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Disillusioned at the thought of taking down another "mark," depressed, low-level hit man Barry Berkman seeks a way out. When the Midwesterner reluctantly travels to Los Angeles to execute a hit on an actor who is bedding a mobster's wife, little does Barry know that the City of Angels may be his sanctuary. He follows his target into acting class and ends up instantly drawn to the community of eager hopefuls, especially dedicated student Sally, who becomes the object of his affection. While Barry wants to start a new life as an actor, his handler, Fuches, has other ideas, and the hit man's criminal past won't let him walk away so easily.

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Barry - 1x01 "Chapter One: Make Your Mark" - Episode Discussion 158 comments
(media) Barry | S1:E1 "Make Your Mark" | Reaction & Discussion! 7 comments
I am on episode 1 of "The Kominsky Method" and I can already tell this show will fill the "Barry" gap. 9 comments
Dare I show you my Barry scene (first Residuals scene from episode 1 as SALLY) from acting class? 2 comments
Barry's Monolgue Season 1 Episode 1: Make Your Mark 0 comments
(media) Barry has long disliked motorcycles (S1E1) 12 comments
why does no one ever discuss the narrator in S01E01 & 02? 114 comments


Spoilers! Specific Discussion Post for Ep02 13 comments
Barry - 1x02 "Chapter Two: Use It" - Episode Discussion 127 comments
(media) Barry | S1:E2 "Chapter Two: Use It" | Reaction & Discussion! 9 comments
The writers really have no choice with Barry and Sally’s relationship after Episode 2. 36 comments
(media) Barry in episode 2 4 comments


Barry - 1x03 "Chapter Three: Make the Unsafe Choice" - Episode Discussion 160 comments
Episode 3 is setting up the next few episodes. Is Gene and his family safe? Is Hank losing control of the Chechens? Is Barry gonna die blowing up Cristobal? Is Fuches turning into a Panther? 7 comments
(media) Sarah Goldberg and Henry Winkler at SF Film Festival promoting Barry. Episode 3 is a treat, you guys! 11 comments
(media) I have no idea if anyone else saw this, but this is hilarious. It was in S1 E3, in Barry’s daydream sequence. 18 comments


How?! HOW do you get to episode 4 of the 3rd season of Barry and THEN decide to post about out it becoming too woke? 7 comments
Barry - 1x04 "Chapter Four: Commit...To You" - Episode Discussion 237 comments


Barry - 1x05 "Chapter Five: Do Your Job" - Episode Discussion 346 comments
[Discussion] The 'Class Confrontation' scene in Episode 5 is the reason why I love this show. 1 comments
I know I'm a week late, but I need to ask: why am I the ONLY person I've seen on this reddit who hated episode 5? 60 comments
Episode 5 did an excellent job showing gun safety. When raiding the warehouse, trigger discipline was in effect and his partner made it a point to never point the gun at barry. Small detail i liked. 8 comments
Thank you "Barry". I laughed through almost all of the episode 5. Now I know what a horrible person I am, forever. Thanks. 3 comments
(media) Barry 1x05 Promo "Do Your Job" + Inside the Episode for 1x04 0 comments


Barry - 1x06 "Chapter Six: Listen With Your Ears, React With Your Face" - Episode Discussion 457 comments
Started watching Barry last night, got a question from S1E6 (explained in comments). 33 comments


Barry - 1x07 "Chapter Seven: Loud, Fast, and Keep Going" - Episode Discussion 584 comments
(media) Barry 1x07 Promo "Loud, Fast, and Keep Going" + Inside the Episode for 1x06 6 comments
Barry Season 1 Episode 7 Soundtrack Question... 5 comments
(media) Bill Hader on Barry Episode 7, That Car Scene, and More 2 comments
(media) BTS: Inside Episode 7 w/ Bill Hader & Alec Berg | Barry | HBO 0 comments
teeny-tiny, small detail — the framed photo Barry punched in s1e7 is the photo of “Gene” and Judd Hirsch; the same photo which Moss found of the two in s1e4 9 comments
(media) Barry Episode 7 promo 31 comments
Official Barry episode 7 stills released by Warner Media for HBO. 45 comments
The cyclicality of Barry (SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 7) 4 comments
(media) My Lord, the Queen is Dead | Barry 1x07 47 comments


Barry - 1x08 "Chapter Eight: Know Your Truth" - Episode Discussion 1040 comments
Finally about to watch Episode 8 of Barry 23 comments
Barry Episode 8 (minor spoiler) 39 comments
(media) Barry 1x08 Promo "Know Your Truth" + Inside the Episode for 1x07 18 comments
(media) Barry 1x08 "Know Your Truth" Inside the Episode 0 comments


Barry - 2x01 "The Show Must Go On, Probably?" - Episode Discussion 499 comments
S2:E1; How did Loach know Barry's stage name? 14 comments
S2E1 that other detective didn't know about barry "block"!! 6 comments


(media) Does anyone know the everyone's aversion to yellow flowers? I can't think of any references other than yellow is cheerful, scenes not cheeful. S2E2 Cousineau's Post-It has written, "Buy flowers not yellow." S3E1, Barry asks if he should buy flowers and Sally responds, ".. nothing yellow, okay?" 14 comments
Barry - 2x02 "The Power of No" - Episode Discussion 416 comments
(media) Barry 2x02 Promo "The Power of No" + Inside the Episode for 2x01 1 comments
(media) Barry season 2, episode 2 recap: Life reflects art on ‘The Power of No’ 2 comments


Barry - 2x03 "Past = Present x Future Over Yesterday" - Episode Discussion 658 comments
(media) Barry 2x03 Promo "Past Equals Present x Future Over Yesterday" + Inside the Episode for 2x02 0 comments
(media) Barry season 2, episode 3 recap: Past = Present x Future Over Yesterday 0 comments
Sally / Abuse [S2e3 spoilers] 18 comments
(media) [spoiler]Barry season 2x03 to season 2x05 official Episode descriptions 0 comments
(media) Barry Season 2 Episode 3 is an “I Want” Song 0 comments


Barry - 2x04 "What?!" - Episode Discussion 800 comments
Season 2, Episode 4 discussion 6 comments
(media) Barry 2x04 Promo “What?!” + Inside the Episode for 2x03 0 comments
(media) Barry season 2, episode 4 review: New series high point hits you hard 0 comments
(media) Barry Season 2 Episode 4: “What?!” 0 comments


Barry - 2x05 "ronny/lily" - Episode Discussion 1392 comments
When the wild girl slips from the roof of the car to the back seat behind Barry and Fuches, why does Fuches already have a bandage on his cheek where the girl later bites him? Season 2, Episode 5. 5 comments
(media) Barry 2x05 Promo "ronny/lily" + Inside the Episode for 2x04 5 comments
(media) Barry: Behind the Scenes of Season 2 Episode 5 with Bill Hader & Alec Berg | HBO 2 comments
(media) Barry Season 2 Episode 5 recap: Fuches with super glue is comedy gold 2 comments
I love S2E5 how Fuchs is not quick to help or care about Barry's gash in his back...and the moment he gets glued to the steering wheel he is screaming at Barry to get items at the store to remove the super glue. 14 comments
Season 2 Episode 5 of Barry is one of the best episodes of TV I've ever seen. 4 comments
Season 2 Episode 5 on first viewing 0 comments


Barry - 2x06 "The Truth Has a Ring to It" - Episode Discussion 768 comments
Finished Barry and would like to say my favorite music cue in the whole show is from Season 2 Episode 6. Also most music from the show in general is fantastic 13 comments
(media) Exclusive: Bill Hader on How Last-Minute Reshoots Saved ‘Barry’ Season 2 Episode 6 8 comments
(media) Barry 2x06 Promo "The Truth Has a Ring to It" + Inside the Episode for 2x05 3 comments
(media) Barry Season 2 Episode 6: “The Truth Has a Ring to It” 0 comments


Barry - 2x07 "The Audition" - Episode Discussion 1063 comments
Sally's (Sarah Goldberg) monolog is amazing where she is jealous of Barry getting a directors screening in S02E07 5 comments
(media) Bill Hader on Shifting from Comedy to Darkness in ‘Barry’ Season 2 Episode 7 3 comments
(media) Barry 2x07 Promo "The Audition" + Inside the Episode for 2x06 3 comments
(media) Barry Season 2 Episode 7 review: Outstanding, from satire to tense drama 0 comments


Barry - 2x08 "berkman > block" - Episode Discussion 1562 comments
(media) Barry 2x08 Promo "Berkman Greater Than Block" + Inside the Episode for 2x07 39 comments
(media) Barry 2x08 "Berkman Greater Than Block" - Inside the Episode 0 comments
(media) Barry foreshadows the season 2 plotline in episode 8 (Spoiler) 3 comments


(media) Prestige TV Podcast - Barry Season 3, Ep 1 1 comments
Barry - 3x01 "forgiving jeff" - Episode Discussion 1467 comments
Out of context Barry spoilers (season 3 episode 1) 4 comments
does anyone know Barry's episode 1 season 3 ratings. 8 comments
Barry Spec Script Season 3 Episode 1 20 comments
(media) noho hank to barry in s3e1 3 comments
(media) The 5 direct interactions Barry has during S3E1 almost all end the same way 5 comments
Barry - S03E01 - Unofficial Soundtrack by David Wingo 0 comments
(media) Henry Winkler was ok Kimmel, and there was a clip from Barry 3x01!! 0 comments
(media) “Forgiveness has to be earned.” - Barry, S3E1 1 comments


Barry - 3x02 "limonada" - Episode Discussion 1788 comments
Thoughts.Discussion. Last minute. Ep2 S3. 3 comments
Another Barry S3 Ep2 discussion 0 comments
(media) ‘Barry’ Season 3 Episode 2 Non-Spoiler Review – “limonada” 6 comments
(media) 'Barry' Season 3: Sarah Goldberg Unpacks the Barry/Sally Dynamic and That Scary Moment in Episode 2 0 comments
Barry S03E02 - "limonada" AND The Repetition Exercise 11 comments
Barry Ep2 S3 6 comments
Barry - S03E02 - Unofficial Soundtrack by David Wingo 0 comments
(media) Barry Season 3 Episode 2 Ending: Mice Chase Computer 0 comments
s3 e2 detail 1 comments


Barry - 3x03 "ben mendelsohn" - Episode Discussion 1103 comments
(media) ‘Barry’ Season 3, Episode 3 Recap With Bill Hader 4 comments
(media) Barry Season 3 Episode 3 Breakdown | Recap & Review 0 comments
(media) Barry season03 Ep03 Holy song with fuches as Shepard video. Song name?? 8 comments
S3 e3 onwards theory. Barry’s secret. 8 comments


(media) The Prestige TV podcast: Barry S3 E4 Recap With Bill Hader 1 comments
(media) Barry - S03E04 - Unofficial Soundtrack by David Wingo 0 comments
(media) SPOILERS for 3x4 - What Barry and Ted Lasso have in common 11 comments
Barry - 3x04 "all the sauces" - Episode Discussion 1912 comments
(media) Bill Hader discusses Barry 3x04. Search for "Gary Plauché" and you will easily find the shocking old footage he refers to. 4 comments
Now, after viewing Season 3, Episode 4; does everyone still think of Barry as a cold blooded murderer, a psychopath? MEGA SPOILERS in this, please don't read until you've seen S-3, E-4 of BARRY! 29 comments
(media) Barry Season 3 Episode 4 Breakdown | Recap & Review 2 comments
Hank and Barry after Season 3 Episode 4 10 comments
Possible spoiler/Discussion of s3e4. 13 comments


Barry - 3x05 "crazytimeshitshow" - Post-Episode Discussion 1794 comments
(media) Barry 3x05 – CrazyTimeSh*tShow – Promo 18 comments
Barry - 3x05 "crazytimeshitshow" - Episode Discussion 527 comments
(media) ‘Barry’ Season 3 Episode 5 Early Non-Spoiler Review – “crazytimesh*tshow” 10 comments
(media) Barry Season 3 Episode 5 Breakdown | Recap & Review 0 comments
(media) Interesting critique of Barry's monologue in 3x05 from The AV Club 20 comments
Barry - S03E05 - Unofficial Soundtrack by David Wingo 0 comments
I just finished watching Barry 3x05 and I am now officially a Barry fan. 6 comments
(media) S3-EP5 Barry's Collage 18 comments


Barry - 3x06 "710N" - Live Episode Discussion 323 comments
Barry - 3x06 "710N" - Post-Episode Discussion 2301 comments
(media) Barry season 3 remaining footage from the official trailer (episode 6-8) 13 comments
(media) Barry - 3x06 "710N" - Promo 10 comments
(media) ‘Barry’ Season 3 Episode 6 Early Non-Spoiler Review – “710N” 6 comments
Ending of Barry S3- EP6 14 comments
(media) I thought this was a perfect scene to put the Wilhelm scream in (Spoilers for Barry S3 EP6) 10 comments
Barry. Q re last scene S3 E6. 9 comments
Barry - S03E06 - Unofficial Soundtrack by David Wingo 0 comments
(media) Bill Hader on the Incredible Chase Scene From ‘Barry’ S3E6 | The Ringer 0 comments
(media) Script to Scene: ‘Barry’ Writer Explains the Season 3 episode 6 character we now know 16 comments


Barry - 3x07 "candy asses" - Live Episode Discussion 370 comments
Barry - 3x07 "candy asses" - Post-Episode Discussion 2409 comments
[THEORY] Fuches is not after Barry in S03E07 12 comments
(media) Barry Season 3 Episode 7 Breakdown | Recap & Review 1 comments
Barry - S03E07 - Unofficial Soundtrack by David Wingo 0 comments


Barry - 3x08 "starting now" - Pre-Episode Discussion 118 comments
Barry - 3x08 "starting now" - Live-Episode Discussion 667 comments
(media) Barry Season 3 Episode 8 (LIVE REACTION) WATCH ALONG & Ending Explained 1 comments
Barry - 3x08 "starting now" - Post-Episode Discussion 4768 comments
Which main character is most likely to die in Barry 3x08? 31 comments
(media) ‘Barry’ Season 3, Episode 8 Recap With Bill Hader 0 comments


Barry - 4x01 "Yikes" - Pre-Episode Discussion 80 comments
Barry - 4x01 "yikes" - Live Episode Discussion 191 comments
Barry - 4x01 "yikes" - Post Episode Discussion 625 comments


Barry - 4x02 "bestest place on the earth" - Live Episode Discussion 214 comments
Barry - 4x02 "bestest place on the earth" - Post Episode Discussion 1324 comments
In S4E2, Sally says to Barry... 0 comments


Barry - 4x03 "you're charming" - Pre-Episode Discussion 63 comments
Barry - 4x03 "you're charming" - Live Episode Discussion 372 comments
Barry - 4x03 "you're charming" - Post Episode Discussion 1983 comments
Something I noticed in s04e03 I've not really seen mentioned... 8 comments


Barry - 4x04 "it takes a psycho" - Pre-Episode Discussion 97 comments
Barry - 4x04 "it takes a psycho" - Live Episode Discussion 496 comments
Barry - 4x04 "it takes a psycho" - Post Episode Discussion 3273 comments


Barry - 4x05 "tricky legacies" - Pre-Episode Discussion 80 comments
Barry - 4x05 "tricky legacies" - Live Episode Discussion 731 comments
Barry - 4x05 "tricky legacies" - Post Episode Discussion 4095 comments


Barry - 4x06 "the wizard" - Pre-Episode Discussion 73 comments
Barry - 4x06 "the wizard" - Live Episode Discussion 602 comments
Barry - 4x06 "the wizard" - Post Episode Discussion 3047 comments
I haven't seen much discussion about this specific part of the "Sally" scene (4x06) 6 comments
I would really like a film theory focused discussion around how Sally’s trauma is communicated in season 4, specifically the “home alone with John” sequence in episode 6, “the wizard” 4 comments
(media) Alan Sepinwall (Rolling Stone) talks about the final scene of episode 4.06. 52 comments


Barry - 4x07 "a nice meal" - Pre-Episode Discussion 143 comments
Barry - 4x07 "a nice meal" - Live Episode Discussion 474 comments
Barry - 4x07 "a nice meal" - Post Episode Discussion 2943 comments


Barry - 4x08 "wow" - Pre-Episode Discussion 256 comments
Barry - 4x08 "wow" - Live Episode Discussion 627 comments
Barry - 4x08 "wow" - Post Episode Discussion 6352 comments


(media) In Episode 1 Barry’s T-Shirt is the Buzzard from Cleveland’s WMMS 100.7 FM. Nice touch. 1 comments