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In this TV series we see the "adventures" and goofs of a young schoolboy named Cory Matthews and his best friend Shawn Hunter. At school, they aren't very popular with girls, and they have enemies like Harley, Joey, and Frankie. They also get often in trouble with Mr. Feeny, the school's funny principal.

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Episode Discussion 1x1:Pilot 3 comments
(media) Before Boy Meets World, Matthew Lawrence starred in Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad. This is episode 1, "To Protect and Servo" 11 comments
(media) Feeny! FE FE FE FEENY! Hey there to all my fellow Boy Meets World mega fans! This week on the S1E1 Podcast the boys covered the Pilot episode of Boy Meets World. Check it out, its available on all podcast platforms. 5 comments
(media) Go back to back! Two shows covering the same episode! Be sure to check out the newest episode of Pod Meets World giving you the inside perspective on the pilot episode of Boy Meets World and then check out the S1E1 episode for the outside! 6 comments
Pod Meets World episode 1 discussion. 94 comments


Episode Discussion 1x2: On the Fence 1 comments


Episode Discussion 1x3: Father Knows Less 1 comments


Episode Discussion 1x4: Cory's Alternative Friends 2 comments


Episode Discussion 1x5:Killer Bees 0 comments


Episode Discussion 1x6:Boys II Mensa 0 comments


Episode Discussion 1x7:Grandma Was a Rolling Stone 0 comments


Episode discussion 1x8:Class Pre-Union 0 comments


Can’t wait for discussion about Ep 1.12: Once in Love With Amy 14 comments


S1E18 It's A Wonderful Night: PMW Preview 18 comments


S1E19 "Kid Gloves" PMW Preview 4 comments


Pod Meets World episode 23: TGI-Episode 111 72 comments


Episode 112: The math problem. 14 comments


(media) Boy Meets World S2 E9 – Video Commentary with Michael Jacobs, Rider Strong, and Will Friedle 2 comments


(media) Mr. Feeny What Are You Afraid Of? - Boy Meets World S4E20 17 comments


Mary Beth (S4xE22: Learn to Fly) 2 comments


Season 5 episode 17 really pisses me off 18 comments


The worst episode of boy meets world - season 6 episode 15 "Road Trip" 4 comments