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Young Merlin (Colin Morgan) is a teenager, discovering and then learning to master his magical gift. Magister Gaius (Richard Wilson), King Uther Pendragon's (Anthony Head's) learned court physician to whom he's assigned as humble page, teaches him medicine, coaches his magical self-study, and warns him of Uther's strong aversion to magic. Merlin becomes squire to the noble but imprudent crown Prince, Arthur (Bradley James), whose fate is linked with Merlin.

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The Grand Unofficial Official Rewatch ! - Series 1, Episode 1 6 comments
Merlin should have died episode 1 13 comments
I’m watching Merlin for the first time but missed episode 1... 4 comments
(media) Bradley and Colin rehearsing for episode 1 of Merlin 3 comments
(media) Merlin (e1x01): 5 comments
(media) Anyone know what bracelet Merlin is wearing here? From 1x01 The Dragon’s Call: At 2:49 minutes remaining 16 comments


Episode 4-09, what exactly did Merlin do at the end? (Spoilers!) 2 comments


I just rewatched Merlin S1 E8, Jesus I forgot how dark it was 6 comments


The Re-Watch: Series 1 Episode 13 3 comments


So I started watching Merlin [season 2, episode 4][kinda spoiler] 8 comments


Just finished Sins of the Father (S02E08) 4 comments
Season 2 Episode 8, Arthur really listens to Merlin 12 comments
Do they ever stop doing a hard reset every episode? And do they ever stop treating Merlin like shit, esp given the fact that he's Merlin? (Currently on s02e08) 11 comments


Merlin shouldn't have tripped Mordred in season 2 episode 11 9 comments


Did Morgana know that she was the cause of the sleeping draft that put everyone in Camelot to sleep? Was she working with Morgause in 2x12 or did Morgause unknowingly spell her half-sister? 9 comments
Season 2 episode 12, Merlin poisons Morgana although she didn't cast the spell. So isn't he wrong in going to poison her when she had no fault, made me sort of lose respect for him. Especially when she considered him a friend. No season 3 or further spoilers please. 24 comments


Thought, questions and discussion about s2 e13 'The Last Dragonlord' 11 comments


(media) Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Katie & Colin in this scene? (3x02) They gave us a whole conflicted conversation between Morgana & Merlin without speaking one single word. 9 comments


Some thoughts and questions from s3 e4 'Gwaine', please let me know if you have any answers or thoughts! 7 comments


Some questions about how everything ties togethrmer and about everyones motives, generally from s3 e5 'The Crystal Cave' 4 comments


S4E01 discussion thread (SPOILERS) 32 comments
(media) Recap and discussion of S4E1- There be SPOILERS ahead. 0 comments
Just rewatched 'The Darkest Hour' (S4 E1 and 2) and had some thoughts and questions I wanted to share :) 11 comments


S4E02: The Darkest Hour Pt. 2 discussion thread (SPOILERS) 24 comments


S4E03: The Wicked Day discussion thread (SPOILERS) Sorry it's late. 16 comments
Merlin 4x3 annoys me 27 comments


S4E04: Aithusa episode Discussion Thread (spoilers) 14 comments


S4 E5: "the Disir'' Dicussion thread 83 comments
S4E05: His Father's Son Discussion Thread (spoilers) 22 comments


S4 E6: A Servant of Two Masters Discussion Thread 20 comments
So wait was Merlin mocking Morgana about saying this in 4x06 "I'm quite proud of those Accomplishments? was he talking about being a servant or mocking Morgause death to Morgana's face? 26 comments
Merlin 4x06 Servant of Two Masters Review 18 comments
First time watching Merlin: Season 4 Episode 6 1 comments
Why didn't Merlin break free from his confines and escape from Morgana in 4x06? 16 comments


S4 E07: The Secret Sharer Discussion Thread 18 comments
Merlin Season 4 Episode 7 The Secret Sharer Review 18 comments


S4 E8: Lamia Discussion Thread 26 comments


S4 E9: Lancelot Du Lac Discussion Thread 28 comments


S4 E10 was great, but a lot of thinks that have annoyed me throughout this season sort of culminated in this episode! My thoughts and comments. (part 1) 4 comments
S4E10: A Herald of the New Age Discussion Thread 23 comments


S4 E11: The Hunter's Heart Discussion Thread 21 comments


S4 E12: The Sword In The Stone Part 1 Discussion Thread 39 comments
S4 E12: The Sword In The Stone Part 2 Discussion Thread 38 comments
Merlin 4x12 Belt 8 comments


Discussion of Season 4 episode 13. 9 comments


Season 5 Episode 1: Arthurs Bane Part 1 discussion 50 comments
Why is Merlin so upset in season 5 episode 1 3 comments


Season 5 Episode 2: Arthurs Bane Part 2 discussion 72 comments


S5 E3: Death Song of Uther Pendragon: Discussion Thread 61 comments


S5 E4: Another's Sorrow: Discussion Thread 52 comments


S5 E05 - The Dark Tower 76 comments
(media) In season 5 episode 5 the disir. Merlin and Arthur faced the godly Druid lady’s and saved mordred by telling Arthur that magic can never exist in Camelot. More in comments 4 comments
(media) Some photos of Merlin – Season 5 – Episode 5 – “The Disir” 0 comments


S5 E07 - A Lesson in Vengeance 94 comments


S5 E08 - The Hollow Queen 74 comments


S5 E09 - With All My Heart 59 comments


S5 E10: The Kindness of Strangers - Official Discussion Thread. 34 comments


Season 5 Episode 11, discussing Mordred 24 comments


Do you think Merlin ever went to the crystal cave to try and see Arthur’s ghost the way he did with Balinor in season 5 episode 12? 6 comments
I finally watched the Merlin s5 finale - here are my thoughts and opinions on episode 12, lmk what you think! (part 1) 1 comments
What if Merlin saw Arthur and Mordred fighting when he looked into the crystal? How would he have reacted? Season 5 Episode 12. 0 comments


Season 5 Episode 13 What do you think Merlin did after Arthur's death and where might he have gone?. 15 comments
Why did Merlin put a hand on Arthur's cheek and then stroke it briefly with his thumb? Season 5 episode 13 . 29 comments
Season 5 episode 13 why wasn't merlin at gwen's coronation? 9 comments
Do you think Arthur was scared of Merlin for a moment when he told Arthur he was a wizard? Season 5 Episode 13. 4 comments
Is there a reason why Merlin rests his forehead on Arthur's? Season 5 episode 13 8 comments
What if Arthur woke up when Merlin carried him off the battlefield in the form of Dragoon. How would Arthur and how would Merlin have reacted? Season 5 Episode 13. 3 comments
Could Merlin have saved Arthur with the power of life and death? Season 5 episode 13 4 comments
Are there any fanfictions where Arthur wakes up while Merlin carries him off the battlefield? Season 5 Episode 13 1 comments
What do you think of the scene from season 5 episode 13 where Merlin in Dragoon form carries injured Arthur from battlefield?. 0 comments
What if Merlin fought Mordred as Emrys or killed him when Mordred injured Arthur? And how would Arthur have reacted if Merlin turned and walked towards him afterwards and what would Merlin says to him ? Season 5 Episode 13. 1 comments
Spioler season 5 Episode 13 Think Merlin would destroy the world because he want that Arthur comes back? 1 comments
Is there a reason merlin wears emrys arthur from battlefield in princess style? Season 5 Episode 13. 1 comments
In season 5 episode 13 why didn't merlin call the dragon early to take Arthur to the lake in time? 22 comments
Merlin Season 5 Episode 5 to Episode 13 Some things I wanna talk about. 5 comments
—>Merlin fans how would you change last episode of Merlin S5E13? <— 9 comments
How do you like the one in season 5 episode 13 where merlin tells arthur that he was born to serve arthur and all the conversations in the episode? 2 comments