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Black Summer Discussions

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A mother, torn from her daughter, embarks upon a harrowing journey, stopping at nothing to find her. Thrust alongside a small group of American refugees, she must brave a hostile new world and make brutal decisions during the most deadly summer of a zombie apocalypse.

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Black Summer - Episode 1 Discussion Thread 37 comments
Black Summer S01E01 Discussion 48 comments


Black Summer - Episode 2 Discussion Thread 78 comments
Episode 2 Discussions 22 comments
Black Summer S01E02 Discussion 62 comments


Episode 3: Who is Alice and what's the thing about the luggage? (possibly a spoiler) 7 comments
Black Summer - Episode 3 Discussion Thread 78 comments
Episode 3 Discussion 14 comments
Black Summer S01E03 Discussion 83 comments


Black Summer - Episode 4 Discussion Thread 76 comments
Episode 4 Discussions 14 comments
Black Summer S01E04 Discussion 67 comments


Black Summer - Episode 5 Discussion Thread 27 comments
Episode 5 Discussion 6 comments
Black Summer S01E05 Discussion 29 comments
Thoughts on S1E5 10 comments


Black Summer - Episode 6 Discussion Thread 86 comments
Episode 6 Discussion 15 comments
Black Summer S01E06 Discussion 36 comments


Black Summer - Episode 7 Discussion Thread 26 comments
Episode 7 Discussion 0 comments
Black Summer S01E07 Discussion 38 comments


Black Summer - Episode 8 Discussion Thread 94 comments
Episode 8 (Season Finale) Discussions 10 comments
Black Summer S01E08 Discussion 118 comments
Black Summer S1 E8 Julius James "Spears" 7 comments


S2 E1 "The Cold" - Episode Discussion Thread (Spoilers) 6 comments
Season 2 Episode 1 DISCUSSION THREAD 167 comments
Black Summer S02E01 Discussion 141 comments


S2 E2 "Prelude" - Episode Discussion Thread (Spoilers) 0 comments
Black Summer S02E02 Discussion 25 comments


S2 E3 "Card Game" - Episode Discussion Thread (Spoilers) 9 comments
Season 2 Episode 3 DISCUSSION THREAD 50 comments
Black Summer S02E03 Discussion 109 comments


S2 E4 "Cold War" - Episode Discussion Thread (Spoilers) 0 comments
Season 2 EPISODE 4 DISCUSSION THREAD 17 comments
Black Summer S02E04 Discussion 76 comments


S2 E5 "White Horse" - Episode Discussion Thread (Spoilers) 11 comments
Season 2 Episode 5 DISCUSSION THREAD 34 comments
Black Summer S02E05 Discussion 128 comments


S2 E6 "Currency" - Episode Discussion Thread (Spoilers) 4 comments
Season 2 Episode 6 DISCUSSION THREAD 40 comments
Black Summer S02E06 Discussion 136 comments


S2 E7 "The Lodge" - Episode Discussion Thread (Spoilers) 27 comments
Season 2 EPISODE 7 DISCUSSION THREAD 45 comments
Black Summer S02E07 Discussion 106 comments


S2 E8 "The Plane" - Episode Discussion Thread (Spoilers) 70 comments
Black Summer S02E08 Discussion 261 comments


(media) Black Summer Season 2 Ft in The 7 Best New Shows on Netflix in June 2021 0 comments


(media) Black Summer star Jaime King shares details on season 3 ‘It could go on forever’ [but we all know Netflix won't let that happen. Mediocre 'Sweet Tooth' was renewed after 1 month, meanwhile 2 months have passed since Season 2 of Black Summer aired and still no word of a renewal] 27 comments