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In this docu-reality comedy, Nathan Fielder uses his business degree and life experiences to help real small businesses turn a profit. But because of his unorthodox approach, Nathan's genuine efforts to do good often draw real people into an experience far beyond what they signed up for.

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S1E1 - Orange Juice, No Pulp - Post-Episode Discussion Thread (SPOILER WARNING) 151 comments
(media) Nathan For You, Season 1 Episode 1 Full episode (Yogurt Shop and Pizzeria) 1 comments
rewatching episode 1 of nathan for you 2 comments
Where are the discussion threads for episode 1 and 2 of The Rehearsal? 2 comments
I interviewed Tricia from The Rehearsal's episode 1 25 comments


(media) Hey everyone! I posted last week with episode 2 of my webseries inspired by nathan for you and i’m back to say EPISODE 3 is out now! If you guys want to check it out that would mean the world thanks so much πŸ’šπŸ’› 0 comments
The Rehearsal episode 2 discussion 1226 comments


[S01E03] The Rehearsal "Gold Digger" - Episode Discussion 1192 comments


How To With John Wilson Episode 4 Discussion 28 comments
[S01E04] The Rehearsal "The Fielder Method" - Episode Discussion 1442 comments


[S01E05] The Rehearsal "Apocalypto" - Episode Discussion 2135 comments
Episode 5 "Apocalypto" The Rehearsal- You haven't heard this take yet, trust me. 13 comments


[S01E06] The Rehearsal SEASON FINALE "Pretend Daddy" - Episode Discussion 2314 comments


Nathan for You - 2x01 "Mechanic; Realtor" - Episode Discussion 22 comments


Nathan for You - 2x02 Episode Discussion 20 comments
Nathan for You - 2x02 "Souvenir Shop; ELAIFF" - Episode Discussion 10 comments


Nathan for You - 2x03 "Pet Store; Maid Service" - Episode Discussion 21 comments


Nathan for You - 2x04 "Liquor Store; Exterminator; Car Wash" - Episode Discussion 14 comments


(media) Come join the "Nathan For You Businessposting" Facebook group, for great OC and discussion about the show. We just hit 2.5k members. 15 comments
Nathan for You - 2x05 "Dumb Starbucks" - Episode Discussion 44 comments
(media) Nathan For You S2E5 0 comments
(media) Nathan For You S2E5 3 comments


Nathan for You - 2x06 "Daddy's Watching; Party Planner" - Episode Discussion 77 comments
In Nathan For You s2 e6 when Nathan is explaining how he motivates himself to complete a task through fear of embarrassment, he says that the task he wants to motivate himself to complete is a screenplay he’d been working on titled Looking For Susan. 3 comments


Nathan for You - 2x07 "Taxi Service; Hot Dog Stand" - Episode Discussion 31 comments


Nathan for You - 2x08 "Toy Company; Movie Theatre" - Episode Discussion 63 comments


[Episode Discussion] S03E01 "Electronics Store" 242 comments
Soundtrack used in season 3, episode 1 of Nathan for You 2 comments
Does anyone know what happed to Alan and his date from the 'Best Buy' episode (S03E01) of Nathan for You? 4 comments


[Episode Discussion] S03E02 "Horseback Riding/Man Zone" 124 comments


[Episode Discussion] S03E03 "The Movement" 182 comments


[Episode Discussion] S03E04 - "Sporting Goods Store/Antique Shop" 249 comments


[Episode Discussion] S03E05 - "Smokers Allowed" 206 comments
Sorry if this is terribly obvious and known already but season 3 episode 5 of Nathan for You is just like The Rehearsal 1 comments


[Episode Discussion] [S03E06] - "Hotel / Travel Agent" 225 comments


[Episode Discussion] S03E07 - Nail Salon / Fun 195 comments


[Episode Discussion]S03E08 - "The Hero" 605 comments
Just saw s03e08 ("The Hero") 5 comments


Episode Discussion [S04 E01] - The Richards Tip 555 comments


Pre-Episode Discussion: [S04 E02] - Andy vs Uber 11 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: [S04 E02] - Chill Shop / Massage Parlor 93 comments


Episode Discussion [S04 E03] - Andy vs. Uber 345 comments


Pre-Episode Discussion [S04 E04] - The Anecdote 10 comments
Post-Episode Discussion [S04 E04] - The Anecdote 212 comments
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SEASON FINALE - Episode Discussion [S04 E07] - Finding Francis 2091 comments


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