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When Dipper and Mabel Pines get sent to their great-uncle Stan's shop in Gravity Falls, Oregon for the summer, they think it will be boring. But when Dipper find a strange journal in the woods, they learn some strange secrets about the town and its strange inhabitants.

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(media) I stitched together three frames from S1E1 Tourist Trapped. Considering what we've learned since then, we should discuss this image. 17 comments
Gravity Falls is this weeks Weekly Watch at /r/S01E01. Come along and join in the discussion 2 comments
"A Return to The Falls" Episode 1 FanFic 2 comments
(media) GRAVITY FALLS 1x1 REACTION!! Episode 1"Tourist Trapped" 0 comments


The Forgotten Tale 1.2 Discussion 10 comments
(media) I noticed an easter egg in S01E02 of Stan doing a freemason hand sign 18 comments
(media) GRAVITY FALLS 1x2 REACTION!! Episode 2 “The Legend of the Gobblewonker" 0 comments


(media) GRAVITY FALLS 1x3 REACTION!! Episode 3 “Headhunters" 0 comments


Gravity Falls Rewatch: Season 1 Episode 5 - The Inconveniencing (Day 5/31) 34 comments
Was anyone watching Moon Knight episode 5 and just think of Dreamscaperers? The memory doors immediately made me think of Bill and Gravity Falls 1 comments


(media) Episode 6 to my series of Gravity falls hidden details 0 comments
Gravity Falls: Return to Weird. Episode 6! "The Bachelorette Party" 2 comments


[Spoilers] Episode 7 - "Double Dipper" Discussion 19 comments
Gravity Falls | Episode 7 | Blind Eye | Order Of Blind Eye | Chant | Translation | Hillarious 0 comments


(media) Took a while, but I finally finished the next episode of Gravity Falls: Return to Weird. It's Episode 8: The Infinite hallway 2 comments
(media) Here's episode 8 of my series of Gravity Falls hidden details 0 comments


(media) Gravity falls Return to Weird Episode 9 is out!! It's called "Spectre of the Theatre" 2 comments
(media) Episode 9 to my series of Gravity falls hidden details. 0 comments


(media) Now live! The final chapters for Episode 10 of Return to the Falls! // The Gravity Falls Railroad is back - but there are many things still on the minds of Pacifica and the Pines. And why are the cops skulking around Geron street...? [[Links in Comments]] 1 comments
Episode 10 "Consequences" of my Gravity Falls fic "Return to Weird" is finally out. 1 comments
(media) Episode 10 to my series of Gravity Falls hidden details 0 comments
(media) EXTRA EXTRA! An issue of the Gravity Falls Gossiper, August 13th, 2013 - A tease for episode 10 of Return to the Falls, the acclaimed Dipcifica fanfiction series. 3 comments
(media) It's time for Episode 10 of Return to the Falls! Introducing 'The Line'. // The Railroad is returning to Gravity Falls, and it comes to the Pines - and Pacifica - to camp out and guard the worksites against the forces of the forest... [Links in Comments] 2 comments


(media) NOW LIVE: The next four chapters for Return to the Falls Episode 11: Call of the Boggles! // The kids are trapped atop the Gravity Falls bridge, and none other than a humiliated Preston Northwest is on his way to try and contain the scandal. (Links in comments) 1 comments
(media) Episode 11 of my series of Gravity Falls details 0 comments
Gravity Falls: Return to Weird Episode 11 "A day in the woods." Is out now. A fanfic series detailing the following Summer. 1 comments


(media) At last, the next 5 chapters of Return to the Falls Episode 12 are live now! // An explosion rips through Gravity Falls, as does a fiery argument between Pacifica and her family... [Links in comments] 3 comments
(media) Gravity falls Episode 12 of my detail series 0 comments
(media) Making a meme from every Gravity Falls episode: Season 1 Episode 12 2 comments


1.16 "Carpet Diem" Discussion Thread (Spoilers) 17 comments
(media) Gravity Falls : Return to Weird - Episode 16 - Trouble with Dipper: Soos is back in Gravity Falls only to find Dipper and Mabel fighting, Sarah works to reconcile with Tracey and Quattro 0 comments


Easter Egg in S02E02 'Into the Bunker'? 5 comments


TheGravityFallsGossiper here. Who would like a live talk show where we can discuss S02E05?!?! I do live streams on my YouTube channel. Last one was fun! 5 comments
Amphibia S02e05 "Wax Museum" Discussion Thread (Gravity Falls Crossover Episode) 4 comments


(media) Northwest Mansion Mystery Gravity Falls: Season 2, Episode 10 0 comments


(media) I have managed to get my wife into Gravity Falls! She's getting close to the end, on S2 E14. 10 comments


(media) Awesome Gravity Falls 10 Year Anniversary Tribute animation by chromastone10 2 comments