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Carly hosts her own home-grown web show, iCarly. She lives with her twenty-something brother/guardian Spencer and produces her webcasts from a makeshift third-floor loft studio. Grappling with adolescence, she never aimed to gain fame as a rising star/underground celebrity to kids. As events unfold in the pilot, it all happens by accident when a teacher puts her in charge of the school talent show. She and her sassy best bud Sam turn the audition process into a show, which Carly's tech savvy smitten friend Freddie tapes - including their hilarious banter and great chemistry - and posts on the Web without telling the girls. The on-line audience clamors for more, and a pop phenomenon blooms, with Carly and sidekick Sam's regular webcasts ultimately featuring everything from comedy sketches and talent contests to interviews, recipes, and problem-solving.

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iCarly (2021) - S1E01 "iStart Over" Discussion (Series Premiere) 324 comments
(media) iCarly Revival Episode 1-3 Review, Recap, and Breakdown 0 comments
Favorite Icarly Episode 1-6, Out of the first six episdes of icarly, which episode(s) are your favorite? 0 comments


iCarly (2021) - S1E02 "iHate Carly" Discussion 92 comments


iCarly (2021) - S1E03 "iFauxpologize" Discussion 243 comments


iCarly (2021) - S1E04 "iGot Your Back" Discussion 176 comments


iCarly (2021) - S1E05 "iRobot Wedding" Discussion 262 comments


iCarly (2021) - S1E06 "i'M Cursed" Discussion 124 comments
Episode 6 Thoughts (Revival) and excitement for the second half of the Revival's first season. 12 comments
(media) 'iCarly' Tries to Break the Birthday Curse in This Exclusive Clip Episode 6 Clip 4 comments
(media) Amanda Cerny in ICarly reboot episode 6 9 comments


iCarly (2021) - S1E07 "iNeed Space" Discussion 100 comments
iCarly (2021) Season 1 Episode 7 - Controversial scene not even addressed ? 8 comments
avorite Icarly Episode 7-12, Out of episodes 7-12 of icarly, which episode(s) are your favorite? 0 comments


iCarly (2021) - S1E08 "iLove Gwen" Discussion 134 comments
Fun missed opportunity on ICarly Reboot episode 8, iLove Gwen 5 comments


iCarly (2021) - S1E09 "iMLM" Discussion 105 comments
(media) Carly Bondar, the actress that played “Valerie” (Freddie’s “gf” in S1 E9) in the OG iCarly has one of the best Instagram Bios of all time 18 comments


iCarly (2021) - S1E10 "iTake A Girl's Trip" Discussion 198 comments
iCarly Episode 10-Bar tender guy 1 comments
iCarly S01E10 will be titled "iTake A Girl's Trip" 46 comments


iCarly (2021) - S1E11 "iCan Fix it Myself" Discussion 52 comments
iCarly S01E11 “iCan Fix it Myself” Pictures and Nathan Directing the episode BTS Pics. 7 comments


iCarly (2021) - S1E12 "iThrow a Flawless Dinner Party" Discussion 46 comments
iCarly S01E12 “iThrow a Flawless Dinner Party” Photos 34 comments


iCarly (2021) - S1E13 "iReturn to Webicon" Discussion (Season Finale) 114 comments
What is your favorite icarly episode 13-18? and why? 7 comments
iCarly S01E13 (Season Finale) “iReturn go Webicon” photos. 3 comments


Which Icarly episode out of episode 25-30 is your favorite? 5 comments


iCarly (2021) - S2E01 "iGuess Everyone Just Hates Me Now" Discussion (Season Premiere) 121 comments
(media) iCarly 2021: iCarly Season 2 Episode 1 Makes No Sense 6 comments


iCarly (2021) - S2E02 "iObject, Lewbert!" Discussion 81 comments


iCarly (2021) - S2E03 "i'M Wild and Crazy" Discussion 59 comments


iCarly (2021) - S2E04 "iHire a New Assistant" Discussion 49 comments
(media) iCarly S02E04 sneak peek. (Granddad makes an appearance) 14 comments


iCarly (2021) - S2E05 "iCupid" Discussion 51 comments


iCarly (2021) - S2E06 "iBuild a Team" Discussion 72 comments


iCarly (2021) - S2E07 "iDragged Him" Discussion 79 comments


iCarly (2021) - S2E08 "i'M a USA Bae" Discussion 50 comments


iCarly (2021) - S2E09 "iHit Something" Discussion 48 comments


iCarly (2021) - S2E10 "iThrow A Flawless Murder Mystery Party" Discussion 120 comments


(media) LET'S GET GIBBY IN THE CHAT FOLKS! LET'S GET HIM TO RESPOND! This guy is 6 hours into the 12 hour #Livestream of watching #icarly (GIBBY ONLY EPISODES)nonstop! #stream #twitch #twitchstream #marathon #12hours #sunchips https://www.twitch.tv/mrsunchips1 7 comments