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After exacting revenge on those responsible for the death of his wife and children, Frank Castle uncovers a conspiracy that runs far deeper than New York's criminal underworld. Now known throughout the city as The Punisher, he must discover the truth about injustices that affect more than his family alone.

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THE PUNISHER Discussion Thread - Episode 1 796 comments


[Spoilers The Punisher 1x2 and WandaVision Episode 9] [S***post] Something I thought of when watching the series finale of WandaVision 1 comments
THE PUNISHER Discussion Thread - Episode 2 497 comments
Punisher S1 should have had this big named MCU easter egg at it's episode 2 (mild spoilers) 10 comments
Punisher's episode 2 "Two Dead Men" question. 8 comments
[NO SPOILERS] Help with song from Punisher, Episode 2? 5 comments


THE PUNISHER Discussion Thread - Episode 3 511 comments
Is Micro's safehouse really rigged? Punisher (Season 1 Episode 3 1:58) 2 comments


THE PUNISHER Discussion Thread - Episode 4 384 comments


THE PUNISHER Discussion Thread - Episode 5 419 comments


THE PUNISHER Discussion Thread - Episode 6 509 comments
[Episode 6 Spoiler] Allegedly there's a hidden Punisher logo easter egg at the end of Episode 6 5 comments
I just started watching The Punisher S01 Episode 6 5 comments


THE PUNISHER Discussion Thread - Episode 7 396 comments


THE PUNISHER Discussion Thread - Episode 8 519 comments
I’m on episode 8 of Punisher, does it get better? 20 comments


THE PUNISHER Discussion Thread - Episode 9 419 comments


THE PUNISHER Discussion Thread - Episode 10 643 comments
Punisher S1E10 5 comments
[Spoliers] for Punisher episode 10 How did... 24 comments
Punisher in Daredevil? - Episode 10, 28 mins in. 15 comments
The punisher - Sesaon 1 Episode 10 Virtue of the vicious -magic gun SPOILERS 3 comments
How did Karen shoot Lewis in punisher s1e10? 6 comments


THE PUNISHER Discussion Thread - Episode 11 326 comments
Punisher Episode 11: Commissioner's Son is Quite the Hacker? 14 comments


THE PUNISHER Discussion Thread - Episode 12 508 comments
[Punisher Episode 12 Spoilers] I just realized something at the end of this episode and holy shit 3 comments
The Punisher Episode 12 Theme Request 3 comments
Punisher Episode 12 question 2 comments


THE PUNISHER Discussion Thread - Episode 13 720 comments
[Punisher Episode 13 Spoiler] Can we talk about THAT scene...you know, at the end 36 comments


The Punisher Discussion Thread - S02E01 749 comments
[S2 E1,2,3 Spoilers] Shouldn't Daredevil be way better at hand-to-hand combat than the Punisher? 67 comments


The Punisher Discussion Thread - S02E02 376 comments


The Punisher Discussion Thread - S02E03 501 comments


The Punisher Discussion Thread - S02E04 441 comments
Punisher Season 2: Episode 4 Frustration with Medani 4 comments


The Punisher Discussion Thread - S02E05 425 comments


The Punisher Discussion Thread - S02E06 332 comments
(media) Hi! Does anyone know this song? I cant seem to find it anywhere. Thanks :) Punisher S2E6 3 comments


The Punisher Discussion Thread - S02E07 294 comments
(media) [Episode 7 Spoiler] What do you think about The Punisher season 2 villains? (Sorry for the low quality edit, I'm on the phone) 11 comments


The Punisher Discussion Thread - S02E08 289 comments


The Punisher Discussion Thread - S02E09 358 comments
(media) Daredevil Season 2 Episode 9 | The PunisherPrison Fight Scene[HD] 7 comments


The Punisher Discussion Thread - S02E10 368 comments


The Punisher Discussion Thread - S02E11 406 comments


The Punisher Discussion Thread - S02E12 451 comments
(media) I don't know if anyone else spotted this, but in Punisher Season 2 Episode 12 at around the 23:24 mark it looks like a production member didn't get out of the way! 0 comments


The Punisher Discussion Thread - S02E13 849 comments