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After an intelligent yet cynical high school student begins to cleanse the world from evil with the help of a magical notebook that can kill anyone whose name is written on it, international authorities call upon a mysterious detective known as "L" to thwart his efforts.

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/r/S01E01 is a subreddit where we vote for and watch a new episode one of a TV show each week. This week we will be discussing Death Note! So feel free to come along and join in 0 comments
(media) Love Note: A Death Note Parody Episode 1 is out now! The beginning of a new parody series! 0 comments


[SPOILERS] Death Note Live Action Drama Episode 2 Discussion 15 comments
English Voice Actor Episode 2 1 comments
(media) Love Note: A Death Note Parody Episode 2 Has Officially Launched! 1 comments


[SPOILERS] Death Note Live Action Drama Episode 3 Discussion 3 comments
(media) Episode 3 of Love Note: A Death Note Parody is out! 0 comments
Confused about the death count in episode 3 11 comments


[SPOILERS] Death Note Live Action Drama Episode 4 Discussion 11 comments
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Death Note Season 1 Episode 4 : Pursuit 1 comments


Death Note 2015 Drama - Episode 5 - Discussion Thread 3 comments


Death Note 2015 Drama - Episode 6 - Discussion Thread 7 comments


Death Note 2015 Drama - Episode 7 Discussion 8 comments
Watching Death Note, at Episode 7, just not enjoying it after the 'girl' dies 7 comments


[Drama] Ep 8 was not the final episode + pre-sub discussion 7 comments
Death Note 2015 Drama - Episode 8 Discussion 21 comments


[FULL SPOILERS] Death Note Drama Episode 10 - Presub Discussion 6 comments


Episode 12 of death note makes no sense 9 comments
Light likely could've killed L by the episode 12, before meeting Misa 12 comments


[Spoilers] [Discussion] As of episode 19... 4 comments


SPOILER. Just watched episode 24, discussion 50 comments
I did another fandub, and this time it's the Light memory loss scenes from episode 24 (SPOILERS FOR DEATH NOTE EP 24) 0 comments
Death note ep 24 forefit scene in d forest 6 comments


(media) posted a Death Note what if video. Plz watch if you passed episode 25 0 comments
Episode 25 of the Anime and Rem's Death Note 5 comments
Does anyone just skip episode 25 when rewatching Death Note? 10 comments
Is it worth it to watch Death Note after episode 25? 14 comments
Death note went down hill after episode 25 (contains spoilers) 18 comments
Why is L's question in episode 25 treated like this "Gotcha" moment? 20 comments
how does light not get caught after episode 25? 25 comments


(media) Did Netlix take this scene out or something?? When I was binging Death Note all week and I got to episode 26 I could swear this was not present in the episode 5 comments


What is the soundtrack that plays on 11:17 in episode 28 of death note? I really like it and I want the soundtrack of it. 3 comments
(media) In this Platinum End review, there's this 1min that uses Death Note and other anime to explain why PE sucks. See 28:18 - 29:35. 'Whoever's true identity is revealed 1st will die.' 20 comments


Question about episode 29 (spoilers) 7 comments
[Spoiler] Rewatching DN and something just occurred to me about Episode 29. 2 comments


First time watching the anime - seems like a plot hole/character deviation for Light at episode 30/31. [spoiler] 6 comments


Death Note 5.1 English dub 1 comments