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Wealth, lust, and betrayal set against the backdrop of Regency-era England, seen through the eyes of the powerful Bridgerton family.

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Season 1 Episode 1 Official Discussion 121 comments
Anthony is asking Edwina to dance in Episode 1? 6 comments
The Opera in S1E1 1 comments
(media) Anthony's list of potential wives from Episode 1. Anyone sees a familiar name? :)) 19 comments
First Rewatch! Analysis of Episode 1. Long read. 12 comments
(media) Looking back I loved their dance in E1 and their couch conversation in E3…their chemistry was not that bad 31 comments
Season 1 Episode 1 Question- Quick shot of raw spot on Daphne's back 7 comments
(media) Bridgerton season 1 episode 1 review + makeup 0 comments
The lighting used in S01E01 Party at Lady Danbury's 5 comments


Season 1 Episode 2 Official Discussion 58 comments
What song does Daphne and Simon dance to at 24:00 Ep2? 5 comments
Daphne and Simon Dance at Ep2 at 24:00 - Song choice bother anyone else? 9 comments
The guy who plays Mr.Dorset is only in Episode 2 and 5? 21 comments
Episode 2 when Kate bumps into the server 15 comments
CVD shares the script page of Anthony's speech to Edwina in ep 2. a moment where Kate takes his breath away 🥲 25 comments


Season 1 Episode 3 Official Discussion 54 comments
(media) I noticed this portrait in episode 3 - anyone else think it's a nod to Julia Quinn? 9 comments
episode 3 hunting scene while on the horses 15 comments
Why does Daphne think Kate is Edwina in ep3 21 comments


Season 1 Episode 4 Official Discussion 150 comments
Just finished episode 4 and I NEED to talk about it! 7 comments
Kanthony kiss scene in episode 4? 13 comments
S1 E4: An Affair of Honor. How would you describe the aesthetic of the ball in this episode? 7 comments
Episode 4, why did Anthony say the following? 13 comments
Episode 4 discussion 7 comments
The new show runner, Jess Brownell wrote episode 4 with CVD and episode 8. Your thoughts on the future? 21 comments
A ‘realization’ about the Hunting scene in Ep 4 8 comments


Season 1 Episode 5 Official Discussion 178 comments
S1E5: What did Lady Whistledown know, and what would she have written? 6 comments
Episode 5 historical truths 10 comments
E05 Ending Scene Breakdown - P.S. It Tore me to Shreds :'( 21 comments
(media) Writer of episode 5 says a Taylor Swift song was her unofficial anthem for while writing the episode 8 comments
If Anthony had ended engagement w/ Edwina in Ep5, how long would it have taken him to openly pursue Kate? 6 comments
(media) I did score for S1 Ep5 for competition. would love to have your views 2 comments
Anthony's face-Ep5 and 7 6 comments


Season 1 Episode 6 Official Discussion 237 comments
The rape scene in episode 6. 22 comments
Episode 6 - my opinion on the “controversial” sex scene 124 comments
Maybe a misunderstanding in Episode 6. 9 comments
Anthony's comment in episode 6 13 comments
Edwina doesn't realize even during the fallout in Ep 6 that.... 19 comments
E6. The Wedding....Let's go deeper 21 comments


(media) This is a hilarious and accurate representation of what Anthony felt in episode 7 🤣 5 comments
Season 1 Episode 7 Official Discussion 98 comments
Question: In the end of Episode 7, could Simon hear Daphne crying? 22 comments
What is the piece that Daphne plays on the piano at the start of episode 7? 6 comments
Anthony and Simon’s fight S1Ep7 26 comments
anthony in episode 7.. 24 comments
Anthony and Violet discussion in ep 7 at Lady Danbury house 31 comments


Season 1 Episode 8 Official Discussion 291 comments
(media) My reaction to that Anthony and Mama Bridgerton scene in Episode 8 4 comments
(media) Bridgerton | Netflix | Daphne Monologue | Season 1 Episode 8 4 comments
I have an Easter egg catch! Season 1 episode 2 to season 2 episode 8! SPOILER for season 2 episode 8 4 comments
Gloves-ep 8 6 comments


Bridgerton - 2x01 "Capital R Rake" (Book Spoiler Discussion) 59 comments
Bridgerton - 2x01 "Capital R Rake" (No Book Spoilers) 335 comments
(S2) After Episode 1, it's peacocks all the way down 7 comments
(media) Had to pause just right to catch this easter egg from S2E1 6 comments
(media) Did anyone catch this in s2e1? I was watching and thought it was a fun easter egg🙈 8 comments
(media) Nicola Coughlan teases 'f**king brilliant' Bridgerton season 2 episode 1 and an adorable cast reunion snap 7 comments


Bridgerton - 2x02 "Off To The Races" (Book Spoiler Discussion) 21 comments
Bridgerton - 2x02 "Off To The Races" (No Book Spoilers) 286 comments
S2e2 soirée scene (spoilers) 4 comments


Bridgerton - 2x03 "A Bee In Your Bonnet" (Book Spoiler Discussion) 65 comments
Bridgerton - 2x03 "A Bee In Your Bonnet" (No Book Spoilers) 412 comments
[Spoiler] S2E3 A Bee in Your Bonnet 9 comments


Bridgerton - 2x04 "Victory" (Book Spoiler Discussion) 57 comments
Bridgerton - 2x04 "Victory" (No Book Spoilers) 336 comments
a season highlight: Anthony and Daphne's confrontation after the dance in 2x4 10 comments
2x04: Eloise and Book 5 Foreshadowing 6 comments
?-Bridgerton S2 E4 - Kate tells Anthony she was going back to India. Don’t understand his comment. 39 comments
(media) The twins react to Bridgerton S2E4 "Better than sex" 4 comments


Bridgerton - 2x05 "An Unthinkable Fate" (Book Spoiler Discussion) 33 comments
Bridgerton - 2x05 "An Unthinkable Fate" (No Book Spoilers) 301 comments
The beginning of S02E05 8 comments
S2 E5 - Anthony addressed the Sheffields behavior when …. 30 comments
S2 E5 - Anthony’s reaction about the scheme. He thought he found a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card! 😂 16 comments
(media) Anthony's is overwhelmed by his feelings for Kate | #Kanthony Scenes | BRIDGERTON S02E05 20 comments
S2 E5 Lady Mary corrects her mother and says “grandchildren”. Your thoughts? 9 comments


Bridgerton - 2x06 "The Choice" (Book Spoiler Discussion) 88 comments
Bridgerton - 2x06 "The Choice" (No Book Spoilers) 421 comments
S2 E6 -Your thoughts - Anthony’s reply when Edwina says “because …. you love me? “ 32 comments
S2E6- The Choice - Kate & Anthony’s kiss 19 comments
S2 E6 - Does anyone know about the men pinky rings which hand is it worn? 6 comments


Bridgerton - 2x07 "Harmony" (Book Spoiler Discussion) 52 comments
Bridgerton - 2x07 "Harmony" (No Book Spoilers) 430 comments
Spoiler s2 Ep 7 Question 15 comments
Question regarding end of 2x07 6 comments
The Country Dance Sequence in S2E7 50 comments
S2 Ep07 gazebo scene 20 comments
(media) S2 E7, Gazebo scene parallels 9 comments
(media) "Familia ante omnia" in Bridgerton crest (2x07) callback to "family must come before all else" (1x02) 🥺 11 comments
(media) [S2E7 SPOILERS] Does anyone know the music playing from 2:34 to the end? I've been looking but can't find it. 3 comments


Bridgerton - 2x08 "The Viscount Who Loved Me" (Book Spoiler Discussion) 79 comments
Bridgerton - 2x08 "The Viscount Who Loved Me" (No Book Spoilers) 784 comments
I can't get over the implications of that Colin scene in 2x08...(book scene comparison, not a spoiler) 13 comments
(media) Bridgerton Reactions with Rokie || The Viscount Who Loved Me || S2E8 5 comments
Violet and Mary season 2 episode 8 4 comments
(media) Anthony saying this by the end of season 2 episode 8….🥰🫠 2 comments
Video of S2 cast along with Jack Murphy dancing to ‘We Are Family’ and BTS stills of JB+SA of E8 dance🧡 3 comments


(media) Haist.. *rewatches Bridgerton Season 2 again for the 273373828 time* 36 comments


(media) According to Jonathan Bailey they start shooting Bridgerton season 3 on June 6 57 comments


!!!!The total amount of airtime given to Kathony's story in season two was 95.5 minutes!!!! 10 comments