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Mark leads a team of office workers whose memories have been surgically divided between their work and personal lives. When a mysterious colleague appears outside of work, it begins a journey to discover the truth about their jobs.

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Episode 1: Is there anyone else seeing this with Hellie a few minutes into the show? If so, what do you make of it? 14 comments
(media) In episode 1, Danise acts like "staggered exits" are as horrible as something like the tip-baiting that Instacart customers are doing. Love the inflection on "you" as "yoo uu". Severance TV Show Season 1, Episode 1 ~42:40 mark 5 comments


Severance - 1x02 "Half Loop" - Episode Discussion 378 comments
EPISODE 2 - HALF LOOP 24 comments
Severance podcast Illumination Above All talks 1x02 ‘Half-Loop’ 1 comments
(media) ‘Severance robs the worker of moral self-governance. One may spend one’s day hacking children to bits and go home to one’s own none the wiser.’ - The Whole Mind Collective literature, episode 2 0 comments


Severance - 1x03 "In Perpetuity" - Episode Discussion 1169 comments
Theory About Numbers and Tempers - Episode 3 Spoilers 49 comments
(media) Rewatching and realized that Natalie the board liaison was on tv advocating for severance in episode 3, when a severed employee came home pregnant 59 comments
Was the Vostok watch removed from Severance episode 3 because of the Russian invasion? 8 comments
(media) Severance Episode 3 Review "In Perpetuity" 2 comments


Severance - 1x04 "The You You Are" - Episode Discussion 1617 comments
June and Mark's interaction in E4 11 comments
1072 & 5 Full Days - Episode 4 & 5 Spoilers 6 comments
(media) Severance Episode 4 Review "The You You Are" 0 comments
(media) Severance Episode 4 The You You Are Recap And Review- O and D, Helly And So Many Theories And Details 0 comments


Severance - 1x05 "The Grim Barbarity Of Optics and Design" - Episode Discussion 1912 comments
Episode 5 discussion- SPOILERS! 61 comments
Finale Speculation discussion (Spoilers up to Episode 5) 10 comments
(media) Severance Episode 5 Review "The Grim Barbarity Of Optics and Design" 0 comments
(media) Severance Episode 5 The Barbarity Of Optics and Design Review- The Horror Of The Goats 1 comments


Severance - 1x06 "Hide and Seek" - Episode Discussion 2605 comments
Podcast interview with Amanda Overton, writer of Severance S1E06: "Hide and Seek" 11 comments
Ho, anyone know the soundtrack we hear at the start of episode 6? 3 comments
(media) Severance Episode 6 Review "Hide and Seek" 4 comments
(media) Severance Episode 6 Breakdown | Recap & Theories + New Information 2 comments


Severance - 1x07 "Defiant Jazz" - Episode Discussion 4409 comments
Episode 7 Defiant Jazz: Deep Dive (episode 7 spoilers ahead!) 67 comments
Episode 7 rewatch question 13 comments
Freud & Severance: Id is to Innie as Ego is to Outtie as Super Ego is to ___? (Spoilers up to Episode 7) 7 comments
(media) Severance Episode 7 Breakdown | Recap & Theories 2 comments
(media) Severance Episode 7 Review "Defiant Jazz" 0 comments


Severance - 1x08 "What's for Dinner?" - Episode Discussion 5191 comments
Mark and Helly in episode 8 - big spoiler 33 comments
(media) Severance Season 1 Episode 8: "What's For Dinner?" Photos - TV Fanatic 23 comments
(media) Severance Episode 8 Review "What's for Dinner?" 5 comments
(media) Severance Episode 8 Breakdown | Recap & Review 0 comments
(media) Severance Episode 8 Breakdown | Recap & Theories 0 comments
(media) Nice foreshadowing in the show severance 1x08 13 comments


Severance - 1x09 "The We We Are" - Post-Episode Discussion 8742 comments
Severance - 1x09 "The We We Are" - Episode Discussion 2338 comments
Severance - 1x09 "The We We Are" - Pre-Episode Discussion 360 comments
Did Ep 9 drive anyone else crazy? 33 comments
(media) Burning question. What is the name of the green car that Irving (John Turturro) is driving closer to the end of the 1 Season, Episode 9 of the Severance? In advance, thank you very much! 1 comments
(media) Severance Episode 9 Breakdown | Recap & Review + Ending Explained 0 comments
(media) Severance Episode 9 Finale Predictions + Theories 1 comments
(media) Severance Episode 9 Breakdown | Recap & Theories 0 comments
Just dumping here all the notes I have made on two Severance rewatches in case it helps anyone else/someone wants to correct me on something. Feel free to add more revelations! So ready for E9! 10 comments


(media) You Can Blame Ben Stiller For That 'Severance' Cliffhanger (Erickson had an episode 10 in mind!) 12 comments


Patricia Arquette answers 9 questions about Severance before episode 9 3 comments