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Welcome to my spoiler free review of Null PetaThis is a wonderful tale about two sisters and their strong bond! Null and Peta. That lost everything they have when tragedy suddenly struck and tore them apart!! The story have everything from strong love, humour, to drama. And carrying out its segments extremely well! Its heartwarming and so wholesomeThe style and animation is warm and almost a bit childish with strong colours! It may not have the biggest budget neither the best technique or fancy CGI effects!! But it doesn't need to! Its reminds me more of a home cooked meal!! Made with love and great care! It have a soul and a big heart!! Which make it so damn appealing and lovable!! Its attractive and so fabulously delicious that I just want more!!!Love the sound everything to the charming beeping noise to the opening! It doing a great job to enchant the scenes!!The sisters are very strong characters!! Null goes on with her life after the accident!! Instead of breaking down she tries to fix things!!Building a new sister with the same characterising as the old one! She is a persistent girl who don't give up easily and a ready to do anything to get her sister back. And grows in to take a bigger responsibility and try to do things she doesn't like!!Such as going to school and eat nutritious food (even if it taste bad)!! She Is very charismatic and charming! A great character well written that one feels strongly for!!Her sister the Peta bot! Can be a bit forceful! But she really cares and wants the best for her beloved little sister!! The robot are more a humorous relief segment then anything else!! Its role is important, but the big star is the younger sister Null!!I got an enormous amount of enjoyment out of this! It have everything! Great story lovely animation good sound,But mostly it have the sisters! And with such strong characters It make you feel everything!! From sadness amusement to confusion!! It have everything and more! I got really invested in this little anime that I didn't have high hopes for in the beginning! Short anime's with only five minutes of running time are often very shallow!! But this was so much more than I ever could have dreamed of!! This media gave me a strong immersive experience!! And I ending up loving ever second of it!!The only small negative aspect I can find in this phenomenal media! Would be the humour itself!! I just wish they had tone it down a tiny notch!! It's a very minuscule detail, and not going to be an obstacle for once enjoyment!! But if I have to nitpick that would be it!But in the end its one of the better if not the best short anime I have seen! It is truly the little anime that could!!And shows it's not the matter on how many minutes you have! The most important factor is how you spend the time!! And this did everything right!!I Strongly recommend this anime! It may be short but it have a big heart!!Thank you for reading!!!

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