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This series of three minute shorts doesn't really have a plot; it merely shows a series of encounters at a railway crossing. There is the girl who confesses her love to her friend; a boy who admires a girl he can't bring himself to speak to; and a pair of siblings who converse by text message even when standing next to each other to mention just three. Some characters get more than one episode; sometimes together sometimes with other stories in between.At only three minutes in length there isn't time for deep plots but for its length the characters seem surprisingly real as we glimpse their lives. Each pair of people we see are quite different and rather fun to watch. As each episode ended I was left wanting to see more of their lives. The animation is of a decent standard and the character designs are pretty good if typical of modern anime. Overall I'd recommend this; even if you decide it isn't for you, you won't waste much time watching.These comments are based on watching in Japanese with English subtitles.

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