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The daily surreal adventures of a blue jay and raccoon duo that attempt to deal with their mundane jobs as groundskeepers at the local park.

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(media) every regular show episode 4 minutes into the show 30 comments


"Bad Kiss" discussion (new episode 9/3/2012) 45 comments


Just noticed the clock on the right said 4:20 in S2E2 of Regular Show. Glad to see it 4 comments


So I decided to go back and watch regular show from the beginning because it came out when I was 11 and then eventually I lost track of the show and life happens…so far I’m at season two episode 4. It I love the ending of season 2 ep 3 “appreciation day” benson is just speechless and leaves lol 0 comments


(media) is this rick astley on a regular show ep?? if anyone's going to ask its season 2 ep 26: go viral 9 comments


Every Single "Snap-Out Memory" of the Brainwashed Park Gang Members in "Exit 9B" (S4, E1-2) 1 comments


(media) Josh from close enough spotted in regular show S4 E9 9 comments


(media) Regular Show S4E11-12 "The Christmas Special": Santa Claus and their elves uses English as their language. But they write it in the style of 'Quenya' (Elvish language in The Lord of the Rings). 3 comments


(media) In S4 E35 of Regular Show Muscle Man recalls how he watched 8 season and 257 episode of a cartoon. This is only 4 less then the total amount of episodes of Regular Show. Idk what this means but it's interesting how close they are 4 comments


(media) Regular Show: Alignment Chart (5x5) 8 comments


(media) My painting of The Regular Show house 🏠😊 Acrylic on 6x6 canvas 42 comments


Episode Discussion - 1000th Chopper Flight Party (S6 E18) 91 comments


Discussion Thread for 6x23 "Men In Uniform" 35 comments


(media) Watching Regular Show fully for the first time i'm on season 7 episode 20 where the guys are watching a terrible film. Is this a reference to the terrible garbage day scene from Silent Night, Deadly Night 2? If it is, I love this show even more. 1 comments


Has anyone else noticed how weird the Earth looks in Regular Show? I took this pic from S8E1. I can kind of see South and North America but then theres that weird wiggly strip next to it. Do you think it’s just a style thing or is it purposeful? 9 comments