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The first German production from the world's leading Internet TV Network is set in a German town in present day where the disappearance of two young children exposes the double lives and fractured relationships among four families. In ten hour-long episodes, the story takes on a surprising twist that ties back to the same town in 1986.

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Season 1 Pre-Season 2 Re-Watch Thread: Episode 1 - Secrets 37 comments
Rewatch Discussion - S01E01 - Secrets 313 comments
Discussion on some interesting quotes from S1E1 9 comments
Magic trick from Episode 1 9 comments
[S01E01 Spoiler] After watching 1 episode, I really don't understand this series, should I go through? 27 comments
I recommended my friend to watch Dark but he just procrastinated and then after a long time watched episode 1 and left it there. Then after some time he watched episode 2 and gradually reached episode 5. Even after the shocking reveal in episode 5, he dropped it for some weeks. 10 comments
(media) I thought dark was really 100% perfect, but look at this (pictures from top to bottom in order, Episode 1 Season 1 ~16 minutes mark) 10 comments
Background music in dark episode 1 secrets. 4 comments
What is the sound that plays when Jonas is riding his bike in the beginning of episode 1 season 1 of DARK - Netflix ???? 2 comments
[NO SPOILERS] Dark | Reaction & Review 1x1 "Geheimnisse/Secrets" 1 comments


Season 1 Pre-Season 2 Re-Watch Thread: Episode 2 - Lies 14 comments
Rewatch Discussion - S01E02 - Lies 119 comments


Rewatch Discussion - S01E03 - Past and Present 99 comments
Season 1 Pre-Season 2 Re-Watch Thread: Episode 3 - Past and Present 10 comments
(media) Watching Dark for a 2nd time. Just got to episode 3. 10 comments
[NO SPOILERS] Travelers, a Dark podcast episode 3 is out!!! with Brad Williams!!!! 1 comments
[Spoilers S3] question in episode 1x3 2 comments


Season 1 Pre-Season 2 Re-Watch Thread: Episode 4 - Double Lives 7 comments
Rewatch Discussion - S01E04 - Double Lives 80 comments
Rewatch 1x4 0 comments
[NO SPOILERS] New fan, Season 1 Episode 4 61 comments


Season 1 Pre-Season 2 Re-Watch Thread: Episode 5 - Truths 23 comments
Rewatch Discussion - S01E05 - Truths 88 comments


Season 1 Pre-Season 2 Re-Watch Thread: Episode 6 - Sic Mundus Creatus Est 7 comments
Rewatch Discussion - S01E06 - Sic Mundus Creatus Est 72 comments
Spoiler!! Theory based on S1E6 17 comments
Time error: Season 1 Episode 6 4 comments
[SPOILERS S2] The Regina flashback in S1E6 27 comments


Season 1 Pre-Season 2 Re-Watch Thread: Episode 7 - Crossroads 7 comments
Rewatch Discussion - S01E07 - Crossroads 139 comments
I am confused about the ending of episode 7 (after finishing S1) 4 comments
(media) Epic Mistake in Dark series in rewatch - season 1 episode 7 "Crossroads".....Egon looking Ulrich's rape case file....but look at Hannah's name...its in 1986 😂 10 comments
[NO SPOILERS] Dark - Season 1 Episode 7: Crossroads. At 3:12 of the episode, what is the name of the soundtrack/tune? 5 comments


Season 1 Pre-Season 2 Re-Watch Thread: Episode 8 - As You Sow, so You Shall Reap 31 comments
Rewatch Discussion - S01E08 - As You Sow, so You Shall Reap 154 comments
Why does Ulrich not make sure Helge was dead in S1E8? 17 comments


Season 1 Pre-Season 2 Re-Watch Thread: Episode 9 - Everything is Now 16 comments
Rewatch Discussion - S01E09 - Everything Is Now 124 comments


Season 1 Pre-Season 2 Re-Watch Thread: Episode 10 - Alpha and Omega 6 comments
Rewatch Discussion - S01E10 - Alpha and Omega 192 comments
My rewatch notes: S1E10 (contains S3-trailer spoilers) 9 comments
(media) Used Procreate to make a ABSOLUTE ”non-spoiler” version of Davidklein’s Dark Season 1 “Non-spoiler” family tree, which you’re only “allowed” to see what you know (from episode 3 to episode 10). When Procreate fixes its share-sheet, I’ll publish the file. Any suggestions for improvement before? 1 comments
[SPOILERS S2] Regina/Alexander S1 E10. 9 comments


Rewatch Discussion - S02E01 - Beginnings and Endings 133 comments
Episode Discussion - S02E01 - Beginnings and Endings 586 comments
[Spoilers S2] First time watcher, and I’m confused about something in season 2, episode 1 12 comments
[SPOILERS S2] 21st June crossed out or not? (Episode 1) 6 comments
[SPOILERS S2] Dark episode 1, why did Hannah assume ines turned off the power? 3 comments
Does Anyone know what the French people say in Dark season 2 Episode 1? 8 comments


Rewatch Discussion - S02E02 - Dark Matter 89 comments
Episode Discussion - S02E02 - Dark Matter 471 comments
The book from s2ep2: When Regina & Aleksandr are in the forest they discuss a book. Anyone knows a name of it? 17 comments


Rewatch Discussion - S02E03 - Ghosts 115 comments
Episode Discussion - S02E03 - Ghosts 419 comments
(media) [SPOILERS S2] Here’s a video of the 3D printed Dark prop I finished 21 comments


Rewatch Discussion - S02E04 - The Travelers 159 comments
Episode Discussion - S02E04 - The Travelers 691 comments
[NO SPOILERS] I need someone to discuss S2E4 with. 7 comments
(media) Any opinions in this? S2 E4 discussion 7 comments
[SPOILERS S2] I discussed like 4 hours about individuality (I guess) with my friend, looking for other opinions on this. 33 comments


Rewatch Discussion - S02E05 - Lost and Found 143 comments
Episode Discussion - S02E05 - Lost and Found 584 comments
[S2E05] Has anyone analysed Adam's drawings? 4 comments
(media) Dark Season 2 Episode 5 - Closing Music ❤️ 2 comments


Rewatch Discussion - S02E06 - An Endless Cycle 172 comments
Episode Discussion - S02E06 - An Endless Cycle 807 comments
Rewatch Discussion: S02E06 - The meeting of Jonas - Michael/Mikkel - old Claudia 5 comments
[SPOILERS S2] Season 2, episode 6: An Endless Cycle is one of the best episodes of television I have ever watched ever. 12 comments
[SPOILERS S2] S02E06 Character motivations 15 comments
My rewatch notes: S2E6 (contains S3-trailer spoilers) 5 comments
Something I noticed [Spoilers for season 2 episode 6] 16 comments


Rewatch Discussion - S02E07 - The White Devil 131 comments
Episode Discussion - S02E07 - The White Devil 803 comments
My rewatch notes: S2E7 (contains S3-trailer spoilers) 3 comments


Rewatch Discussion - S02E08 - Endings and Beginnings 163 comments
Episode Discussion - S02E08 - Endings and Beginnings 2141 comments
S2E8 - I don’t know if I missed it, or what 13 comments
(media) In season 2 episode 8 of dark Katharina sneaks into hannah's house and stumbles across this photo album of Michael .Now I don't understand this , if hannah had Michael's childhood pictures then how come she did not recognize that his husband in his childhood looked exactly like Ulrich's son mikkel 22 comments


Episode Discussion - S03E01 - Deja-vu 2622 comments
[SPOILERS S3] Question: Did the show creators know from the beginning the whole story/ that they will be making 3 Seasons for the show, or was originally only the 1st season planned and they did the 2nd and 3rd seasons because of the succes of the 1st season? 24 comments
[SPOILERS S3] Spoilers for season 3 episode 1. There's something that happened in season 1 that I haven't seen addressed. 9 comments
(media) I am rewatching Dark and here's what I've found interesting: (1) Chapter 1 Part 3 refers to Season 3 Episode 1, I guess (2) Nice foreshadowing (3) This line has so motherly vibe (3) I feel like Elisabeth is the only comic character in the whole series, along with Charlotte. 6 comments


Episode Discussion - S03E02 - The Survivors 1919 comments


Episode Discussion - S03E03 - Adam and Eva 1608 comments
[SPOILER] On a certain character from S3E3 4 comments


Episode Discussion - S03E04 - The Origin 2055 comments
[NO SPOILERS] If Dark season 3 had weekly episode release , we would have only been on episode 4 by now. 15 comments


Episode Discussion - S03E05 - Life and Death 2246 comments
[NO SPOILERS] Is Mr Robot season 3 episode 5 opening a Dark parody? 18 comments


Episode Discussion - S03E06 - Light and Shadow 1853 comments
S3 Question about Marta (Spoilers up to S3E6: Light and Shadow) 2 comments
[Spoilers S3] episode 6 "life and death" 22 comments


[SPOILERS S3] Thoughts from my S3 rewatch (episode 7) 32 comments
Episode Discussion - S03E07 - Between the Time 2184 comments
(media) [NO SPOILERS] The SpoilerTV 2021 Episode Competition - Day 7 - Quarter-Finals *Vote For Dark 3x07* 1 comments


Episode Discussion - S03E08 - The Paradise 6945 comments


All S3 episodes of Dark release 12 hours from this post 16 comments


Welcome New Dark Watchers! v5.5 16 comments