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Kiefer Sutherland stars as Tom Kirkman, a lower-level cabinet member who is suddenly appointed President of the United States after a catastrophic attack on the US Capitol during the State of the Union, on the highly anticipated series Designated Survivor. In this dramatic thriller, Kirkman will struggle to keep the country and his own family from falling apart, while navigating the highly-volatile political arena and while leading the search to find who is responsible for the attack.

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Episode Discussion: S01E01 "Pilot" 468 comments
Designated Survivor: 60 Days: S01E01 - "Day 60: The Acting President" - Discussion Thread 33 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S01E01 "Pilot" 219 comments


Episode Discussion: S01E02 "The First Day" 417 comments
1x02 Post-Episode Discussion 169 comments
Designated Survivor: 60 Days: S01E02 - "Day 60: Commander-In-Chief" - Discussion Thread 2 comments


1x03 Episode Discussion 438 comments
1x03 Post-Episode Discussion 152 comments
Designated Survivor: 60 Days: S01E03 - "Day 59: Maintaining Status Quo" - Discussion Thread 2 comments
S1E03 Episode Discussion [Spoilers] 6 comments


Episode Discussion S01E04: "The Enemy" 392 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S01E04 "The Enemy" 246 comments
Designated Survivor: 60 Days: S01E04 - "Day 58: Confession" - Discussion Thread 1 comments


Post-Episode Discussion: S01E05 "The Mission" 159 comments
Episode Discussion: S01E05 "The Mission" 151 comments
Designated Survivor: 60 Days: S01E05 - "Day 57: A Good Person" - Discussion Thread 0 comments


Post-Episode Discussion: S01E06 128 comments
Live Episode Discussion: S01E06 "The Interrogation" 100 comments
Designated Survivor: 60 Days: S01E06 - "Day 52: Command" - Discussion Thread 1 comments


Post-Episode Discussion: S01E07 "The Traitor" 188 comments
Live Episode Discussion: S01E07 "The Traitor" 97 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S01E07 "The Traitor" 26 comments
Designated Survivor: 60 Days: S01E07 - "Day 49: Governance" - Discussion Thread 0 comments
No new episode this week - episode 7 won't air until November 15 (Wednesday of next week) 6 comments


Post-Episode Discussion: S01E08 "The Results" 141 comments
Live Episode Discussion: S01E08 "The Results" 141 comments
Designated Survivor: 60 Days: S01E08 - "Day 42: Doubt" - Discussion Thread 0 comments
Pre-Episode Predictions: S01E08 "The Results" 22 comments


Post-Episode Discussion: S01E09 "The Blueprint" 73 comments
Live-Episode Discussion: S01E09 "The Blueprint" 102 comments
Designated Survivor: 60 Days: S01E09 - "Day 41: Scandal" - Discussion Thread 2 comments


Post-Episode Discussion: S01E10 "The Oath" 426 comments
Live-Episode Discussion: S01E10 "The Oath" 168 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S01E10 "The Oath" (Winter Finale) 17 comments
Designated Survivor: 60 Days: S01E10 - "Day 40: Accomplice" - Discussion Thread 0 comments


Post-Episode Discussion: S01E11 "Warrior" 226 comments
Live-Episode Discussion: S01E11 "Warriors" 325 comments
Designated Survivor: 60 Days: S01E11 - "Day 39: The Acting President, Oh Yeong-seok" - Discussion Thread 1 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S01E11 "Warriors" 19 comments


Live-Episode Discussion: S01E12 "The End of the Beginning" 436 comments
Designated Survivor: 60 Days: S01E12 - "Day 37: Answer" - Discussion Thread 14 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S01E12 "The End of the Beginning" 18 comments


[Designated Survivor] Live-Episode Discussion: S01E13 "Backfire" 318 comments
Designated Survivor: 60 Days: S01E13 - "Day 35: Presidential Candidate" - Discussion Thread 3 comments


Post-Episode Discussion: S01E14 "Commander-in-Chief" 203 comments
S1 E14 Live Episode Discussion 238 comments
Designated Survivor: 60 Days: S01E14 - "Day 34: The Outcome" - Discussion Thread 7 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S01E14 "Commander-in-Chief" 22 comments
[S1E14 spoilers] That throwaway line in the first episode suddenly has a lot more weight.... 10 comments


Post-Episode Discussion: S01E15 "One Hundred Days" 273 comments
Live-Episode Discussion: S01E15 "On Hundred Days" [Live at 10ET] 257 comments
Designated Survivor: 60 Days: S01E15 - "Day 32: The Trap" - Discussion Thread 0 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S01E15 "One Hundred Days" 17 comments


Live-Episode Discussion: S01E16 "Party Lines" 263 comments
Designated Survivor: 60 Days: S01E16 - "Day 31: The Last Choice" - Discussion Thread 6 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S01E16 "Party Lines" 7 comments


Live-Episode Discussion: S01E17 "The Night Shift" 234 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S01E17 "The Ninth Seat" 151 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S01E17 "The Ninth Seat" 19 comments


Live-Episode Discussion: S01E18 "Lazarus" 305 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S01E18 "Lazarus" 222 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S01E18 "Lazarus" 34 comments


Post-Episode Discussion: S01E19 "Misalliance" 219 comments
Live-Episode Discussion: S01E19 "Misalliance" 276 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S01 E19 "Misalliance" 15 comments


Post-Episode Discussion: S01E20 "Bombshell" 236 comments
Live-Episode Discussion: S01E20 "Bombshell" 238 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S01E20 "Bombshell" 6 comments


Post-Episode Discussion: S01E21 "Brace for Impact" 210 comments
Live-Episode Discussion: S01E21 "Brace for Impact" 433 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S01E21 "Brace for Impact" 12 comments


Live-Episode Discussion: S02E01 "One Year In" 327 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S02E01 "One Year In" 115 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S02E01 "One Year In" 20 comments


Live-Episode Discussion: S02E02 "Sting of the Tail" 267 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S02E02 "Sting of the Tail" 82 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S02E02 "Sting of the Tail" 4 comments


Live-Episode Discussion: S02E03 "Outbreak" 187 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S02E03 "Outbreak" 78 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S02E03 "Outbreak" 5 comments


Live-Episode Discussion: S02E04 "Equilibrium" 234 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S02E04 "Equilibrium" 55 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S02E04 "Equilibrium" 2 comments


Live-Episode Discussion: S02E05 "Suckers" 130 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S02E05 "Suckers" 18 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S02E05 "Suckers" 1 comments


Live-Episode Discussion: S02E06 "Two Ships" 128 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S02E06 "Two Ships" 70 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S02E06 "Two Ships" 1 comments


Post-Episode Discussion: S02E07 "Family Ties" 64 comments
Live-Episode Discussion: S02E07 "Family Ties" 72 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S02E07 "Family Ties" 6 comments


Live-Episode Discussion: S02E08 "Home" 94 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S02E08 "Home" 62 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S02E08 "Home" 3 comments


Live-Episode Discussion: S02E09 "Three-Letter Day" 168 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S02E09 "Three-Letter Day" 51 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S02E09 "Three-Letter Day" 8 comments


Post-Episode Discussion: S02E10 "Line of Fire" (Midseason Finale) 275 comments
Live-Episode Discussion: S02E10 "Line of Fire" (Midseason Finale) 203 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S02E10 "Line of Fire" (Midseason Finale) 8 comments


Live-Episode Discussion: S02E11 "TBA" (Midseason Premiere) 112 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S02E11 "TBA" (Midseason Premiere) 74 comments
[Discussion] The penultimate scene in S2, E11 0 comments


Live-Episode Discussion: S02E12 "The Final Frontier" 121 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S02E12 "The Final Frontier" 56 comments


Live-Episode Discussion: S02E13 "Original Sin" 73 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S02E13 "Original Sin" 22 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S02E13 "Original Sin" 5 comments


Post-Episode Discussion: S02E14 "In the Dark" 68 comments
Live-Episode Discussion: S02E14 "In the Dark" 42 comments


Post-Episode Discussion: S02E15 "Summit" 78 comments
Live-Episode Discussion: S02E15 "Summit" 90 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S02E15 "Summit" 4 comments


Post-Episode Discussion: S02E16 "Fallout" 148 comments
Live-Episode Discussion: S02E16 "Fallout" 74 comments
Pre-Episode Discussion: S02E16 "Fallout" 2 comments


Post-Episode Discussion: S02E17 "Overkill" 101 comments
Live-Episode Discussion: S02E17 "Overkill" 97 comments


Post-Episode Discussion: S02E18 "Kirkman Agonistes" 70 comments
Live-Episode Discussion: S02E18 "Kirkman Agonistes" 89 comments


Post-Episode Discussion: S02E19 "Capacity" 86 comments
Live-Episode Discussion: S02E19 "Capacity" 87 comments


Post-Episode Discussion: S02E20 "Bad Reception" 104 comments
Live-Episode Discussion: S02E20 "Bad Reception" 88 comments


Live-Episode Discussion: S02E21 "Target" 121 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S02E21 "Target" 53 comments


Live-Episode Discussion: S02E22 "Run" (Series Finale) 285 comments
Post-Episode Discussion: S02E22 "Run" (Series Finale) 147 comments


Live-Episode Discussion: S02E23 "Penny for Your Thoughts" 16 comments


Designated Survivor: S03E01 - "#thesystemisbroken" - Discussion Thread 75 comments


Designated Survivor: S03E02 - "#slipperyslope" - Discussion Thread 61 comments


Designated Survivor: S03E03 - "#privateparts" - Discussion Thread 51 comments


Designated Survivor: S03E04 - "#makehistory" - Discussion Thread 42 comments
S3 E4 Dialogue 4 comments


Designated Survivor: S03E05 - "#nothingpersonal" - Discussion Thread 100 comments


Designated Survivor: S03E06 - "#whocares" - Discussion Thread 43 comments


Designated Survivor: S03E07 - "#identity/crisis" - Discussion Thread 99 comments


Designated Survivor: S03E08 - "#scaredsh*tless" - Discussion Thread 68 comments


Designated Survivor: S03E09 - "#undecided" - Discussion Thread 59 comments


Designated Survivor: S03E10 - "#truthorconsequences" - Discussion Thread 260 comments


why isn't anyone here discussing the fact s3 is basically 2020 all around. Kirkman is the 45th 3 comments