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Two New Zealander friends experience life, love, friendship, all the usual stuff, while trying to make their lives as a rock band. A rock band that can only schedule a performance at the local aquarium, is run by an eager and overambitious New Zealand buddy, and has only one fan.

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(media) I'm rewatching Flight of the Conchords AGAIN for the nth time and this caught my eyes in Season 1 Episode 1 during the Most Beautiful Girl in the Room part. They are Bret's and Jemaine's wives, right? 19 comments


Flight of the Conchords S1 E10 (New Fans) - In Mel's washroom, you can see a sketch on the wall with the heads of Bret and Jemaine. This sketch is realised in the dreamy musical sequence, along with Mel. Swipe. 3 comments