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Explores the early relationship between the renowned psychiatrist and his patient, a young FBI criminal profiler, who is haunted by his ability to empathize with serial killers.

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Episode Discussion Thread S1E01 - "Aperitif" (rewatch) 70 comments
Episode Discussion: S01E01 "Apéritif" 131 comments


Episode Discussion Thread S1E02 - "Amuse-Bouche" (rewatch) 100 comments
Episode Discussion: S01E02 "Amuse-Bouche" 101 comments


Episode Discussion: S01E03 "Potage" 142 comments
Episode Discussion Thread S01E03 - "Potage" (rewatch) 60 comments
Please help me understand a part of S01E03 "Potage" 6 comments


Episode Discussion Thread S1E04 - "Ouef" (rewatch) 73 comments
Episode Discussion: S01E04 "Ceuf" 29 comments
'House on the sea' symbolic parallel between S1E04 and S3E13? 4 comments
Torrent for Hannibal 1x04 (Korean subs but English audio) 44 comments


Episode Discussion: S01E05 "Coquilles" 36 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S01E05 - "Coquilles" (rewatch) 32 comments


Episode Thread Discussion S01E06 - Entrée (rewatch) 35 comments
Episode 1x06 Entree Discussion (spoilers) 104 comments


Episode Thread Discussion S01E07 - Sorbet (rewatch) 46 comments
Episode S01E07 "Sorbet" - Discussion (spoilers) 93 comments


Episode Thread Discussion S01E08 - Fromage (rewatch) 39 comments


Episode Discussion: S01E09 - Trou Normand 218 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S01E09 - Trou Normand (rewatch) 41 comments


Episode Discussion: S01E10 "Buffet Froid" 267 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S01E10 - Buffet Froid (rewatch) 42 comments
Here is an Easter Egg of sorts and why Episode 10 is so well done (Spoilers kind of) 38 comments


Episode Discussion: S01E11 "Roti" 277 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S01E11- Rôti (rewatch) 37 comments


Episode Discussion: S01E12 "Releves" 320 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S01E12- Relevés (rewatch) 41 comments
Hannibal - 01x12 "Releves" Episode Rewatch Discussion Thread 2 comments
Spoilers for Episode 12: A familliar face returns tonight! 33 comments


Episode Discussion: S01E13 "Savoureux" 447 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S01E13 - Savoureux (rewatch) 17 comments


Episode Discussion: S02E01 "Kaiseki" 679 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S02E01 - Kaiseki (rewatch) 23 comments


Episode Discussion: S02E02 "Sakizuki" 476 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S02E02 - Sakizuke (rewatch) 18 comments


Episode Discussion: S02E03 "Hassun" 446 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S02E03 - Hassun (rewatch) 24 comments
Hannibal - ep 02x03 "Hassun" Episode Rewatch Discussion Thread 6 comments


Episode Discussion: S02E04 "Takiawase" 841 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S02E04 - Takiawase (rewatch) 49 comments
Hannibal- 02x04 "Takiawase" Episode Rewatch Discussion Thread. 1 comments


Episode Discussion: S02E05 "Mukozuke" 792 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S02E05 "Mukozuke" 38 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S02E05 - Mukozuke (rewatch) 16 comments
Hannibal - ep 02x05 "Mukozuke" Episode Rewatch Discussion Thread 14 comments


Episode Discussion: S02E06 "Futamono" 997 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S02E06 "Futamono" 12 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S02E06 - Futamono (rewatch) 22 comments
Hannibal - Episode 02x06 "Futamono" Rewatch Discussion Thread 7 comments


Episode Discussion: S02E07 "Yakimono" 1060 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S02E07 "Yakimono" 52 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S02E07 - Yakimono (rewatch) 21 comments
Hannibal - Episode 02x07 "Yakimono" Episode Rewatch Discussion Thread 3 comments
Rewatch Discussion: S2 E7 "Yakimono" 12 comments


Episode Discussion: S02E08 "Su-zakana" 673 comments
Hannibal Episode 02x08 "Su-Zakana" Episode Rewatch Discussion Thread 8 comments
Who's manipulating who? [Spoiler] [S02E08] 16 comments


Episode Discussion: S02E09 "Shiizakana" 692 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S02E09 - Shiizakana (rewatch) 17 comments
Hannibal - Episode 02x09 "Shiizakana" Rewatch Discussion Thread 6 comments


Episode Discussion: S02E10 "Naka-Choko" 1016 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S02E10 - Naka-Choko (rewatch) 18 comments
Hannibal - Episode 02x10 "Naka-Choko" Rewatch Discussion Thread 5 comments


Episode Discussion: S02E11 "Ko No Mono" 991 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S02E11 - Ko No Mono (rewatch) 20 comments
Hannibal - Episode 02x11 "Ko No Mono" Rewatch Discussion Thread 1 comments


Episode Discussion: S02E12 "Tome-Wan" 939 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S02E12 - Tome-wan (rewatch) 15 comments
Hannibal - Episode 02x12 "Tome-wan" Rewatch Discussion Thread 2 comments


Episode Discussion: S02E13 "Mizumono" 1832 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S02E13 "Mizumono" 674 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S02E13 - Mizumono (rewatch) 2 comments
Hannibal - 02x13 "Mizumono" Episode Rewatch Discussion Thread 42 comments


Episode Discussion: S03E01 "Antipasto" 747 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S03E01 "Antipasto" 685 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S03E01 - Antipasto (rewatch) 1 comments
Hannibal - episode 03x01 "Antipasto" Rewatch Discussion Thread 13 comments


Episode Discussion: S03E02 "Primavera" 599 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S03E02 "Primavera" 516 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S03E02 - Primavera (rewatch) 7 comments
Hannibal - episode 03x02 "Primavera" Rewatch Discussion Thread 2 comments


Episode Discussion: S03E03 "Secondo" 619 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S03E03 "Secondo" 511 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S03E03 - Secondo (rewatch) 8 comments
Hannibal - Episode 03x03 "Secondo" Rewatch Discussion Thread 8 comments


Episode Discussion: S03E04 "Apertivo" 575 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S03E04 "Apertivo" 488 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S03E04 - Aperitivo (rewatch) 6 comments


Episode Discussion: S03E05 "Contorno" 424 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S03E05 "Contorno" 546 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S03E05 - Contorno (rewatch) 9 comments
Hannibal Episode 03x05 "Contorno" Episode Rewatch Discussion Thread 2 comments


Episode Discussion: S03E06 "Dolce" 616 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S03E06 "Dolce" 551 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S03E06 - Dolce (rewatch) 5 comments
Hannibal - Episode 03x06 "Dolce" Episode Rewatch Discussion Thread 2 comments
Hannibal S3 E6 "Dolce" Review Thread 6 comments
S3E6 Spoilers: Cancellation and second half of Season 3 conspiracy theory 11 comments


Episode Discussion Thread S3E07 "Digestivo" 616 comments
Post-Episode Discussion Thread S3E7 'Digestivo' 279 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S03E07 - Digestivo (rewatch) 5 comments
Hannibal - Episode 03x07 "Digestivo" Rewatch Discussion Thread 11 comments


Episode Discussion: S03E08 "The Great Red Dragon" 353 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S03E08 "The Great Red Dragon" 219 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S03E08 - The Great Red Dragon (rewatch) 6 comments
Hannibal - episode 03x08 "The Great Red Dragon" Rewatch Discussion Thread 4 comments


Episode Discussion: S03E09 "And the Woman Clothed With the Sun..." 463 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S03E09 - ...And the Woman Clothed with the Sun 4 comments
Hannibal-03x09 "...and The Woman Clothed With The Sun." Episode Rewatch Discussion Thread. 2 comments
S03E09 "He needs a family to escape" Dragon and real family 80 comments


Episode Discussion: S03E10 "And the Woman Clothed in Sun" 462 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S03E10 - ...And the Woman Clothed in Sun 4 comments
Hannibal - 03x10 "...and The Woman Clothed In Sun." Episode Rewatch Discussion Thread. 1 comments


Episode Discussion: S03E11 "...And the Beast From the Sea" 316 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S03E11 - ...And the Beast from the Sea 2 comments
Hannibal- 03x11 "... and The Beast From The Sea." Episode Rewatch Discussion Thread. 1 comments


S03E12 "The Number of the Beast is 666" Canadian Discussion thread 545 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S03E12 - The Number of the Beast Is 666 3 comments
[3x12 spoilers] Did anyone else notice this? 4 comments


Episode Discussion Thread S03E13 "The Wrath of the Lamb" 1401 comments
Episode Thread Discussion S03E13 - The Wrath of the Lamb 2 comments
Hannibal 03x13 "The Wrath Of The Lamb" Episode Rewatch Discussion Thread 11 comments
Hannibal's face season 3 episode 13 and last after credit scene discussion 10 comments
U.S. Broadcast Episode Discussion: S03E13 "The Wrath of the Lamb" 372 comments


Post episode 8: Discussion thread 266 comments


episode 2: book reference 2 comments