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Dr. Frasier Crane, a successful Boston therapist, moves to Seattle to get a new start on life. He has a radio talk show, which he uses to relay his wit and wisdom to others, but at times he struggles with his own problems with his salt-of-the-earth father, his pretentious brother, and his friends and co-workers.

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(media) This is my facial expression, when my wife suggests we start Frasier all over again from Season 1, Episode 1 18 comments
(media) Top- Season 1 Episode 11 - Death Becomes Him Daphne: No, really. I've never had a serious boyfriend. No-one's really been interested. Bottom - Season 4 Episode 1 - Two Mrs Cranes Niles: So who is this Clive? Frasier: An ex-boyfriend? Daphne: Worse! Ex-fiancé. 16 comments
whenever i restart the series and hear the caller russell on frasier’s show in the pilot episode, i suddenly am in the mood for barbecue… (s1e1’s caller russell is the same actor as s3e11’s the much ballyhooed bob). any other repeat voices/characters that you always notice? 15 comments
(media) Lee Aronsohn (co-creator/executive producer of "Two And A Half Men", "The Big Bang Theory") & Sony TV will talk about FRASIER episode 1 "The Good Son" on Tuesday, July 6 @ 6pm PT 1 comments
(media) We just finished Frasier all the way through, and restarted from Episode 1. The same guy with the same outfit moved the chair in and then moved it out in the last episode! I love the attention to detail! 13 comments
Just completed my first ever “watch through” of Frasier. I’d been a HUGE fan of the show for close to 10 years, but finally finished the marathon that is s1e01 to s11e24. It feels like I’ve joined an exclusive fraternity. 44 comments


(media) Have You Seen Frasier Crane? Episode 2: The Shalhoubisode 3 comments
(media) I HATE Frasier Crane! S01E02 6 comments


(media) Season 1 Episode 3 - Dinner at Eight. The first time Frasier ever utters the words “Sherry, Niles?” ..... the rest is history 18 comments


(media) Frasier Season 1 episode 4 I Hate Frasier Crane Edit 0 comments


(media) Here's Looking At You Frasier: Season 1, Episode 5 EDIT 0 comments


(media) Frasier Season 1 episode 6-The Crucible Edit 1 comments


(media) Frasier Season 1 episode 7-Call Me Irresponsible Edit 1 comments


(media) Frasier Season 1 episode 8-Beloved Infidel Edit 0 comments


(media) Frasier Season 1 episode 9-Selling Out Edit 0 comments
(media) S1: E9: Selling Out - One of Frasier's best zingers on a caller. What is your favorite? 32 comments


(media) Frasier Season 1 episode 10-Oops Edit 0 comments


(media) Frasier: Season 1 Episode 11-Death Becomes Him Edit 0 comments


(media) Frasier: Season 1, Episode 12-Miracle On Third Or Fourth Street Edit 1 comments


(media) Frasier: Season 1, Episode 13-Guess Who's Coming To Breakfast? Edit 1 comments


Oh all of Frasier's miscommunication with females, this one from S1E14 bothers me the most. 18 comments
(media) Frasier: Season 1, Episode 14-Can't Buy Me Love Edit 1 comments


(media) [Podcast] We're Listening - Episode 015 - You Can't Tell a Crook by His Cover 5 comments
(media) Frasier: Season 1, Episode 15-You Can't Tell A Crook By His Cover Edit 1 comments


(media) Frasier: Season 1, Episode 16-The Show Where Lilith Comes Back Edit 5 comments


(media) [Podcast] We're Listening - Episode 017 - A Midwinter Night's Dream 15 comments
(media) Frasier: Season 1, Episode 17-A Midwinter Night's Dream Edit 0 comments


(media) Frasier: Season 1, Episode 18-And The Whimper Is edit 1 comments


(media) Frasier: Season 1, Episode 19-Give Him The Chair Edit 0 comments


(media) Frasier: Season 1, Episode 20-Fortysomething Edit 1 comments


(media) [Podcast] We're Listening - Episode 021 - Travels with Martin 23 comments
(media) Frasier: Season 1, Episode 21-Travels With Martin Edit 1 comments


(media) Frasier: Season 1, Episode 22-Author Author-Edit 0 comments


(media) Frasier: Season 1, Episode 23-Frasier Crane's Day Off Edit 2 comments
(media) [Podcast] We're Listening - Episode 023 - Frasier Crane's Day Off 28 comments


(media) Frasier - Season 1 Episode 24: Has anyone else noticed that this is like the deepest episode of any sitcom ever put on TV? It mostly takes place in the coffee shop and it’s just Frasier and Niles talking about their lives. It’s kind of incredible. 56 comments
(media) Frasier: Season 1, Episode 24-My Coffee With Niles Edit 0 comments


(media) [Podcast] We're Listening - Episode 029 - The Matchmaker 24 comments


(media) [Podcast] We're Listening - Episode 030 - Joe Keenan, We Hardly Knew Ye 28 comments


(media) [Podcast] We're Listening - Episode 065 - Frasier Grinch 21 comments


(media) [Podcast] We're Listening - Episode 079 - Frasier Loves Roz 17 comments


(media) [Podcast] We're Listening - Episode 110 - Frasier's Imaginary Friend 11 comments


(media) Frasier: Season 2, Episode 1-Slow Tango In South Seattle Edit 1 comments


S02 Ep 14 "Fool Me Once, Shame on You..." thoughts. 3 comments


(media) S2: E21: An Affair to Forget - "Maris es irresistiblé."..."He couldn't help himself. Maris is irresistible.... irresistiblé?" The exchange and timing between Gunnar, Marta and Frasier cracks me up every time. 39 comments


(media) S3: E1: She's the Boss: "Hello Caller... What are you wearing?" - Frasier and Roz going rogue is one of the funniest scenes in the entire show. Surprises me that this was written as Frasier's idea and not Roz's. Any lines or moments you think were better suited for a different character? 40 comments


(media) S3: E4: Leapin' Lizards: "♫Three little maids from school are we...♫." Definitely my favorite moment when Frasier sings. 12 comments


Episode discussion: Season 3 episode 7: The adventures of bad boy and dirty girl 3 comments


Episode discussion: Season 3 episode 8: The last time I saw maris 4 comments
(media) Cheers, season 3, episode 8: "Diane Meets Mom." This is supposed to be Frasier's mother, she doesn't look a thing like Rita Wilson! 53 comments


(media) Why do you think Frasier was okay with Martin having overnight guests for a "night d'amore" but not Daphne? [S3 E12] Why do you think he was so particular about Daphne having a man over? Seems pretty sexist to me. Any thoughts? 46 comments


(media) S3 E20: Police Story: "What Sorcerer's Magic is this?" The quintessential deadpan Frasier delivery. One of my favorites and appropriate for my Cake Day :) 11 comments


(media) S4 E6: Mixed Doubles - "Spooky". Rodney openly shares his feelings of his brother, which further validates Frasier's ego. More subtle than usual, which makes it one of the more understated and believable moments. What is one of your favorite "Pompous Frasier" moments? 8 comments


S04XE12 This episode was pure magic. Just goes to show how well they had managed to weave these conversations masterfully in so many episodes. Some shows have quantity without quality, some have quality without quantity. Frasier has both quality and quantity. 18 comments


(media) S4 E24: Odd Man Out: Of the many possible mates for Frasier, Laura (Linda Hamilton) could have been one of the best in the series. She's such a great actress...I wish they would have offered her a 4-6 episode arc. Any other "one-timers" you could have seen being worked into the show? 41 comments


S5e3-Halloween. Can we discuss? 11 comments
Niles has invited you to his Halloween party (S5 EP 3). Which literary character do you go as? 68 comments


(media) “My Fair Frasier”: Season 5, Episode 7: Larry King, Legendary Interviewer, Frasier fan and TV Host, Dies Aged 87 4 comments


The Zoo Story (S5E12) 6 comments


In First Date S5E20, what does Frasier say just after saying: "Daphne is preparing dinner for your dates with a fictitious woman? why don't you set a place for the ...."it was something like - the marquis a la Manhattan 9 comments
What was the aria playing in Niles' apartment in 5x20 First Date? 15 comments


(media) Inspired by Season 6: Episode 1 "Good Grief" and Frasier's love of Monte Cristo sandwiches. 12 comments


(media) "Alright, bring him in"... sometimes Frasier's facial expressions are what make a quote/scene so hilarious. This is one of my favorites (from S6E3/Dial M for Martin). What others come to mind for you guys? 62 comments


(media) Niles gets bloody noses when he lies, learned much earlier in the series. Later, in season 6, episode 7 “How to Bury a Millionaire”, Frasier catches him lying and Niles touches his nose (in the picture), indicating he is getting a bloody nose from lying. 13 comments


The real Kelsey - for a moment? Season 6, Episode 11·Good Samaritan 12 comments


(media) S6 E20: Dr. Nora: "Staple 'Em!" - Absolutely love Christine Baranski. Frasier's feud with Dr. Nora could have easily been a 6-10 episode arc. Their back and forth is amazing and feels much more natural than with other relationships. She's my choice for best guest star. Who is yours? 85 comments


(media) S7 E3: Radio Wars: "It's not a fight. It's an execution!" - Frasier composing a rebuttal to Bulldog for taking shots at him on the air (♫Three Little Maids♫). Niles reaction to Frasier's barbed tongue is classic. Any favorites of yours where the boys take an "civilized" approach when outmatched? 38 comments


(media) - Mother, do you expect me to turn around and drive 150 miles back to that little red cabin? We are not going. End of discussion. S7:E12 RDWRER 🤣😆😁 10 comments


(media) S7 E16: Something About Dr. Mary - "A cat can have kittens in the oven....". Frasier is so triggered he doesn't even realize he quotes Grandpa Willie. It's one of the few old timey sayings used by a character other than Dr. Mary. What are some of your favorites and who says them? 20 comments


(media) Season 7, episode 17 - Whine Club. Frasier should have won corkmaster for being able to detect the smaller ratio of wine. 36 comments


(media) "So Frasier, what's with the beard?". Just watching Hot Pursuit (Season 7 Episode 18) and can't believe they are trying to pass this off as a beard. 8 comments


(media) Literary giant, found as a guest on Frasier. Somewhere in season 8, I think the 8th episode, is where I captured this. 3 comments


A well-known UK film critic has a comedy test. He has to laugh-out loud at least 6 times to class a film as a real comedy. Now my wife never laughs at my jokes, she mostly laughs when I hurt myself or watching Frasier. So last night I counted her laughs in just one episode (S8 E14 - Hungry Heart) 8 comments


Season 8 Episode 17 "It Takes Two To Tangle": Jane Leeves' Baby Weighed 9 lbs 12 oz 8 comments


Discussion about S9E3 The First Temptation of Daphne 2 comments


In 'Guns 'N' Neuroses', Lilith stays in room 906, and says they're not caped crusaders for mental health. Episode 9.06 of Frasier is 'Room Full Of Heroes'... 6 comments


(media) S9 E12: Mother Load pt.1: "CAM WINSTON!" - Kelsey's exasperated delivery of "Cam Winston!" is one of my favorites. I find myself saying it out loud in moments of frustration. What are some of your favorite Frasier expressions? 78 comments
(media) God bless America Mother Load-Frasier Season 9 Episode 12 3 comments


Michael Keaton was the best guest on Frasier. He's a fantastic actor, but I also truly enjoyed the storyline of the episode. Season 9 Episode 16 (Wheels of Fortune). 75 comments


(media) Niles and the segway-Frasier: Season 9, Episode 20- The Love You Fake 0 comments


S10 E03 Frasier discusses ordeal at parking garage as night with Roz. A top moment of the show’s mixups? 8 comments


A rather curious question in regards to a scene in the episode 'Rooms With A View' (Season 10 Episode 8). 4 comments


(media) S10E15 - Trophy Girlfriend. Such a clever episode, substituting Bob Hoskins for Frasier's girlfriend. And a hilarious performance from Bob. 22 comments


(media) I can not stop watching this scene - Frasier and Mr. Bottomsley, season 11 episode 5 33 comments
"The Placeholder" (S11E05): I don't get the credits scene joke. Who is the man with the photos and what is he doing with Frasier? 3 comments


Frasier season 11 episode 12: Frasier-lite 9 comments


(media) S04XE19.20 Another great episode that showcases how Frasier can be extremely hilarious and yet be touching within a blink of an eye. Frasier going through the motions and blurting out "To possibilities" to Sherry, followed by this scene, made it a great start to the day for me. 0 comments


(media) Here is my cat, Roz, helping me figure out how 2,000 shows fit in Frasier’s armoire of cassettes. There could be two shows per tape, but that doesn’t add up either. The armoire holds 864 tapes and there are 840 present (one missing from bottom right). Help??? 31 comments