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In an alternative 1969, the world, and especially the United States, watch in shock as the Soviet Union successfully manages to land men on the Moon before the USA does. With that defeat, NASA is presented with a renewed challenge in the space race that they never expected to face. Now, the cold war rivalry takes on a new intensity and grander ambition to reach far further than ever dreamed and with more diverse resources than ever before.

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For All Mankind S01E01 “Red Moon” Discussion 29 comments


For All Mankind S01E02 “He Built the Saturn V” Discussion 46 comments


For All Mankind S01E03 “Nixon’s Women” Discussion 35 comments


For All Mankind S01E04 “Prime Crew” Discussion 73 comments
(media) 'For All Mankind' episode 4 sneak peek clip from the episode 1 comments


For All Mankind S01E05 “Into the Abyss” Discussion 86 comments
Song in S1E5 Into the Abyss 2 comments
I am on S1 Ep5 and I’m bored, does the show get better? 34 comments
(media) In "For All Mankind" (S01E05), we learn Karen Baldwin has had recurring nightmares of her Astronaut husband Ed being killed and eaten by a panther, ever since he was a pilot in the Korean War. The fighter jet Ed flew in Korea was a Grumman F9F Panther. 1 comments


For All Mankind S01E06 “Home Again” Discussion 145 comments


For All Mankind S01E07 “Hi Bob” Discussion 167 comments


For All Mankind S01E08 “Rupture” Discussion 184 comments


For All Mankind S01E09 “Bent Bird” Discussion 459 comments
Plot hole in S1 E9 "Bent Bird" 18 comments


Prediction for Ep10: "Bye, Bob" 😭 66 comments
For All Mankind S01E10 “A City Upon a Hill” Discussion 304 comments


For All Mankind S02E01 “Every Little Thing” Discussion 622 comments
(media) Dust storms on the Moon? 🌙 For All Mankind: scientifically accurate? Apple TV+ show | SPOILERS for Season 2 ep1! 13 comments


For All Mankind S02E02 “The Bleeding Edge” Discussion 361 comments
S2. Ep2 Gaffes 15 comments


For All Mankind S02E03 “Rules of Engagement” Discussion 657 comments


For All Mankind S02E04 “Pathfinder” Discussion 557 comments


For All Mankind S02E05 “The Weight” Discussion 686 comments


For All Mankind S02E06 “Best-Laid Plans” Discussion 638 comments


For All Mankind S02E07 “Don’t Be Cruel” Discussion 1204 comments


For All Mankind S02E08 “And Here’s to You” Discussion 2053 comments
[Spoiler] Season 2 Episode 8 foreshadowing 6 comments


For All Mankind Episode S02E09 "Triage" Discussion 2099 comments
S02E09: Why did they name that episode "Triage"? [caution! Probably the discussion may contain spoilers!] 10 comments
(media) ‘For All Mankind’ Exclusive Clip [SPOILERS S02E09] 40 comments


For All Mankind Episode S02E10 "The Grey" Discussion 3303 comments
For All Mankind Episode S02E10 "The Grey" Discussion 3 comments


For All Mankind S02E11 "The Joke" 20 comments


For All Mankind S03E01 “Polaris” Discussion 1582 comments
For All Mankind S03E01 Science & Technology Shakedown 47 comments
(media) For All Mankind — The Science Behind Season 3: Episode 1, Polaris | Apple TV+ 3 comments


For All Mankind S03E02 “Game Changer” Discussion 1425 comments
For All Mankind S03E02 Science & Technology Shakedown 25 comments
For All Mankind S03E02 Science & Technology Shakedown 30 comments


For All Mankind S03E03 “All In” Discussion 1245 comments


For All Mankind S03E04 “Happy Valley” Discussion 2115 comments
For All Mankind S03E04 Science & Technology Shakedown 23 comments
(media) Basically S3 Ep 4 of "For All Mankind" 3 comments
(media) For All Mankind — The Science Behind Season 3: Episode 4, Happy Valley | Apple TV+ 11 comments


For All Mankind S03E05 “Seven Minutes Of Terror” Discussion 1887 comments
For All Mankind | Season 3 - Episode 5 | Discussion Thread 7 comments
For All Mankind S03E05 Science & Technology Shakedown 16 comments


For All Mankind S03E06 “New Eden” Discussion 1920 comments
For All Mankind S03E06 Science & Technology Shakedown 16 comments


For All Mankind S03E07 “Bring It Down” Discussion 2135 comments
For All Mankind S03E07 Science & Technology Shakedown 27 comments
Let's discuss about Margo and Aleida... (S03E07 Spoilers) 51 comments
How comes that… [Spoiler 3x07+] 21 comments


For All Mankind S03E08 “The Sands Of Ares” Discussion 2254 comments
For All Mankind S03E08 Science & Technology Shakedown 11 comments
(media) ‎For All Mankind: The Official Podcast: 3.8 | The Sands of Ares (Joel Kinnaman & Casey Johnson) 12 comments
(media) For All Mankind: The Official Podcast - 3.8 | The Sands of Ares (Joel Kinnaman & Casey Johnson) 1 comments
The Science of Menses In Space (Including Discussion Of Anything In The Show, Currently S3 E8) 29 comments


For All Mankind S03E09 “Coming Home” Discussion 2255 comments
For all mankind season 3 episode 9 spoiler official images 3 comments
For All Mankind S03E09 Science & Technology Shakedown 31 comments
Season 3 episode 9 detail 35 comments
(media) [Season 3 Episode 9&10 Spoilers] New proposed banner 1 comments


For All Mankind S03E10 “Stranger in A Strange Land” Discussion 5155 comments
For All Mankind season 3 episode 10 without context 3 comments
(media) For All Mankind — The Science Behind Season 3: Episode 10, Stranger in a Strange Land | Apple TV+ 6 comments
[Season 3, Episode 9 Spoilers] What is 483___2? And how might it help in Episode 10? 7 comments


Thoughts after finishing S4E1 15 comments


My Live Reaction to 4x03 3 comments


For All Mankind - S4E6“Leningrad” - Episode Discussion 1340 comments


Where are the season 4 episode 8 leaks discussion? 6 comments


Just finished s4e9 and had one major question 67 comments