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The next generation of the students at Degrassi are here. Degrassi: The Next Generation takes place 14 years after the cult hit show "Degrassi Junior High" as students continue to deal with the obstacles of being a teenager. From issues like relationship problems, homosexuality and bullying to more darker issues like rape, school shooting and death. Degrassi: The Next Generation plunges into the world of what this generation is really going through.

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Official Degrassi Rewatch -[DJH S01-E01] Kiss Me, Steph 31 comments
Degrassi Mother and Child Reunion Discussion thread (1x1/1x2) 3 comments
Degrassi 2022 Reboot Episode 1 (1000% real): after running out of new girls to date, Drew Torres decides to rekindle a former love… that’s right. all of them. but which one will Drew end up with? 10 comments


[DISCUSSION] Degrassi Junior High - Episode 2 - The Big Dance (Back To Degrassi Podcast) 10 comments
DJH Rewatch S01E02 - The Big Dance 17 comments
Degrassi Reboot 2022 Episode 2: Anya, freshly out the army, creates an OnlyFans only to realize her only fan is Wesley 9 comments
Degrassi: A New Beginning (Fanfiction) Episode 2 1 comments
DEGRASSI 2020 Episode 2 is DONE. 0 comments


(media) Degrassi Reboot 2022 Episode 3: Jimmy goes viral for freestyling on Jake Paul’s “It’s Everyday Bro” beat. they link and Jake decides to pay for Jimmy’s stem cell surgery 3 comments
I FINALLY finished Degrassi 2020 script Episode 3 0 comments


DJH Re-watch Thread [S01E06] - Rumor Has It 7 comments


Motivation and parallels of Emma in S1EP10 9 comments
(media) my rewatching degrassi journey continues! season 1, episode 10! 0 comments


Episode 13:09 Discussion (Spoilers Ahoy) 22 comments
(media) almost done rewatching season 1 of degrassi! on episode 13, and queen terri's reign just won't let up lol 0 comments


Degrassi: Next Class Season 2, Episode 1 62 comments


(media) watching the first 2 episodes of DJH season 2 for the first time and idk if i ever had such a intense reaction behind a degrassi episode EVER as i did with episode 2 😭 0 comments
(media) Episode 2 of my roommate and I on our journey through Degrassi. Season 2 spoilers. 0 comments


Season 2, Episode 3: Check Out the Spoilers in Here! 10 comments


Season 4, Episode 1: Discussion 9 comments


Season 4, Episode 2: Discussion 8 comments


Season 4, Episode 3: Discussion 5 comments


Season 4, Episode 4: Discussion 10 comments


Season 4, Episode 5: Discussion 10 comments


Season 4, Episode 6: Discussion 8 comments


Season 4, Episode 7: Discussion 27 comments


Season 4, Episode 8: Discussion 5 comments


Season 4, Episode 9: Discussion 18 comments


Season 4, Episode 10: Discussion 42 comments


Degrassi season 5 episode 2 Venus Fan Fic 10 comments


Season 6 ep 11 11 comments
Does anyone who starts watching Degrassi now or very recently ever get through it without [redacted : Season 6, Episode 11] getting spoiled? 15 comments


(media) Just finished S9 so I updated the tier list! Discuss! (NO SPOILERS PAST S9E23 PLEASE) 14 comments


(media) Degrassi Easter egg: “Eli + Julia” Season 10 Episode 43 10 minutes and 24 seconds 3 comments


(media) I’ve been rewatching Degrassi and I’m currently on season 11 and everyone remembers the famous above the dot scene when Clare screams at Eli in episode 3 but this scene was in episode 37. As someone thats a long time fan of Degrassi this scene felt too familiar 7 comments


(media) S12E5 My favorite thing ever is when Becky told Eli “This isn’t right!” And Eli replied with “Welcome to Degrassi” one of my favorite lines in the show 39 comments


(media) On this day in Degrassi history, Season 12 premiered ten years ago. Season 12 is not only remembered for its jaw-dropping drama but also for how it tackled real issues in ways that were never before seen. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of this iconic season, here's the "Bite Your Tongue" promo! 15 comments


When you’ve watched Degrassi enough times that you remember to start season 13 with episode 2 (on YouTube) 7 comments


[Episode 13.04] Discussion! (Spoilers inside) 8 comments


[Episode 13.05 Discussion] Spoiler Alert! 23 comments


[Episode 13.06 Discussion] Some nice, fresh spoilers for ya! 24 comments


[Episode 13.07 Discussion] Spoiled Thread Inside! 50 comments


Degrassi S14 E16: "Walking In My Shoes" Discussion 12 comments


Degrassi S14E17 "Get It Together" Discussion 35 comments


Degrassi S14E18 "Give Me One Reason" Discussion 58 comments


Degrassi S14E19 "I Wanna Be Adored" Episode Discussion 13 comments


Degrassi S14E20 "Teen Age Riot" Discussion 29 comments


Degrassi S14E21 "The Kids Aren't Alright Part 1" Discussion 18 comments


Degrassi S14E22 "The Kids Aren't Alright" Part 2 Discussion 40 comments


Degrassi S14E23 and S14E24 "Finally, Parts 1 and 2" Episode Discussions 61 comments