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The surreal life of Salad Fingers, an unknown creature living in an apocalyptic wasteland.

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Where did Salad Fingers get the human skin to "grow" Hubert Cumberdale in episode 11? 22 comments
(media) Salad Fingers episode 11 will be available on January 30th! 6 comments
(media) I made a Salad Fingers animation in anticipation for the newest episode 11 coming out soon!!!! Please watch if you're a fan and share it around!!!!!!! 0 comments


(media) Does this weird human-face Hubert Cumberdale mean anything. In fact! Give me all your theory’s for Salad Fingers episode 12: Postman so all of us can read them 17 comments


(media) David Firth Salad Fingers Interview on Dystopia Ep 84 0 comments