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The son of Earth's most powerful superhero is about to become something greater than himself: something bold, something universal, something - Invincible. From the comics to the screen, Invincible follows Mark Grayson's journey of becoming Earth's next great defender after his father, Nolan Grayson: also known as Omni-Man.

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Invincible [Episode Discussion] - S01E01-03 - It's About Time, Here Goes Nothing, Who You Calling Ugly? 1307 comments
Invincible [Comic SPOILERS Discussion] - S01E01-03 - It's About Time, Here Goes Nothing, Who You Calling Ugly? 542 comments
HUGE Episode 1 Question/Comment!! [Discussion] 6 comments
(media) Invincible Episode 1: A Story in Three Parts 19 comments
(media) Invincible episode 1 be like: 3 comments
If Invincible were to have a prequel, both comic-wise or show-wise before the first issue, or Episode 1 of Season 1. What should it be about? *Spoilers* 11 comments
For those wondering why GG wasn't using her powers to her full potential: I give you the comic backstory (do not view if you have not watched Invincible episode 1 or if you do not want *any* comic spoilers) 20 comments
(media) The garbage bag thrown by Invincible in Episode 1 7 comments
(media) Episode 1. Invincible says this and at the end Omni-man says what he says... 1 comments
Omni man and invincible should be stronger than they are portrayed in fight scenes simply based from what happens in episode 1. 6 comments
Pixel Invincible Episode 1,2,8 0 comments
(media) Invincible | Comics VS Animation | Season 01 Episode 01 3 comments


(media) Invincible episode 2 with no context 7 comments
(media) Episode 2 Title Card. The blood splatter kind of crosses the “In” in Invincible. Foreshadowing, or am I dumb? 3 comments


I couldn't help but to do a lot of research after episode 3 40 comments
(media) ‘Invincible’ Episode 3 recap/review: A great example of just how special this series is going to be 0 comments


Invincible [Episode Discussion] - S01E04 - Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out 1342 comments
Invincible [COMIC SPOILER Discussion] - S01E04 - Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out 431 comments
(media) ‘Invincible’ Episode 4 recap/review: A lot of fun, but way more source material reveals than expected 0 comments
(media) Invincible Episode 4 Review | Breakdown & Ending Explained | Theories 0 comments


Invincible [Episode Discussion] - S01E05 - That Actually Hurt 3123 comments
Invincible [COMIC SPOILER Discussion] - S01E05 - That Actually Hurt 898 comments
(media) Invincible episode 5 in a nutshell 2 comments
(media) ‘Invincible’ Episode 5 recap/review: A perfect example of why this franchise is so good. 11 comments
(media) [Jon Negroni] I don't wanna freak anyone out here, but Episode 5 of INVINCIBLE is one of the best episodes of any superhero show I've ever seen. 10 comments
(media) Saw this post on Invincible’s Facebook for episode 5. 12 comments
(media) Invincible Episode 5 Clip: Machine Head 6 comments


Invincible [Episode Discussion] - S01E06 - You Look Kinda Dead 3534 comments
Invincible [COMIC SPOILER Discussion] - S01E06 - You Look Kinda Dead 725 comments
(media) Invincible Episode 6 Poster! 24 comments
(media) Invincible episode 6 preview [InvincibleHQ] 14 comments
Invincible episode 6 spoilers without context 10 comments
(media) Invincible playlist is up to date with episode 6 9 comments
(media) ‘Invincible’ Episode 6 recap/review: A horrific and heartbreaking story. 6 comments
(media) Debby - Invincible Episode 6 0 comments


Invincible [Episode Discussion] - S01E07 - We Need to Talk 6713 comments
Invincible [COMIC SPOILER Discussion] - S01E07 - We Need to Talk 1079 comments
(media) Invincible Episode 7 Poster! 13 comments
New to the show and just caught up to Episode 7, why does it seem that Invincible is so much less durable than Omni-man. Is it because he's younger or because he's only half viltrumite? But my understanding was that Viltrumite cells take over and become the dominate genes. 11 comments
(media) Invincible Episode 7 Improves Upon Its Already Great Source Material 3 comments
(media) invincible episode 7 [spoilers] 3 comments
(media) Invincible Playlist Updated for Episode 7: We Need to Talk (at least for the songs that Amazon Prime specified) 1 comments
(media) ‘Invincible’ Ep 7 recap/review: A season's worth of action/drama packed into one great episode. 0 comments


Invincible [Episode Discussion] - S01E08 - Where I Really Come From 10922 comments
Invincible [COMIC SPOILER Discussion] - S01E08 - Where I Really Come From 1782 comments
(media) We had a heated discussion after Episode 8 43 comments
[SPOILERS] Am I the only one siding with Nolan after S1E8? 3 comments
Invincible S1E8 is genuinely one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen, and I think that it does a GREAT job at subverting the superhero genre, including THE BOYS.[Discussion about the violence and dialogue]. 61 comments
(media) My brother and I are making a little fan project of an Invincible fighting game, and wanted to show off the newly-completed character model for Mark while we wait for Episode 8 to drop! 28 comments
(media) Episode 8 of Invincible was like 11 comments
(media) Invincible episode 8 without context 10 comments
Invincible episode 8 theory 23 comments
(media) Invincible Episode 8 Deleted Ending 😱 4 comments
(media) So glad that INVINCIBLE is finally getting the love and attention it deserves after so long! The show is doing the series JUSTICE so far! And I thought I’d draw up a fan art Print of Episode 8 3 comments
*POSSIBLE SPOILER IF YOU HAVENT FINISHED THE SERIES/COMICS YET* Just finished the TV Show and reading trough the entire comic now. If you was Invincible, how would you have decided at the beginning of Episode 8? 3 comments
(media) Episode 8 recap/review: ‘Invincible’ caps off its first season with a brilliant and heartbreaking finale. 0 comments
(media) EPIC Invincible fan momento (S1x08 Spoilers) 5 comments


(media) The Invincible Podcast - Episode 50: Issue #144 with Robert Kirkman 4 comments


(media) POV:Season 2 episode 2 of invincible 10 comments


(media) Probably the only version of the meme that works with the same dialogue. [Castlevania Netflix S2 spoilers + Invincible Episode 8 spoilers] 0 comments


(media) [DiscussingFilms on Twitter]: Invincible Season 2 will be 20 episodes long ! (Source: Variety) 5 comments


(media) REWIND Hispano 2021 by Alecmolon did a 3.6 second sequence of Invincible's Mark Grayson as trend of the year. 25 comments


(media) In Season 12 Episode 15 of King of the Hill at 9:20 Bobby can be seen in his room reading and “Invincible” comic. 3 comments