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An unambitious slob from Liverpool has been awakened from a high-tech stasis chamber 3 million years in the future to find he may be one of the last humans alive. Hopelessly lost in space, this crew of mostly sad-act bachelors kill time and share adventure aboard the mining ship Red Dwarf.

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Not sure if this has been posted or discussed. Holly could actually have been amazingly smart and an amazing ship computer before episode 1. 10 comments
season 1 episode 1 questions 8 comments
Newest episode of The S1E1Podcast: Red Dwarf. 6 comments


(media) Red Dwarf XII Episode 3, TimeWave, is now available on UKTV Play 33 comments
(media) the Dance through Red Dwarf - episode 3 - Down to the bone 5 comments


(media) SMEGHEADS: THE RED DWARF PODCAST // Episode 4 - 'Waiting For God' 10 comments


(media) Episode 33: Red Dwarf – Two Geeks, Two Beers Podcast 5 comments


(media) Found out today that my dad's Jaguar E-Type was driven by Lister in series 2 episode 2 of Red Dwarf. 19 comments
(media) SMEGHEADS: THE RED DWARF PODCAST // Season 2 Episode 2 "BETTER THAN LIFE" 6 comments


My favourite episode in the Red Dwarf is still Marooned (S3 E2). Votes please on the best line in the episode: 8 comments


There was a call out to red dwarf on the office in season 3 episode 12, Dwight does Rimmers salute when he resigns. I think he does this a couple times but this was very blatant 10 comments


(media) Delighted! £3.84 online, first Red Dwarf book experience. 38 comments


Red Dwarf S4 E6 "Meltdown" is censored/re-cut on Now TV. 6 comments


(media) I've been rewatching Red Dwarf. Took these screenshots from S06E05 - Rimmerworld. 8 comments


Red Dwarf makes me laugh and cry. Season 8 episode 1 rimmer made me sad 19 comments


Understanding Red Dwarf season 10 episode 1 39 comments