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The mercurial villain Loki resumes his role as the God of Mischief in a new series that takes place after the events of “Avengers: Endgame.”

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(media) MauLer and friends discuss Loki - Episode 1 and discuss its premise makes all choices in the MCU meaningless because it was all according to the TVA's script. 2 comments
Why was Loki apprehended by the TVA when Cap wasnt? (Spoilers Episode 1) 36 comments
I recreated the poster from the beginning Loki episode 1 63 comments
Loki, Episode 1 - Discussion Thread 3177 comments
Episode 1 & 2 Discussion: My understanding of the Sacred Timeline in relation to the multiverse 7 comments
Ep 1 Spoilers!!! Discussion on "resetting" 12 comments
(media) Loki Episode 1 Discussion 1 comments
Does Loki Break the 4th Wall in Episode 1? 18 comments
Loki S01E01 - Discussion Thread 12415 comments
[Loki Episode 1 spoilers] Time travel in Endgame and the TVA Discussion 4 comments
[SPOILERS LOKI S01E01] - In-depth breakdown and commentary - S01E01 "Glorious Purpose". 23 comments
Points to Ponder AFTER Watching Loki - Episode 1 11 comments
Loki had by far the steepest viewership decline of all the Disney+ series so far, losing over half a million viewers from episode 1 to episode 6. What do you think was the reason (or reasons) for this? 1342 comments
Very confused about phil coulson (spoilers for The Avengers (2012), agents of shield and loki episode 1) 13 comments
Tried to recreate the TemPad screen from Loki Episode 1 on Photoshop 17 comments
One more interesting find on Loki’s Episode 1 27 comments
(media) LOKI - 4 Minutes Clip From Episode 1 18 comments
Loki Episode 1 24 comments
(media) A detail from the end credits of Loki where Loki calls the TVA agent with a cat from episode 1 a "friend" and they have a talk off-screen 8 comments
(media) No Spoilers: I edited myself into a shot from Loki episode 1 (also seen in the trailers) 7 comments
Fun fact about this scene in Loki episode 1 12 comments
(media) Episode 1 of LOKI is at a 95% critic and 88% audience review score 7 comments
Little confusion regarding episode 1 of Loki 11 comments
After watching Loki episode 1, I have some questions 21 comments
Question about Loki episode 1-5 7 comments
Noticed something about Loki and Thor after Loki Episode 1 (spoilers) 5 comments
[Spoilers] Continuity error in episode 1 of Loki? 31 comments
Was Mobius manipulating Loki in episode 1? 5 comments
Does Owen Wilson say wow in loki episode 1? 12 comments
The implication of a revelation from Episode 1 of Loki 13 comments
(media) Is Thanos shown in the Loki Episode 1 animation sequence? 4 comments
a question about Loki’s first episode. (Spoiler warning but we know this info from the trailers and episode 1) 14 comments
(media) Loki Episode 1 hint at 7 cast members who weren't named in the credits (Can you take a guess) 5 comments
Can someone please explain something about Loki episode 1? 14 comments
(media) Just rewatched loki and found this, basically confirms mcu is earth 616 (loki ep1 39:48) 459 comments
Quick question about Episode 1 of Loki (Rewatch) 16 comments
Why I think Loki is the main villain and why I think that it would be really cool (Spoilers for Episode 1-5 and disappointment for those expecting Kang) 26 comments
(media) Episode 1 of LOKI is at a 95% audience and critic review score on Rotten Tomatoes 16 comments
Loki's speech in Episode 1 might be more important than we first thought 16 comments
(media) POV: You just watched episode 1 of Loki 11 comments
(media) FINALLY the wait is over! Here is the viewing times for Loki Episode 1 to air tonight!! 16 comments
(media) Loki Practice Sheet Episode 1. I will do more coz I can't get over Loki! 8 comments
Loki Episode 1 Question 4 comments
Noticed something about Loki’s name in episode 1 and 3 5 comments
(media) ‘Loki’ Director Breaks Down Episode 1, Its ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Footage 2 comments
The central theme of Episode 1 of LOKI was based on a classic moment from one of my favorite Loki comics 3 comments
(media) Want a refresher of last week's episode before the drop? Check out LOKI, Episode 1: "Spoilers Without Context" 1 comments
(media) Loki Review - Season 1 Episode 1 "Glorious Purpose" - Bounding Into Comics 2 comments
(media) The multiverse war (Loki ep 1 spoiler) 45 comments
Miss minutes discussion (ep 1 and 2 spoilers) 3 comments
Variants are not only sometimes ignored, but sometimes necessary to the Sacred Timeline. [EPISODE 1 LOKI SPOILERS] 6 comments
Theory: The TVA Robot in Loki Episode 1 is based on Herbie (from Fantastic Four) 19 comments


(media) Loki Variant L8914 we saw in episode 2 can be seen with President Loki in episode 5 44 comments
Youtuber, ChampionAshley's deep analysis/theory(?) of Loki episode 2's song. (Impressive) 18 comments
(media) New Character Poster from the Loki series (don't click on this if you haven't watched Loki episode 2) 134 comments
“Minimize the Chit Chat” TVA poster from Episode 2 of Loki - re-created artwork 13 comments
Loki, Episode 2 - Discussion Thread 2845 comments
(media) VERY HEAVY SPOILERS FOR EP 2 (on that note, where’s the discussion thread? Or we could use this thread) 10 comments
Sylvie bombing and creating multiple branches in ep2 and the TVA scene from ep6 where they're looking at multiple branches being formed. 1 comments
Loki S01E02 - Discussion Thread 9610 comments
Possible Multiverse theory? Loki S1 EP2 further discussion 4 comments
(media) Loki director Kate Herron discusses the Variant reveal, how lockdown changed episode 2 1 comments
(media) Loki: Michael Waldron Unpacks S1 Finale Twists, Teases Doctor Strange 2 9 comments
Loki Episode 2 finally confirmed the big question we've had about time travel: What creates a branch? 53 comments
[SPOILERS LOKI S01E02] - In-depth breakdown and commentary - S01E02 "The Variant". 28 comments
(media) For people with the "Time Stone" theory, Loki already showcased his telekinesis abilities in 'Thor: The Dark World' and Episode 2. 464 comments
(media) For one of the variants in Loki episode 2, Marvel photoshopped a BTS pic of Tom Hiddleston from 'Thor: Ragnarok’ (credits: Marvel Facts & News on Twitter) 182 comments
(media) a chiptune cover of the episode 2 ending theme of Loki! 1 comments
Detail I noticed about Loki episode 2 12 comments
(media) Episode 2 of Loki has a 100% critic review score on Rotten Tomatoes 38 comments
Loki episode 2 ending 29 comments
A certain scene in Loki episode 2 may have been inspired by this scene from Vote Loki #2. 13 comments
Do we know if the end of episode 2 of Loki was resolved? 16 comments
Episode 2 scene was the teaser for Episode 6 all along. [Loki] 6 comments
(media) Just LOVE the new Loki-series! can't wait to see episode 2 this wednesday [OC] 6 comments
[LOKI Question] I don't fully get why the episode 2 ending changed things? 11 comments
Did anyone noticed the ADR in Loki Episode 2? 10 comments
(media) "How Loki Episode 2 Tackles Climate Change Headfirst" [spoilers for ep. 2] 4 comments
Loki episode 2 question about the timeline 22 comments
(media) End credit music of Loki episode 2 7 comments
(media) I found the theremin music from Loki Episode 2. Enjoy! (Credit to Chopin, Reisenberg and Rockmore) 2 comments
So what about Episode 02? (Loki) 7 comments
Rewatching Loki and in episode 2 I noticed something on the woman's computer screen who was working at the TVA... 354 comments
Some wild-ass speculation about "Loki" (spoilers through episode 02) 7 comments
(Spoilers for Moon Knight Episode 2 and Loki finale) How does the end of Loki affect this character's motivations and morality? 4 comments
(media) Loki Episode 2 - deleted scene 22 comments
(media) Loki Episode 2 Spoiler w/ No Context 29 comments
(media) After watching episode 2, this came across my tik tok feed and I hope this is how the show ends! Loki's and Mobius chemistry was so good! 22 comments
(media) Marvel Studios' LOKI | EPISODE 2 PROMO TRAILER 2 | Disney+ 7 comments
(media) TVA Loki art because episode 2 is dropping tmrw and I’m excited 5 comments
(media) Loki episode 2 spoilers 2 comments
(media) It's Time To Yell About "Loki" Episode 2, So Here Are 27 Details I Noticed 3 comments
Loki episode 2 5 comments
Loki episode 2 spoilers no context (take 2) 1 comments
Loki Episode 2 2 comments
(media) 'Loki' Episode 2 Review: "A New Side Of The God Of Mischief" 1 comments
(media) Film Theory: The Secret Villain of Loki is... YOU! (Loki Episode 2) 0 comments
(media) Loki Makes A Big Change to the MCU In Episode 2 1 comments
Bare with me, But what If MARVEL changed the ending of Wandavision , ONLY AFTER EPISODE 2 of LOKI?! 1 comments


Anyone realize that Episode 3 Loki could be President Loki? 12 comments
How did Loki lift up a whole building in episode 3? That ability seems way overpowered compared to what he’s done previously in any movie. 13 comments
A theory i have on what will happen next in Loki episode 3, not sure if somebody else manage to something similiar or had post the same idea already. 10 comments
The timeline is only as strong as its weakest moment - Re-created TVA poster from episode 3 of Loki. 10 comments
Loki, Episode 3 - Discussion Thread 3341 comments
Loki, Episode 3 - Theory Discussion Thread 21 comments
Some things not discussed on Episode 3 and 4 4 comments
What did y’all think bout Loki episode 3? Checkout MarvelousBluntz on YouTube tonight for a discussion review 4 comments
(media) Huge reveals and a cliffhanger to end episode 3 of Loki, we discuss what we think is going to happen next, but what do you all think? 2 comments
Loki S01E03 - Discussion Thread 10499 comments
(media) So Loki ep 3 incident discussion now that we saw ep 4… 147 comments
(media) Loki series episode 3 discussion 36 comments
Please, for the love of God, stop asking why didn't Character X do Y thing in Scene Z? [LOKI - EPISODE 3 SPOILERS] 106 comments
Loki is in an illusion in Episode 3 45 comments
[SPOILERS LOKI S01E03] - In-depth breakdown and commentary - S01E03 "Lamentis". 40 comments
So what was the deal with Loki and the building in Episode 3? 44 comments
[Loki theory] Mobius is... (spoiler for ep 3) 14 comments
In Loki episode 3, could Loki(s) have just grabbed those "paper weights"? 12 comments
(media) Loki episode 3 is colored purple for a reason 399 comments
Can we talk about how incredible Loki's score has been? I think episode 3 had some of my favourite scenes from the entire MCU. 37 comments
Tom Hiddleston learned how to sing in Norwegian (Loki, episode 3) in a day 22 comments
Out of all the theories for Loki episode 3, which one would disappoint you the most if true? 34 comments
Episode 3 spoiler: I like have thought that Loki would have… 22 comments
Thoughts on some dialogue in Loki episode 3 26 comments
(media) In honour of Pride and episode 3 I did a happy Loki drawing 3 comments
(media) Zemo enjoying Loki's song from Episode 3 4 comments
(media) TIL that the composer of LOKI successfully suggested reshoots for Episode 3 (which made it so much better) 3 comments
The ending of Episode 3 from Loki reminded me heavily of this scene from Fight Club 7 comments
(media) Loki's song from episode 3 ('...when she sings, she sings come home'...), sang by Tom Hiddleston in all his glory 4 comments
(media) Loki Episode 3 Ending With Spongebob Music... 3 comments
Loki Episode 3 (spoiler alert) 14 comments
Loki Episode 3 theory 3 comments
Theory: Loki's performance in episode 3 wasn't what it seemed to be 179 comments
(media) You asked, I answered. The full version of TVA and the other song from Episode 3 of Loki. 50 comments
Loki's mind trick (SPOILERS for Loki Episode 3) 48 comments
(media) Basically Loki episode 3 17 comments
(media) Episode 3 of Loki has an 84% critic review score on Rotten Tomatoes, comfortably the lowest of the series so far (Episode 1 - 95%, Episode 2 - 100%) 25 comments
Loki Episode 3 Spoilers With No Context 4 comments
(media) Behind The Scenes Look At Sylvie’s Savage Scream In Loki Episode 3 3 comments
(media) Loki Episode 3 Trailer 3 comments
(media) Whats if ...? Episode 3 review] I enjoyed the look at what would have happened if the original Avengers did not come together. I also enjoyed that if they never came together that Loki would ultimately win and conquer midguard (earth). It was a bit disappointing as to how this all happened. 0 comments
(media) Loki episode 3 but without context 1 comments
Loki Episode 3 but without context 0 comments
(media) A translation of the song Loki was singing in Episode 3. 0 comments
Would like to share something I found in Loki Episode 3 Credita 0 comments
(media) Love [spoilers Loki episode 3] 0 comments
(media) Loki and Sylvie edit - i wanna be your slave - spoilers for episode 3 0 comments
(media) Before Loki episode 3 drops tomorrow, what was up with episode 2? 1 comments
(media) In Loki Episode 3, we get a game changing revelation. What does it mean? I'll tell you... In song form! What do you think about this episode? Is it the best or worst? 0 comments
Loki says he’s bisexual in Episode 3 1 comments
(media) Loki And Sylvie Being The Perfect Chaotic/Comedic Siblings In Loki Episode 3 0 comments
(media) Five Things From Loki episode 3 0 comments
(media) Loki episode 3 theorys 0 comments
Why it’s important that it was confirmed in THIS show specifically [ep 3 spoilers] 63 comments


A Ms. Marvel panel, similar to the Loki 1x04 Post credit scene 5 comments
Loki episode 4: post credit cast reposted my story 56 comments
(media) Did you get them all? Re-created TVA poster from episode 4 of Loki. 25 comments
Loki, Episode 4 - Discussion Thread 4187 comments
Ep4 and Fahrenheit 451 11 comments
Probably Haven't Heard this Theory. (Potential ep 4 and ep 5 teaser spoilers) 0 comments
Loki S01E04 - Discussion Thread 13267 comments
[SPOILERS LOKI S01E04] - In-depth breakdown and commentary - S01E04 "The Nexus Event". 11 comments
Loki Episode 4 Black and White 8 comments
Ep4 question: Why didn't -------- intervene? (What If? & Loki spoilers) 63 comments
The actor who voiced those three characters in "Loki" Episode 4 has been revealed 164 comments
(media) Surprise 'Loki' episode 4 cameo star hints we'll see their character again in the MCU. 53 comments
(media) LOKI composer Natalie Holt confirms that Loki and Lady Sif had slept together prior to the scene between them replayed in the Time Loop of Episode 4 13 comments
Question, Loki Episode 4 23 comments
Loki's episode 4 ending : Dexter's Laboratory style 11 comments
(media) Minor Loki Episode 4 Spoiler drawn from real Norse Mythology 10 comments
Why the TVA theory may not hold true for episode 4 Loki 24 comments
A few thing about Loki episode 4... 17 comments
So after watching WandaVision, Loki and What If episode 4... 2 comments
Loki episode 4 question 22 comments
Loki episode 4 lifted demand for the series to No. 2 on the US chart 4 comments
(media) Now at Episode 4 for the sheets! First week without Loki how are y'all doing? I started rewatching MCU again for to cope up 3 comments
LOKI THEORY - SPOILER MAYBE? Episode 4 What was Loki & Sylvies Nexus event 15 comments
A thought about a momentary exchange in Loki episode 4 - SPOILERS 7 comments
Loki episode 4 and 5 5 comments
(media) ‘Moon Knight’ Directors Wonder If Anthony Mackie Played Matchmaker, Tease Episode 4’s “Big Swing” - Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson, who are also signed on for 'Loki' season two, dive into their Marvel process 1 comments
Let's settle this! Pro Sylvie / Loki ship? Against? Don't care? Why? (spoilers for episode 4, please watch first its amazing) 101 comments
(media) Loki episode 4 out of context 14 comments
(media) Wizard of OZ [spoilers Loki episode 4] 3 comments
(media) Loki spoiler without context, episode 4 was mind blowing 2 comments
(media) Basically everyone after Loki Episode 4. 1 comments
(media) Loki Episode 4 Spoilers without Context 4 comments
From Loki´s perspective, how much time has passed from Avengers 1 to episode 4? 5 comments
(media) Now at Episode 4 for the sheets! First week without Loki how are y'all doing? I started rewatching MCU again for to cope up 0 comments
Loki Episode 4 and Episode 1 Connection 3 comments
(media) Loki Episode 4 Spoiler Without Contect 0 comments
Loki Quote (Spoilers for Episode 4!!!) 1 comments
(media) 'Loki' theory: Why another Loki will undoubtedly be unveiled in episode 4 1 comments
Loki episode 4 photos 0 comments
(media) Surprise Cameo Scene - Loki Episode 4 0 comments
(media) Loki Episode 4 Continues To Amaze Fans 0 comments
(media) LOKI EPISODE 4 BREAKDOWN! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed! 2 comments
My last minute Loki Episode 4 Theory 1 comments
(media) LOKI EPISODE 4 detail breakdown 0 comments
(media) What's next after Loki Episode 4? I have an idea. 0 comments
(media) Loki And Sylvie Find Out The Truth About The Time Keepers - Loki Episode 4 0 comments
Loki 1x04 question 9 comments
In ep 4 when Mobius locks Loki in time loop of bad memory, it isn't losing to Avengers or getting beaten by Hulk but Sif thrashing him and saying the he will Always be alone.It"s his worst memory that someone close as her misunderstood him so much and saying he will always be alone haunted him. 55 comments
(media) Here my review of LOKI episode 4 0 comments
(media) Loki Episode 4 Marvel TOP 10 Breakdown Easter Eggs and Ending Explained 0 comments
(Episode 4 Spoiler): 3 comments
Biggest Loophole in Loki series (Episode 4) 17 comments
Theory about how Loki could connect to Thor: Love and Thunder (episode 4 spoilers) 17 comments


(media) tried drawing my favorite variant from episode 5 of loki! i’m pretty happy with the result. :) 4 comments
(media) Preview of Loki episode 5 4 comments
(media) tried my hand at drawing my favorite loki variant from episode 5! i’m pretty happy with the result. :) 5 comments
(media) ‎'Loki' episode 5: All the easter eggs, predictions for episode 6 and for phase 4 of the MCU 0 comments
Loki episode 5 predictions! 0 comments
(media) James Gunn is just as happy as everyone else about that Easter Egg in Episode 5 of 'Loki' - "My wish from 2015. Thanks for finally delivering @MarvelStudios." 19 comments
Loki, Episode 5 - Discussion Thread 3503 comments
Foreshadow in episode 5? 3 comments
Loki S01E05 - Discussion Thread 13657 comments
[SPOILERS LOKI S01E05] - In-depth breakdown and commentary - S01E05 "Journey Into Mystery" 6 comments
Loki Episode 5 Theory 3 comments
Loki episode 5 Easter Eggs 297 comments
If Kang isn't behind the TVA and it really is a Loki, I don't think it's any variant who won against the Avengers in 2012. [Minor Episode 5 Spoilers] 347 comments
(media) Picture of Loki episode 5 151 comments
I highly recommend checking out this Twitter thread from Eric Martin, writer/ producer on Loki. It’s full of fun gems from episode 5 104 comments
(media) Episode 5 is done and I did it in my art style this time! Another Wednesday without Loki. Anyone here re-watching the series and the whole MCU like me? 45 comments
(media) Chris Hemsworth Voiced SPOILER in Loki episode 5, confirms director Kate Herron 80 comments
(media) TVLine Performer of the Week: Richard E. Grant in 'Loki' Episode 5 - 'Journey Into Mystery' 16 comments
Loki, Episode 5: Thank you, _____________ Loki! 16 comments
What did you think about the last few episodes of Loki? Did you expect the twist? I haven’t watched Episode 5 so please be gentle in the comments! 8 comments
I knew this looked familiar! [Loki episode 5 spoiler] 8 comments
Only Loki Episode 5 Showing Up on Disney+ (1-4 Gone)? 11 comments
A quick observation/theory about clothing in Episode 5 of Loki 5 comments
Loki Episode 5 / Endgame Paradox 25 comments
Loki tops the US demand chart after Episode 5 5 comments
Loki - Episode 5 Poetic Recap 5 comments
Since we are getting Loki Episode 5 and Black Widow movie on same week, does that means we will get Project Insight twice on same week? 12 comments
(media) Loki Episode 5 SPOILERS- I found some details from the released Loki trailers that hints some clues of what will be in Episode 6 based on what has been shown already in the series, red arrows point to the castle, blue to the timeline. 4 comments
A Variant of Loki could still be behind the TVA [Spoilers to Episode 5] 11 comments
Rewatching episode 5 of Loki 6 comments
Loki episode 5 Easter egg (spoiler)? 4 comments
Loki episode 5 has some of best mcu moments 34 comments
(media) Loki's character growth (spoilers for Loki episode 5) 55 comments
(media) Loki Episode 5 but out of context 40 comments
(media) Loki Episode 5 SPOILERS 17 comments
(media) Episode 5 is done and I did it in my art style this time! Another Wednesday without Loki. Anyone here re-watching the series and the whole MCU like me? 10 comments
Loki Episode 5 Easter Eggs 14 comments
Anybody else hoping Loki and Sylvie get new costumes in the next episode? (Spoilers for Episode 5 within) 17 comments
(media) Loki Episode 5 Spoiler Without Context 5 comments
Zooming in on the castle in Episode 5 shows that there’s a statue at its entrance. It could be King Loki holding a sword or hammer. But it also resembles Immortus with his arms raised. Thoughts on who’s more likely? 16 comments
(media) Loki episode 5 in a nutshell 7 comments
(media) Loki’s are fighting. #Loki episode 5 12 comments
Alligator Loki (Small Spoiler Episode 5) 11 comments
A couple edits from the D+ Loki show that I made (from episode 5)💚 0 comments
(media) How I felt about Loki-gator after Episode 5 3 comments
(media) Some tease about void and ‘wasteland’ from antman and the wasp for loki episode 5 4 comments
(media) I just had a theory. So this scene is in the trailer/teaser and it is still not shown in the series. The last scene of episode 5 looks like a castle. So what if another Loki was behind it all along and that is his castle. 5 comments
Spoilers for Loki Episode 5- Tragedy of Classic Loki and my theories and thoughts 3 comments
(media) TOGETHER. <3 Loki x Sylvie <3 #Loki Episode 5 3 comments
Hindi / Devanagari script in Loki Episode 5 3 comments
Photos from #Loki episode 5 2 comments
(media) Loki Episode 5: 0 comments
(media) TheEricButts reacts to Loki Episode 5 (Edit) 3 comments
(media) Loki Episode 5 Promo 4 comments
(media) If anyone just finished LOKI episode 5, and want more. THERE's A SIMPSONS CROSSOVER... Loki 2 comments
(media) Loki Episode 5 Epic Ending Scene 1 comments
(media) Leak clip from episode 5 an exciting Mobius meeting with Loki!! 0 comments
Loki episode 5 theory 0 comments
(media) loki encounters other lokis. #loki episode 5 1 comments
(media) Loki Episode 5 0 comments
(media) Loki Episode 5 - New credits scenes 0 comments
(media) 'Loki Episode 5' Review: The Penultimate Episode of Loki is as Perfect as TV Gets 0 comments
(media) Loki Finds Out About Kid Loki’s Nexus Event - Loki Episode 5 0 comments
(media) Loki episode 5 spoilers without context 1 comments
Loki episode 5 end credit clue? 1 comments
(media) Sylvie is pruning herself. #Loki episode 5 2 comments
(media) WOW.... loki episode 5 .. What an amazing episode. There was so much for the eyes and mind to process, I will have to watch it multiple time to see everything and i might still miss some. Was that a tiny thor stuck in a bottle? By far this was probably the best episode of all 3 shows 1 comments
What was the best Loki Episode 5 Easter Egg? 1 comments
(media) #Loki episode 5 final scene. 1 comments
(media) Jurassic Park T-Rex VS Loki Episode 5 Alioth Scene Comparison 0 comments
(media) LOKI EPISODE 5 | EVERY MARVEL EASTER EGGS & Detailed Breakdown Explained 0 comments
(media) loki’s gathered gathered gathered gathered. #loki episode 5 1 comments
(media) Hey guys, check out my review for Episode 5 of Loki!! 0 comments
(media) Episode 5 REVIEW & REACTION | EVIL KING LOKI? 0 comments
(media) sylvie x mobius #loki episode 5 1 comments
(media) Loki Episode 5 Romantic Scene 0 comments
The ruined tank in Loki S 1 Ep 5 might be the Soviet concept tank the Chrysler TV8 idk if this was intended cause it’s sounds like the TVA but thought this might be an Easter egg that I haven’t seen anyone mention yet 27 comments
On the Gold Derby website, Loki 1.05 "Journey into Mystery" was chosen as one of the top 30 drama episodes released from June 2021 to May 2022. 3 comments
Why Loki is my favorite MCU show (Episode 5 Spoilers) 17 comments


Loki Episode 6 Season Finale Prediction Thread 15 comments
My predictions for Loki episode 6 (Spoilers for episodes 1-5) 13 comments
How do you think this person has managed to live a long time? LOKI SPOILER episode 6 inside. 9 comments
Something I notice about the poster of Loki and episode 6. 3 comments
(media) Loki Episode 6 | Leaked Post credit scene 0 comments
LOKI FINALE, Episode 6 - Discussion Thread 6087 comments
(media) The significance of the intro to Loki Episode 6 isn't being discussed enough. 83 comments
Episode 6 theory >!Spoiler!< 4 comments
Loki S01E06 - Discussion Thread 20930 comments
Loki Episode 6 Question: 6 comments
(media) [Spoiler] Every spoken line in the Loki episode 6 intro, visualized 696 comments
(media) While waiting for episode 6: I drew the Loki-verse! 330 comments
(media) [Loki Episode 6 spoilers]Two aged MCU characters suffering from a similar problem 346 comments
[Loki Episode 6 Spoiler]A nice little hint I noticed that hasn’t been mentioned. 134 comments
(media) I turned this still from Loki Episode 6 into a album cover 43 comments
(media) Rewatching all the D+ shows and I think this is is my favorite opener Loki Episode 6 - Opening Scene & Intro [HD] 21 comments
(media) Episode 6 done! 3rd week without Loki and my last week of doing this project. I hope y'all enjoyed looking at my art these past few weeks~ 8 comments
(media) I changed loki episode 6's ending theme with the ending ost of the truman show and it fit BEAUTIFULLY 8 comments
[SPOILERS FOR LOKI EPISODE 6] What was on that Guys Wrist? 13 comments
Finished Loki episode 6,and oh boy. 10 comments
Questions I hope get answered in Loki Episode 6 11 comments
(media) I edited and expanded the opening for Loki episode 6 2 comments
What’s everyone’s watch count for Loki Episode 6? 12 comments
(media) Loki Episode 6 But Agatha Is The Villain… 2 comments
Considering Loki Episode 6’s events, do you think that it’s villain will bring a new source of Power, similar to Vibranium, to the MCU? 4 comments
(media) LOKI Episode 6 EPIC GLORIOUS THEME by Samuel Kim Music 3 comments
A theory about Loki episode 6 ... 20 comments
Cool thing I noticed about the design of the setting in Loki episode 6 4 comments
(media) TVLine Performer of the Week: Tom Hiddleston in 'Loki' Episode 6 - 'For All Time. Always.' 3 comments
Loki Episode 6: I really hope this was not just trailer manipulation... 3 comments
So… i think we might have an addition to our young avengers (Loki episode 6 spoilers) 4 comments
Remember when the biggest thing we had to worry about was Iron monger ?? (Loki episode 6 spoilers) 2 comments
(media) Whose ship is this? It’s in the intro of Loki Episode 6 4 comments
[spoilers] Loki Episode 6 - is she in charge now? 3 comments
[Loki Episode 6 Spoilers] Question about the opening sequence. 2 comments
I just rewatched LOKI episode 6, and a BUNCH of questions came to my mind that I simply cant find any answers to. Anyone here to help me ease the pain of not knowing? 22 comments
(media) [Spoiler] Every spoken line in the Loki episode 6 intro, visualized 93 comments
(media) Episode 6 done! 3rd week without Loki and my last week of doing this project. I hope y'all enjoyed looking at my art these past few weeks~ 16 comments
Spoilers - Loki episode 6 theory 58 comments
Loki Episode 6 ending be like 5 comments
(media) Loki episode 6 be like.. 4 comments
loki episode 6 question 13 comments
(media) When Episode 6 finally reveals Mobius to be both a Loki and the Big Bad 6 comments
Question about where Loki is at the end of episode 6? [spoilers] 7 comments
(media) Loki And Sylvie Kiss - Loki Episode 6 3 comments
How I think Loki episode 6 will turn out to be 10 comments
(media) Loki Episode 6 New Marvel Opening Theme Synced With Actual Scenes In The MCU 0 comments
Song name in Loki Episode 6 3 comments
(media) Loki Episode 6 Review 5 comments
(media) Best “Move” In Loki Episode 6 1 comments
(media) Loki Episode 6 Spoilers Without Context 1 comments
(media) LOKI Episode 6 Epic Orchestra Theme (Ending Credits) - FOR ALL TIME, ALWAYS 0 comments
(media) Loki Episode 6 Countdown 1 comments
(media) 'Loki': Episode 6 cliffhanger ending explained 0 comments
(media) Loki episode 6 has a Bollywood connection, Marvel leaves Indian fans excited. At about 2:16 . 0 comments
(media) LOKI EPISODE 6 FINALE | Detailed Breakdown Review 0 comments
(media) Loki episode 6....Wow what a reveal, but we all kind of saw this coming. I will be honest, after the episode 4 & 5 it felt a bit anticlimactic. Or was that just me? I get that they had to explain motives and why and where and how. 1 comments
(media) Loki S1E6 in a nutshell 37 comments
(media) Did we ever get an explanation for these 2 black holes in Loki episode 6 intro? Different universes? 20 comments
A question about the Loki finale? (Episode 6 spoilers) 4 comments


(media) ‘Loki’ Season 2 Won’t Be Coming Before 2024, Might Kick-off MCU’s Phase 5 104 comments
Is Loki season 2 considered phase 4 or phase 5? 6 comments
(media) We know that in the Loki Season 2, Kang is now in charge of TVA and big things will happen in that season. Hopefully we get more intel on Kang’s motives, backstory, and maybe we could get Iron Lad in Phase 5. 11 comments


(media) Season 2 of Loki to start filming in London, England on June 6th 2022! 68 comments
(media) Hope I'm not the only one who's still waiting for Loki S2? Heard they'll start shooting for the same this month (June 6th) too :) [Source: The Direct] 15 comments


(media) looks like season 2 loki will have 10 episodes 15 comments


Since the TVA had reset the timeline after what happened in Avengers Endgame ,(Loki getting the Tesseract ) , are the events in Avengers 4 changed or something like that ?(Episode 1) 21 comments


(media) Agent of shield create nexus event. Spoilers for season 5 finale and loki episode 4 59 comments


(media) Tom Hiddleston on Loki Cast Returning for Season Two, Singing in Asgardian & Unexplained Phenomena | 5.23.22 1 comments