
Is Sherlock actually Hitler? *spoiler* Episode 4.3 2 comments
This guy hinted about season 4 finale 3 years ago 4 comments


(media) Korean Broadcasting Schedule has New Episode of Sherlock S4 Listed for the 23rd Korean Time 2 comments