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After the stories of Jango and Boba Fett, another warrior emerges in the Star Wars universe. The Mandalorian is set after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order. We follow the travails of a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from the authority of the New Republic.

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Let's Rewatch! The Mandalorian S01E01 Discussion Thread 28 comments
Disney Gallery - Star Wars: The Mandalorian - Episode 1 - Discussion Thread 27 comments
(media) (Spoilers) The Mandalorian episode 1 discussion 0 comments
(media) Lee Aronsohn (co-creator/executive producer of "Two And A Half Men", "The Big Bang Theory") & Sony TV will talk about THE MANDALORIAN episode 1 "Chapter 1: The Mandalorian" on Tuesday, August 24 @ 6pm PT 1 comments
(media) In S1E1 of The Mandalorian, when Mando first walks into the hideout, he walks by 3 foundlings. They are all shown to be wearing helmets even at a young age, giving credence to Mando’s explanation in a later episode when asked how long it had been since he took off his helmet in front of anyone else. 10 comments


Let's Rewatch! The Mandalorian S01E02 Discussion Thread 24 comments
Disney Gallery - Star Wars: The Mandalorian - Episode 2 - Discussion Thread 35 comments
The Mandalorian - Discussion Thread - S1E2 33 comments
(media) Mandalorian Episode 2 without context 21 comments
How would you rate The Mandalorian S1 E2? 2 comments
Does the Mandalorian have a bounty on him for killing JAWA in S01 E02? 4 comments


Let's Rewatch! The Mandalorian S01E03 Discussion Thread 36 comments
Disney Gallery - Star Wars: The Mandalorian - Episode 3 - Discussion Thread 14 comments
Don't hate me BUT ! (Discussion. SPOILERS EP3) 6 comments
(media) The Mandalorian Episode 3 without context 4 comments
(media) The Mandalorian Episode 3 in a nutshell 8 comments
(media) So pumped for episode 3 tonight! Here's a Bully Maguire meets the Mandalorian video, hope you enjoy it. 0 comments
(media) How come the other Mandalorians came to help when The Mandalorian was trapped? (S1:E3) I just started watching Season 1 yesterday for the first time. Did they know he was rescuing the foundling (Grogu)? 165 comments


Let's Rewatch! The Mandalorian S01E04 Discussion Thread 19 comments
Disney Gallery - Star Wars: The Mandalorian - Episode 4 - Discussion Thread 28 comments
[Spoilers] Episode 4 - Discussion/Doubt; Mando's backstory; 3 comments
Episode 4, why it works, and why its important to Westerns. (Marked as Spoilers just in case) 81 comments
Episode 4 Critique 13 comments
(media) The Mandalorian episode 4 without context 53 comments
(media) An article I wrote about why the Mandalorian appeals to me as a non-Star Wars fan. I'm in the UK, so only up to episode 4! 19 comments
(media) Disney+ have revealed that #TheMandalorian Episode 4 will be the longest yet — 41 minutes! 32 comments


The Mandalorian - Discussion Thread - S1E5 777 comments
Let's Rewatch! The Mandalorian S01E05 Discussion Thread 11 comments
Discussion: No answer from who we saw at the end of episode 5? 3 comments
(media) Filoni doesn't miss a beat. Matched up a shot from episode 5 from an old Star Wars lobby card. 82 comments
[SPOILERS] Am I the only one who thought they teased a New Trilogy with Episode 5? 7 comments
Actor Troy Kotsur, who played the lead Tusken in S01E05 & helped create Tusken Sign Language, is now the first Deaf man nominated for an acting Oscar. 1 comments
Is anyone else seriously disappointed by The Mandalorian so far? Spoilers through episode 5. 68 comments
(media) Spoilers for mandalorian episode 5 but what do yall think 14 comments


Let's Rewatch! The Mandalorian S01E06 Discussion Thread 20 comments
Disney Gallery - Star Wars: The Mandalorian - Episode 6 - Discussion Thread 1 comments
Questions about episode 6 0 comments
(media) Xian Fanart Twilek Assassin from Season 1 Ep 6 the Mandalorian [self] 5 comments


Let's Rewatch! The Mandalorian S01E07 Discussion Thread 6 comments
Disney Gallery - Star Wars: The Mandalorian - Episode 7 - Score - Discussion Thread 7 comments
When is episode 7 coming out? Is it not today? 8 comments


Let's Rewatch! The Mandalorian S01E08 Discussion Thread 35 comments
Disney Gallery | The Mandalorian‎ s1e8 - 501st Legion (discussion) 2 comments
Disney Gallery - Star Wars: The Mandalorian - Episode 8 - Connections 29 comments
EPISODE 8 (Mild Spoilers...?) Question! 5 comments


In The Mandalorian episode 9, The mechanic reveals Yoda’s species for the first time when she calls the child ‘little womp rat’, which also tells us why they are so rare: they are all dead from being bullseye’d by Luke’s T-16. 205 comments


Discussion regarding Episode 13. Spoilers inside. 5 comments
(Spoiler to episode 13) Why no one is talking bout it? 4 comments
(media) The Mandalorian episode 13 without context 6 comments
(media) A fake book cover for Episode 13 of the Mandalorian (Inspired by existing book covers and the great minimalist work out there already) 2 comments


Mando ep 14 special fx discussion 3 comments
Theme hidden in episode 14 0 comments
>!Spoilers!< Episode 14 Mandalorian Canon? 7 comments


(media) I did a review of The Mandalorian, Momentary Relapse. Discusses Episode 16 in detail. (SPOILERS) 1 comments


(media) The final episodes of Season 1 of the Mandalorian used members from the 501st Legion because they ran out of Stormtroopers for the battle scenes 42 comments


The Mandalorian - S02E01 - Chapter 9 - Discussion Thread! 10620 comments
*SPOILERS* Season 2 Episode 1 Finale Discussion 3 comments
(media) The Mandalorian | S2 E1 Reaction and Review | With My Grandma! I finally was able to have me and my grandma record a show that we both love to watch and discuss, we’re just doing this for fun so if you wanted to check the video out that’d be great :) 0 comments
(media) Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 1 Ending with different music 11 comments
The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 1 "Chapter 9: The Marshal" follows George's vision from The Phantom Menace (1999) about symbiotic relationships and how two groups need to overcome their differences and fight together against a greater evil to achieve peace 9 comments
(media) The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 1 1 comments


The Mandalorian - S02E02 - Chapter 16 - Discussion Thread! 32248 comments
The Mandalorian - S02E02 - Chapter 10 - Discussion Thread! 5968 comments
Disney Galleries Season 2, Episode 2 is now live. The focus of this episode is about THAT scene at the end of Mandolorian season 2. From deep fake technology, keeping the reveal a secret, "The Egg", and how they brought Mark Hamill back. 9 comments
The Mandalorian - S02E02 - Chapter 10 - Pre-Episode Prediction Thread! 195 comments


The Mandalorian - S02E03 - Chapter 11 - Discussion Thread! 7839 comments
The Mandalorian - S02E03 - Chapter 11 - Pre-Episode Prediction Thread! 210 comments
Question regarding Season 2 of Mandalorian [Spoilers for Episode 3 of Season 2] 23 comments


The Mandalorian - S02E04 - Chapter 12 - Discussion Thread! 8187 comments
Discussion about S2 E4 subjects in tanks 6 comments
The Mandalorian - S02E04 - Chapter 12 - Pre-Episode Prediction Thread! 242 comments


The Mandalorian - S02E05 - Chapter 13 - Discussion Thread! 17368 comments
Magistrate "Cape-Tie" Season 2 Episode 5 Discussion 1 comments
The Mandalorian - S02E05 - Chapter 13 - Pre-Episode Prediction Thread! 511 comments
(media) [Spoilers for The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 5] Roll Credits 8 comments
(media) The Mandalorian season 2, episode 5 runtime has reportedly been revealed 11 comments


The Mandalorian - S02E06 - Chapter 14 - Discussion Thread! 14732 comments
The Mandalorian - S02E06 - Chapter 14 - Pre-Episode Prediction Thread! 471 comments
(media) My son's Lego recreation of The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 6, The Tragedy. [JDiddy Productions] 2 comments
(media) The Mandalorian season 2, episode 6 runtime has reportedly been revealed 6 comments


The Mandalorian - S02E07 - Chapter 15 - Discussion Thread! 8188 comments
Season 2 episode 7, What's the reason so and so can't go with the other guy for such and such reason? (Discussion question, had to keep it extremely vague for spoiler stuff) 5 comments
The Mandalorian - S02E07 - Chapter 15 - Pre-Episode Prediction Thread! 622 comments
The sequel trilogy is still 100% going to stay as is (canon), and it's because of the Battlefront II reference in s2e7. 8 comments


The Mandalorian - S02E08 - Chapter 16 - Pre-Episode Prediction Thread! 796 comments


The Darksaber (Season 2, Ep 16) 5 comments


Question regarding Season 3 of Mandalorian [Spoilers for Season 2 Episode 8] 6 comments


(media) Thank you r/TheMandalorianTV for providing your official support! r/starwars_place calls for aid!! We must protect the "child"! Let's all work together and put the 1977 ANH Poster onto r/place 4.1.2022 (More details in the comments) 20 comments


Discussion for Season 7 Episode 6 10 comments


(media) Mandalorian Credits Concept Art: All Episodes (1920x1080) 20 comments


(media) The Mandalorian Episode 8 End Credit Wallpapers (3440x1440) (Full collection in comments) 39 comments
(media) The Mandalorian Episode 3 End Credit Wallpapers (3440x1440) 24 comments
(media) The Mandalorian Episode 4 End Credit Wallpapers (3440x1440) 18 comments
(media) The Mandalorian Episode 2 End Credit Wallpapers (3440x1440) 17 comments
(media) The Mandalorian Episode 6 End Credit Wallpapers (3440x1440) 15 comments
(media) The Mandalorian Episode 5 End Credit Wallpapers (3440x1440) 10 comments