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From the mind of Genndy Tartakovsky, the visionary creator behind the Emmy® award-winning series Samurai Jack, comes a new tale that follows a caveman at the dawn of evolution as he forms an unlikely friendship with an almost extinct dinosaur. With suspense, heartbreak, excitement, love and fear all without a single word of dialogue, the series is a painting come to life, relying solely on music and graphic imagery to tell the story of two unlikely allies as they navigate through a treacherous world. After bonding over unfortunate tragedies, they seem to become each other's only hope of survival against a common enemy.

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(media) Primal Ep 1 - "Spear and Fang" DISCUSSION THREAD 37 comments
(media) [PRIMAL S01E01] GREG AND DINOSAUR WIFE #1 0 comments
(media) Season 1 of Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal is coming to DVD and Blu-ray June 1st. Behind the scenes featurette will be included as an extra. 12 comments
Primal, 3rd Red Tyrannosaurus from EP1 Missing in Action? 2 comments


Primal Ep 2 - "River of Snakes" DISCUSSION THREAD 31 comments
(media) Checkout Ep 2 of BOG WIZARD, heavily inspired by Primal! Would love support and feedback! 0 comments
Primal Episode 2: “River of Snakes” airing Saturday, May 21st, 2022 @ 12:00 AM on Toonami! 2 comments


Primal Ep 3 - "A Cold Death" DISCUSSION THREAD 28 comments
We should watch Episode 3 of Primal as a Holiday tradition 2 comments
Primal Episode 3: “A Cold Death” airing Saturday, May 28th, 2022 @ 12:00 AM on Toonami! 3 comments


Primal Ep 4 - "Terror Under the Blood Moon" DISCUSSION THREAD 38 comments


Primal Ep 5 - "Rage of the Ape-Men" DISCUSSION THREAD 140 comments
SPOILERS!! EPISODE 5!!! What is the "The Black Goop"? 12 comments
Episode 5 Primal and the X-Files 1 comments
(media) Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal Season 1.5 Marathon on Friday, April 16th 2 comments
(media) Primal season 1.5 teaser!!!! 14 comments
(media) Primal Launch Trailer (Season 1.5 Spoilers) 0 comments


Primal Ep 6 - "Plague of Madness " DISCUSSION THREAD 125 comments
Primal Ep 6 questions, where to watch 2 comments


Has episode 7 aired? 6 comments
Primal Ep 7 - "Scent of Prey" DISCUSSION THREAD 81 comments


Primal Ep 8 - "Coven of the Damned" DISCUSSION THREAD 248 comments
(media) Primal Episode 8 Promo Clip 18 comments


Primal Ep 9 - "The Night Feeder" DISCUSSION THREAD 223 comments


Primal Ep 10 - "Slave of the Scorpion" DISCUSSION THREAD 465 comments
Primal Ep 10. "Slave of the Scorpion" Episode Synopsis 44 comments