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The mercurial villain Loki resumes his role as the God of Mischief in a new series that takes place after the events of “Avengers: Endgame.”

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Loki, Episode 1 - Discussion Thread 3180 comments
Episode 1 & 2 Discussion: My understanding of the Sacred Timeline in relation to the multiverse 7 comments
Ep 1 Spoilers!!! Discussion on "resetting" 12 comments
(media) MauLer and friends discuss Loki - Episode 1 and discuss its premise makes all choices in the MCU meaningless because it was all according to the TVA's script. 2 comments
(media) Loki Episode 1 Discussion 1 comments
Does Loki Break the 4th Wall in Episode 1? 18 comments
Loki S01E01 - Discussion Thread 12489 comments
[Loki Episode 1 spoilers] Time travel in Endgame and the TVA Discussion 4 comments
[SPOILERS LOKI S01E01] - In-depth breakdown and commentary - S01E01 "Glorious Purpose". 23 comments
Points to Ponder AFTER Watching Loki - Episode 1 11 comments
Loki had by far the steepest viewership decline of all the Disney+ series so far, losing over half a million viewers from episode 1 to episode 6. What do you think was the reason (or reasons) for this? 1330 comments
Very confused about phil coulson (spoilers for The Avengers (2012), agents of shield and loki episode 1) 13 comments


Loki, Episode 2 - Discussion Thread 2860 comments
(media) VERY HEAVY SPOILERS FOR EP 2 (on that note, where’s the discussion thread? Or we could use this thread) 10 comments
Sylvie bombing and creating multiple branches in ep2 and the TVA scene from ep6 where they're looking at multiple branches being formed. 1 comments
Loki S01E02 - Discussion Thread 9675 comments
Possible Multiverse theory? Loki S1 EP2 further discussion 4 comments
(media) Loki director Kate Herron discusses the Variant reveal, how lockdown changed episode 2 1 comments
(media) Loki: Michael Waldron Unpacks S1 Finale Twists, Teases Doctor Strange 2 9 comments
Loki Episode 2 finally confirmed the big question we've had about time travel: What creates a branch? 53 comments
[SPOILERS LOKI S01E02] - In-depth breakdown and commentary - S01E02 "The Variant". 28 comments
(media) For people with the "Time Stone" theory, Loki already showcased his telekinesis abilities in 'Thor: The Dark World' and Episode 2. 467 comments
(media) For one of the variants in Loki episode 2, Marvel photoshopped a BTS pic of Tom Hiddleston from 'Thor: Ragnarok’ (credits: Marvel Facts & News on Twitter) 186 comments
(media) New Character Poster from the Loki series (don't click on this if you haven't watched Loki episode 2) 139 comments


Loki, Episode 3 - Discussion Thread 3351 comments
Loki, Episode 3 - Theory Discussion Thread 21 comments
Some things not discussed on Episode 3 and 4 4 comments
What did y’all think bout Loki episode 3? Checkout MarvelousBluntz on YouTube tonight for a discussion review 4 comments
(media) Huge reveals and a cliffhanger to end episode 3 of Loki, we discuss what we think is going to happen next, but what do you all think? 2 comments
Loki S01E03 - Discussion Thread 10562 comments
(media) So Loki ep 3 incident discussion now that we saw ep 4… 147 comments
(media) Loki series episode 3 discussion 36 comments
Please, for the love of God, stop asking why didn't Character X do Y thing in Scene Z? [LOKI - EPISODE 3 SPOILERS] 106 comments
Loki is in an illusion in Episode 3 48 comments
[SPOILERS LOKI S01E03] - In-depth breakdown and commentary - S01E03 "Lamentis". 40 comments
So what was the deal with Loki and the building in Episode 3? 44 comments
[Loki theory] Mobius is... (spoiler for ep 3) 14 comments
In Loki episode 3, could Loki(s) have just grabbed those "paper weights"? 12 comments
(media) Loki episode 3 is colored purple for a reason 401 comments


Loki, Episode 4 - Discussion Thread 4195 comments
Ep4 and Fahrenheit 451 11 comments
Probably Haven't Heard this Theory. (Potential ep 4 and ep 5 teaser spoilers) 0 comments
Loki S01E04 - Discussion Thread 13345 comments
[SPOILERS LOKI S01E04] - In-depth breakdown and commentary - S01E04 "The Nexus Event". 11 comments
Loki Episode 4 Black and White 8 comments
Ep4 question: Why didn't -------- intervene? (What If? & Loki spoilers) 63 comments
The actor who voiced those three characters in "Loki" Episode 4 has been revealed 164 comments
A Ms. Marvel panel, similar to the Loki 1x04 Post credit scene 5 comments


Loki, Episode 5 - Discussion Thread 3512 comments
Foreshadow in episode 5? 3 comments
Loki S01E05 - Discussion Thread 13768 comments
[SPOILERS LOKI S01E05] - In-depth breakdown and commentary - S01E05 "Journey Into Mystery" 6 comments
Loki Episode 5 Theory 3 comments
Loki episode 5 Easter Eggs 304 comments
If Kang isn't behind the TVA and it really is a Loki, I don't think it's any variant who won against the Avengers in 2012. [Minor Episode 5 Spoilers] 348 comments
(media) Picture of Loki episode 5 151 comments
I highly recommend checking out this Twitter thread from Eric Martin, writer/ producer on Loki. It’s full of fun gems from episode 5 104 comments
(media) Episode 5 is done and I did it in my art style this time! Another Wednesday without Loki. Anyone here re-watching the series and the whole MCU like me? 46 comments


LOKI FINALE, Episode 6 - Discussion Thread 6104 comments
(media) The significance of the intro to Loki Episode 6 isn't being discussed enough. 81 comments
Episode 6 theory >!Spoiler!< 4 comments
Loki S01E06 - Discussion Thread 21047 comments
Loki Episode 6 Question: 6 comments
(media) [Spoiler] Every spoken line in the Loki episode 6 intro, visualized 708 comments
(media) While waiting for episode 6: I drew the Loki-verse! 331 comments
(media) [Loki Episode 6 spoilers]Two aged MCU characters suffering from a similar problem 348 comments
[Loki Episode 6 Spoiler]A nice little hint I noticed that hasn’t been mentioned. 134 comments
(media) I turned this still from Loki Episode 6 into a album cover 44 comments