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The son of Earth's most powerful superhero is about to become something greater than himself: something bold, something universal, something - Invincible. From the comics to the screen, Invincible follows Mark Grayson's journey of becoming Earth's next great defender after his father, Nolan Grayson: also known as Omni-Man.

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If Invincible were to have a prequel, both comic-wise or show-wise before the first issue, or Episode 1 of Season 1. What should it be about? *Spoilers* 11 comments
Invincible [Episode Discussion] - S01E01-03 - It's About Time, Here Goes Nothing, Who You Calling Ugly? 1301 comments
Invincible [Comic SPOILERS Discussion] - S01E01-03 - It's About Time, Here Goes Nothing, Who You Calling Ugly? 542 comments
HUGE Episode 1 Question/Comment!! [Discussion] 6 comments
(media) Invincible Episode 1: A Story in Three Parts 19 comments
(media) Invincible episode 1 be like: 3 comments
For those wondering why GG wasn't using her powers to her full potential: I give you the comic backstory (do not view if you have not watched Invincible episode 1 or if you do not want *any* comic spoilers) 20 comments
(media) The garbage bag thrown by Invincible in Episode 1 7 comments
(media) Episode 1. Invincible says this and at the end Omni-man says what he says... 1 comments
Omni man and invincible should be stronger than they are portrayed in fight scenes simply based from what happens in episode 1. 6 comments
Pixel Invincible Episode 1,2,8 0 comments
(media) Invincible | Comics VS Animation | Season 01 Episode 01 3 comments


(media) Invincible episode 2 with no context 7 comments
(media) Episode 2 Title Card. The blood splatter kind of crosses the “In” in Invincible. Foreshadowing, or am I dumb? 3 comments


I couldn't help but to do a lot of research after episode 3 40 comments
(media) ‘Invincible’ Episode 3 recap/review: A great example of just how special this series is going to be 0 comments


Invincible [Episode Discussion] - S01E04 - Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out 1332 comments
Invincible [COMIC SPOILER Discussion] - S01E04 - Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out 429 comments
(media) ‘Invincible’ Episode 4 recap/review: A lot of fun, but way more source material reveals than expected 0 comments
(media) Invincible Episode 4 Review | Breakdown & Ending Explained | Theories 0 comments
Viltrumite Fight on Thraxa (Episode 4 Discussion) 4 comments


(media) Saw this post on Invincible’s Facebook for episode 5. 12 comments
Invincible [Episode Discussion] - S01E05 - That Actually Hurt 3112 comments
Invincible [COMIC SPOILER Discussion] - S01E05 - That Actually Hurt 893 comments
(media) Invincible episode 5 in a nutshell 2 comments
(media) ‘Invincible’ Episode 5 recap/review: A perfect example of why this franchise is so good. 11 comments
(media) [Jon Negroni] I don't wanna freak anyone out here, but Episode 5 of INVINCIBLE is one of the best episodes of any superhero show I've ever seen. 10 comments
(media) Invincible Episode 5 Clip: Machine Head 6 comments
What if Omni-Man fights Battle Beast in Episode 5? 43 comments


(media) Invincible episode 6 preview [InvincibleHQ] 14 comments
(media) Invincible Episode 6 Poster! 23 comments
Invincible [Episode Discussion] - S01E06 - You Look Kinda Dead 3530 comments
Invincible [COMIC SPOILER Discussion] - S01E06 - You Look Kinda Dead 723 comments
Invincible episode 6 spoilers without context 10 comments
(media) Invincible playlist is up to date with episode 6 9 comments
(media) ‘Invincible’ Episode 6 recap/review: A horrific and heartbreaking story. 6 comments
(media) Debby - Invincible Episode 6 0 comments


(media) Invincible Episode 7 Poster! 13 comments
Invincible [Episode Discussion] - S01E07 - We Need to Talk 6664 comments
Invincible [COMIC SPOILER Discussion] - S01E07 - We Need to Talk 1071 comments
New to the show and just caught up to Episode 7, why does it seem that Invincible is so much less durable than Omni-man. Is it because he's younger or because he's only half viltrumite? But my understanding was that Viltrumite cells take over and become the dominate genes. 11 comments
(media) Invincible Episode 7 Improves Upon Its Already Great Source Material 3 comments
(media) invincible episode 7 [spoilers] 3 comments
(media) Invincible Playlist Updated for Episode 7: We Need to Talk (at least for the songs that Amazon Prime specified) 1 comments
(media) ‘Invincible’ Ep 7 recap/review: A season's worth of action/drama packed into one great episode. 0 comments


Invincible [Episode Discussion] - S01E08 - Where I Really Come From 10919 comments
Invincible [COMIC SPOILER Discussion] - S01E08 - Where I Really Come From 1771 comments
(media) We had a heated discussion after Episode 8 43 comments
[SPOILERS] Am I the only one siding with Nolan after S1E8? 3 comments
Invincible S1E8 is genuinely one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen, and I think that it does a GREAT job at subverting the superhero genre, including THE BOYS.[Discussion about the violence and dialogue]. 62 comments
(media) My brother and I are making a little fan project of an Invincible fighting game, and wanted to show off the newly-completed character model for Mark while we wait for Episode 8 to drop! 28 comments
(media) Episode 8 of Invincible was like 11 comments
(media) Invincible episode 8 without context 10 comments
Invincible episode 8 theory 24 comments
(media) Invincible Episode 8 Deleted Ending 😱 4 comments
(media) So glad that INVINCIBLE is finally getting the love and attention it deserves after so long! The show is doing the series JUSTICE so far! And I thought I’d draw up a fan art Print of Episode 8 3 comments
*POSSIBLE SPOILER IF YOU HAVENT FINISHED THE SERIES/COMICS YET* Just finished the TV Show and reading trough the entire comic now. If you was Invincible, how would you have decided at the beginning of Episode 8? 3 comments
(media) Episode 8 recap/review: ‘Invincible’ caps off its first season with a brilliant and heartbreaking finale. 0 comments
(media) EPIC Invincible fan momento (S1x08 Spoilers) 5 comments
(Un)Intentional model for the feminist man in Invincible: Why ep 8 made me cry. 25 comments
The episode 8 plot twist was dumb. 41 comments
(media) What could this possibly be? I know episode 8 is def the i thought you were stronger scene, but whats 4? 77 comments


(media) The Invincible Podcast - Episode 50: Issue #144 with Robert Kirkman 4 comments


Invincible [Episode Discussion] - S02E01 - A Lesson For Your Next Life 2025 comments
Invincible [COMIC SPOILER Discussion] - S02E01 - A Lesson For Your Next Life 423 comments
I have not read the comics and am not looking for spoilers, but S2 E1 brought up this question and now I have to know if it will be explained/solved later on. It really killed my immersion in the moment. 21 comments


(media) POV:Season 2 episode 2 of invincible 10 comments
Invincible [Episode Discussion] - S02E02 - In About Six Hours I Lose My Virginity To A Fish 2173 comments
Invincible [COMIC SPOILER Discussion] - S02E02 - In About Six Hours I Lose My Virginity To A Fish 599 comments


Invincible [Episode Discussion] - S02E03 - This Missive, This Machination! 2924 comments
Invincible [COMIC SPOILER Discussion] - S02E03 - This Missive, This Machination! 684 comments


Invincible [Episode Discussion] - S02E04 - It's Been a While 2992 comments
Invincible [COMIC SPOILER Discussion] - S02E04 - It's Been a While 830 comments


(media) Probably the only version of the meme that works with the same dialogue. [Castlevania Netflix S2 spoilers + Invincible Episode 8 spoilers] 0 comments


(media) [DiscussingFilms on Twitter]: Invincible Season 2 will be 20 episodes long ! (Source: Variety) 5 comments


(media) REWIND Hispano 2021 by Alecmolon did a 3.6 second sequence of Invincible's Mark Grayson as trend of the year. 25 comments


(media) In Season 12 Episode 15 of King of the Hill at 9:20 Bobby can be seen in his room reading and “Invincible” comic. 3 comments