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Three best friends living in San Francisco share the nuances and complexities of contemporary gay relationships as they explore a variety of options, both in love and in life.

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Looking Episode Discussion S01E01 - "Looking for Now" [19 Jan 2014] 8 comments
[SPOILERS] - Episode 1 & 2 Synopsis 1 comments


Looking Episode Discussion S01E02 - "Looking for Uncut" 14 comments
(media) Looking Episode Discussion S01E02 - "Looking for Uncut" 0 comments


Looking Episode Discussion S01E03 - "Looking at Your Browser History" 12 comments
(media) Looking Season 1 Episode 3 Recap: "Looking At Your Browser History" 2 comments
(media) Looking expands the friend circle in episode 3 as our protagonists look toward their professional futures. 0 comments


Looking Episode Discussion S01E04 - "Looking for $220/Hour" 21 comments
(media) Looking- Season 1, Episode 4: Looking for $220/ Hour Recap: Are workplace romances ever a good idea? 4 comments


Looking Episode Discussion S01E05 - "Looking for the Future" 12 comments
(media) Looking, S1E5 Review: How are gay/straight audiences watching this show differently? 0 comments


Episode Discussion S01E06 - "Looking in the Mirror" 18 comments
Anyone know what the spanish bit of episode 6 season 1, looking into the mirror says? 3 comments


Episode Discussion S01E07 - "Looking for a Plus-One" 31 comments


Episode Discussion S01E08 - "Looking Glass" 37 comments


(media) Looking Season 2 Episode 5 0 comments


Episode Discussion - S02E07 - "Looking for a Plot" 74 comments


Episode Discussion - S02E09 - "Looking for Sanctuary" 40 comments


Episode Discussion - S02E10 - "Looking for Home" [SEASON 2 FINALE] 94 comments