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After a sabotaged experiment leaves him with super strength and unbreakable skin, Luke Cage becomes a fugitive trying to rebuild his life in modern day Harlem, New York City. But he is soon pulled out of the shadows and must fight a battle for the heart of his city - forcing him to confront a past he had tried to bury.

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Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S01E01 1170 comments
(media) Does anyone know what song is played exactly in this scene? (Luke Cage - Season 1, Episode 1 - Chinese restaurant) 2 comments
Can somebody help me find the song from Luke Cage Episode 1 that goes "I know who you are" a bunch? 3 comments
Can someone link or make a GIF to a certain scene of episode 1 of Luke Cage? (possible spoilers) 4 comments
[Episode 1 Spoiler] Iron Fist's primary motivation? vs. DD, JJ, Luke Cage 8 comments


Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S01E02 975 comments
Luke Cage and Crispus Attucks [LC episode 2 spoilers] 10 comments
(media) [Episode 2 Spoiler] For the overlapping fan bases of Luke Cage and Community... 12 comments
(media) Part 1 of my Luke Cage review series. [Episode 2 Spoiler] 0 comments


(media) A new interview with Finn Jones asks how he prepared for THAT scene in Episode 3 with Luke Cage; He says that Danny's privilege isn't really privilege at the end of the day because he's had a hard life 13 comments
Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S01E03 752 comments
[Episode 3, 13 Spoilers] Not to crap on Luke Cage, (I actually really enjoyed the show) but did it almost seem almost too cartoonish at points? 11 comments
[Episode 3 minor Spoiler] Luke cage: The simple meaning of "A Virginia slim" 3 comments
Luke Cage [Episode 3 Spoiler] question.. 2 comments


Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S01E04 588 comments
(media) So i was watching luke cage s1e4 and saw this in credits... teenage carl and willis weren't even in the episode. Am i missing something or did they mess it up? 2 comments
I'm only on episode 4 of the new season of Luke Cage, but I don't understand where the bad reviews are coming from 18 comments
(media) 'Luke Cage' Episode 4 Title Revealed 8 comments
I have a question [Luke Cage Episode 4 Spoiler] 5 comments
(media) [Episode 4 Spoiler] Funny Luke Cage Video I thought you guys might enjoy! 0 comments


Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S01E05 646 comments
(media) [Luke Cage] Beginning of Episode 5 56 comments
(media) 'Luke Cage' Episode 5 Title Revealed 3 comments


Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S01E06 452 comments
Luke Cage Episode 6 Question (Spoiler) 4 comments
[luke cage s1 spoilers] just finished episode 6, and i've noticed the story has some parallels with daredevil season 1's story. 1 comments
Episode 6 Luke Cage spoiler 0 comments


Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S01E07 794 comments
[Spoiler] Episode 7 doubt Luke Cage 7 comments


Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S01E08 660 comments
(media) [Luke Cage S1E8] Just started episode 8 and captured this moment when I had to pause 20 comments


Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S01E09 569 comments
(media) 'Luke Cage' Episode 9 & 10 Titles Revealed 6 comments
Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 9: Who gave the USB stick to Claire? 5 comments


Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S01E10 688 comments
Is it me or does Luke Cage jump the shark at episode 10, season 1? [spoilers] 44 comments
A question I have about Luke Cage Season 1, Episode 10 [Season 1, Episode 10 Spoiler] 12 comments
[Luke Cage Episode 10 Spoiler] A Criticism 5 comments
[spoilers] Luke cage episode 10 question 7 comments
Luke Cage episode 10 question (spoilers) 4 comments
(media) [Episode 10 Spoilers] A "Back to the Future" Easter egg in "Luke Cage" 0 comments


Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S01E11 486 comments
(media) Luke Cage Episode 11 Title: "Now You're Mine" 0 comments


Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S01E12 613 comments


Shitpost - Luke Cage ending was bad. [Episode 13 Spoiler] 12 comments
Luke Cage Finale Discussion Thread - S01E13 1331 comments


Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S02E01 "Soul Brother #1" 671 comments


Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S02E02 "Straighten It Out" 563 comments


Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S02E03 "Wig Out" 539 comments
Luke Cage Season 2 Episode 3: Why does Mariah need the money? 1 comments


Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S02E04 "I Get Physical" 353 comments


Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S02E05 "All Souled Out" 455 comments


Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S02E06 "The Basement" 434 comments
(media) I'm only now watching Cage's season 2 and this scene has caught me off guard. So well written and so human. (Luke Cage, 02x06) 23 comments


Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S02E07 "On and On" 416 comments


Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S02E08 "If It Ain't Rough, It Ain't Right" 289 comments


Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S02E09 "For Pete's Sake" 465 comments
Luke Cage: What happened to Luke's father (Reverend James Lucas) after season 2 episode 9? 1 comments


Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S02E10 "The Main Ingredient" 742 comments
(media) Totally Geeking Out - Luke Cage S2:E10 16 comments
Episode 10 of Luke Cage season 2 was like saying hello to an old friend who finally cleaned up his act. 12 comments


Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S02E11 "The Creator" 338 comments


Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S02E12 "Can't Front On Me" 388 comments
Luke Cage: Was Mariah hitting on Luke in S2 E12? 7 comments


Luke Cage Discussion Thread - S02E13 "They Reminisce Over You" 906 comments