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Mark leads a team of office workers whose memories have been surgically divided between their work and personal lives. When a mysterious colleague appears outside of work, it begins a journey to discover the truth about their jobs.

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Episode 1: Is there anyone else seeing this with Hellie a few minutes into the show? If so, what do you make of it? 9 comments
(media) In episode 1, Danise acts like "staggered exits" are as horrible as something like the tip-baiting that Instacart customers are doing. Love the inflection on "you" as "yoo uu". Severance TV Show Season 1, Episode 1 ~42:40 mark 5 comments
I got high and watched RICKEN’s scenes (episode 1-3). Here’s what I noticed, let me know if I missed anything! 45 comments
Episode 1 Rewatch: Some Observations 70 comments
I got high and watched MILCHIK’s scenes (episode 1-3). Here is what I noticed let me know if I missed anything! 11 comments
Missed opportunity breadcrumb in Episode 1 27 comments
From ep1 - Has Mark sent a request to quit? 16 comments
Mark's stopped wristwatch in Episode 1 10 comments
Episode 1 rewatch and thoughts/observations. ***Spoiler*** 9 comments


Severance - 1x02 "Half Loop" - Episode Discussion 378 comments
EPISODE 2 - HALF LOOP 24 comments
Severance podcast Illumination Above All talks 1x02 ‘Half-Loop’ 1 comments
(media) ‘Severance robs the worker of moral self-governance. One may spend one’s day hacking children to bits and go home to one’s own none the wiser.’ - The Whole Mind Collective literature, episode 2 0 comments
I can't find any info on who plays Dr in Half Loop Severance: Episode 2? any ideas? 4 comments
Episode 2: Meeting Between Mark and Petey 4 comments


(media) Rewatching and realized that Natalie the board liaison was on tv advocating for severance in episode 3, when a severed employee came home pregnant 59 comments
Severance - 1x03 "In Perpetuity" - Episode Discussion 1169 comments
Theory About Numbers and Tempers - Episode 3 Spoilers 58 comments
Was the Vostok watch removed from Severance episode 3 because of the Russian invasion? 8 comments
(media) Severance Episode 3 Review "In Perpetuity" 2 comments
Ep 3 discussion - How many departments are there? 8 comments


Thematic analysis, possible theories, and some general discussion. (EPISODE 4, X-Post from r/SeveranceTVshow) 1 comments
Severance - 1x04 "The You You Are" - Episode Discussion 1617 comments
June and Mark's interaction in E4 11 comments
1072 & 5 Full Days - Episode 4 & 5 Spoilers 6 comments
(media) Severance Episode 4 Review "The You You Are" 0 comments
(media) Severance Episode 4 The You You Are Recap And Review- O and D, Helly And So Many Theories And Details 0 comments
Burt's Map To O&D + Theories (Ep 4) 24 comments


Severance - 1x05 "The Grim Barbarity Of Optics and Design" - Episode Discussion 1912 comments
Episode 5 discussion- SPOILERS! 61 comments
Finale Speculation discussion (Spoilers up to Episode 5) 10 comments
(media) Severance Episode 5 Review "The Grim Barbarity Of Optics and Design" 0 comments
(media) Severance Episode 5 The Barbarity Of Optics and Design Review- The Horror Of The Goats 1 comments


Severance - 1x06 "Hide and Seek" - Episode Discussion 2605 comments
Podcast interview with Amanda Overton, writer of Severance S1E06: "Hide and Seek" 11 comments
Ho, anyone know the soundtrack we hear at the start of episode 6? 3 comments
(media) Severance Episode 6 Review "Hide and Seek" 4 comments
(media) Severance Episode 6 Breakdown | Recap & Theories + New Information 2 comments


Severance - 1x07 "Defiant Jazz" - Episode Discussion 4409 comments
Episode 7 Defiant Jazz: Deep Dive (episode 7 spoilers ahead!) 67 comments
Episode 7 rewatch question 13 comments
Freud & Severance: Id is to Innie as Ego is to Outtie as Super Ego is to ___? (Spoilers up to Episode 7) 7 comments
(media) Severance Episode 7 Breakdown | Recap & Theories 2 comments
(media) Severance Episode 7 Review "Defiant Jazz" 0 comments
(media) Severance 1x07 - The Music Dance Experience 52 comments


Severance - 1x08 "What's for Dinner?" - Episode Discussion 5191 comments
Mark and Helly in episode 8 - big spoiler 33 comments
(media) Severance Season 1 Episode 8: "What's For Dinner?" Photos - TV Fanatic 23 comments
(media) Severance Episode 8 Review "What's for Dinner?" 5 comments
(media) Severance Episode 8 Breakdown | Recap & Review 0 comments
(media) Severance Episode 8 Breakdown | Recap & Theories 0 comments
(media) Nice foreshadowing in the show severance 1x08 13 comments
Episode 8 - What’s for dinner 3 comments


Severance - 1x09 "The We We Are" - Pre-Episode Discussion 357 comments
(media) Severance Episode 9 Finale Predictions + Theories 1 comments
Severance - 1x09 "The We We Are" - Post-Episode Discussion 9153 comments
Severance - 1x09 "The We We Are" - Episode Discussion 2338 comments
Did Ep 9 drive anyone else crazy? 32 comments
(media) Burning question. What is the name of the green car that Irving (John Turturro) is driving closer to the end of the 1 Season, Episode 9 of the Severance? In advance, thank you very much! 1 comments
(media) Severance Episode 9 Breakdown | Recap & Review + Ending Explained 0 comments
(media) Severance Episode 9 Breakdown | Recap & Theories 0 comments
Just dumping here all the notes I have made on two Severance rewatches in case it helps anyone else/someone wants to correct me on something. Feel free to add more revelations! So ready for E9! 10 comments
So…didn’t know there was an Episode 9 until tonight 49 comments


(media) You Can Blame Ben Stiller For That 'Severance' Cliffhanger (Erickson had an episode 10 in mind!) 12 comments


Did anybody else notice that Severance Season 2 Episode 1 has a summary on IMDB? 16 comments


Severance and Black Mirror's S3E5 'Men Under Fire' - a discussion 9 comments


Patricia Arquette answers 9 questions about Severance before episode 9 3 comments